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Chapter 1: The Mission

It was only 7 a.m. and to early for him to be up, the sun was extremely bright and warm although it was only January. Shikamaru couldn't get used to the Sand, the weather, the sand and the sand siblings. He had lived there with them for over two years, and he still wasn't used to having sand everywhere, and he really meant everywhere. A gust of wind made him close his eyes and cover his face, if the gust was to hard you could get injured. It was actually Temari that had thought him that, since she was the wind fighter, and also his wife to be. Shikamaru met up with Kankurou outside the Kazakage's huge tower.

"Ohio Shikamaru-san" Kankurou growled as he yawned, he stretched his arms towards the sky.

"Ohio Kankurou-san" Shikamaru answered as they started to walk the stairs up to the conference room that was next to Baki-sensei's office. As they both wondered why Baki-sensei had called them, and to be there so early. The steps seemed to never end, Shikamaru reminded himself that he wasn't made for climbing so high this early in the morning. There they were, the last ten steps soon they would be able to sit down for a while.

Temari was already there, waiting for her brother and future husband, she said:

"Good morning Nii-san, Shikamaru-kun. Shall we get inside to wait for sensei?"

The both men nodded as Temari opened the door to the conference room, she stepped inside and realized that it had a silent wall surrounded them. And as Kankurou walked in Temari took her fan of her back and leaned it against the chair next to her, she sat down and started to hum a melody. Shikamaru yawned.

"Someone is happy today, did I miss something?" Kankurou asked as his eyes landed on Shikamaru that had positioned himself in a chair next to Temari, holding her hand.

Both of them blushed and stared at the brown table in front of them, Temari was giggling.

"Eh, I really don't want to know. Just take good care of my sister Shikamaru-san."

"That he did yesterday." Temari giggled even more when she saw Shikamaru's face turn to a darker shade of the red he already had on his cheeks.

A light knock on the door that Kankurou locked broke the moment, luckily for Shikamaru. Kankurou turned to the door and looked through the peep hole, as the unlocked the door. Baki walked in with a really huge pile of papers. He put the pile on the table as he said:

"I have a top secret S-rank mission for the three of you." The man sighed and looked around to make sure that he wasn't followed.

"As I said it is a top secret mission. And I expect full cooperation from all three of you. When I tell you the mission there will be no turning back, and I mean it. If you don't want this mission, leave now!" All three looked at each other nodded and looked back at Baki, who was waiting.

"Now, the mission is…" he looked around again and continued "Gaara-sama has been depressed for a really long time, and we all want our Kazekage to be happy. As happy as he was when he came home from the chuunin exam, a new man. I don't know what made him happy then, but I'm sure that we could do something. So here goes, the mission is: Get Gaara a potential wife."

Temari stared at him, Kankurou dropped his jaw and Shikamaru sighed:

"This could be troublesome, very, very troublesome."

"What!" Kankurou screamed with his eyes almost popping out of his head.

"And how are we supposed to pull that of with Gaara around everywhere we go?" Temari had regained use of her brain and smirked, this could turn out to be really fun.

"We obviously can't choose a girl from sand so…" Kankurou concluded, as the three sand ninjas turned to face Shikamaru.

"How troublesome" Shikamaru sighed and looked at the large pile of papers that was shoved towards him.

"These are the girls that we all approve of, or rather are single in Konoha. I thought that you could sort them out so you approve them." Baki said almost whispering.

"Eh, okey, I will try my best." Shikamaru said and began looking at the files. They had everything in them, length, weight, age, of course name and birth date. Temari who was sitting next to him leaned closer and looked with him.

"We'll take it one at the time." Shikamaru said as he took up the next paper, looked at it and smiled.

"Hyyga Hinata, defiantly a yes, she is shy. But I think that Gaara might like to be the dominant one." He kept her paper in front of him as he looked further. Throwing away a large pile of papers, then suddenly he smirked.

"Yamanaka Ino, eh, I don't know. She is my old team mate but she can be a little bit annoying at times." He put the paper on top of Hinata's.

He went through some more.

"Inuzuka Hana, nah, to old." Shikamaru said thinking about his friend, Kiba's, older sister.

Looking further more almost at the end he found another one.

"Tenten, I think Neji may kill me but…" he put the paper in front of him. There was a little pile building up in front of him.

The last one, the last paper. Shikamaru smiled, almost giggled.

"I like this one"

Temari and Kankurou looked at each other and then at Shikamaru.

"Haruno Sakura…" was all that he said.

Temari smirked and Kankurou fell of his chair laughing. Sakura and Gaara, that would be a really troublesome couple. But now Baki even smiled and began:

"So now all you have to do is get the girls and talk with the Hokage of course." He sighed. "Then we must find a way to get them here without making him suspicious…"

"Make who suspicious?" Gaara was standing in the doorway, glaring at the four people in the room.

"You are not fun hiding things from. Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?" Shikamaru sighed and smirked. The red haired Kazekage turned around and walked out the door. Everyone took a sigh of relive, when they were sure that he had left.

"How did you think about that?" Baki asked as he smirked only visible on one half of his face, since he had covered the other half.

"Well, I thought that the easiest way to get them all here is to have a party for Gaara's 20th birthday in what 10 days?" Shikamaru answered.

"You are so sexy when you are right." Temari said and pulled Shikamaru into her arms.

"Let's meet here tonight for departure, so we can get back before Nii-chan's birthday." Kankurou declared as Temari began kissing Shikamaru.

"Mhmm" was the answer he got, as both he and Baki ran out the door terrified of what might happen in the conference room only seconds later.

The night had come and Kankurou looked around wondering if Gaara suspected anything and maybe there would be a girl for him too at the party. He was deep in his thoughts when Shikamaru arrived all packed and ready to go.

But where were Temari, she was never late. The men nodded at each other when Kankurou came back from his thoughts. After a short waiting Temari came running.

"I'm sorry, but Gaara came by, he is realty suspicious. We're going to have to be very careful." She said breathing hard after her little run.

"No, probs Nee-san. Let's get going." Kankurou said and started to walk out from the Hidden village of Sand.

'I'm going to miss this place, not the sand of course. But the place…' Shikamaru thought

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