A.N: Just a little way I thought Hermonie and Severus could express themselves without causing too much revulsion. Much love to my beta, and enjoy. Reviews are nice as well. I should mention that a recently read fanfiction off Ashwinder had a phrase that I somewhat borrowed, "The past is a different world, they do things differently there." I can't remember where I found that, but if it's yours, let me know and I'll credit you.

He is what he is.

(By a Know-it-all to a sarcastic bastard)

Tortured by fate and caught up in war,

There's something charming to his smile.

Though twisted through sneering all the while,

It's still something I'd like to see a little bit more,

Small slips to last longer than the moment before.

Long a master and student in deceit and guile –

Such Fiends turned demeanor something short and hostile;

Twisting living into a distasteful unlikeable chore.

Still, I love him yet,

In spite of his dark deeds and history.

Perhaps it's not something easy to forget;

However, the past is a different world,

And as such, they do things differently.

I merely teach him how to live with regret.