Listening To My Heart

Sasuke Uchiha was not a snuggler. Unfortunately for him, Naruto was. So for the sake of his goofy blonde lover, he tolerated the extended contact. He simply couldn't stand the rejected look in those bright blue eyes. But this night, something was off. Sasuke had wriggled out of the sleeping ninja's embrace and hopped up on the railing of the balcony outside their room. He just didn't want any contact with anyone at the moment. Naruto, sensing the absence of the Uchiha, got up to look for him.

Upon seeing him outside, he sleepily padded to Sasuke and slid his arms around the boy's middle, burying his face between Sasuke's shoulder blades. A bit more roughly than perhaps intended, he thrust Naruto's touch away and turned back to looking out over the moonlit village. Naruto furrowed his brow and demanded in a voice still thick with sleep, "Wha's th' matter?" Sasuke was silent for a moment, then replied, "Do you love me?" Naruto, not quite awake enough to process this unusual inquiry, cleverly responded, "Huh?" A little more annoyed, Sasuke repeated his question, "You heard me, loser. Do you love me?" Naruto responded slightly more coherently this time, "What kind of question is that? Of course I do!" The dark-haired bishie turned to him and the light made his blue highlights shine with an unnatural glow. "Do you?" he asked quietly.

Naruto, starting to get irritated with these ridiculous questions, retorted heatedly, "Yes, idiot! What is the matter with you tonight? Why are you asking these stupid questions you already know the answers to?" Sasuke turned from the fuming blonde and lowered his head. "I ask because…because every other person I've ever loved has either left me or died. So why won't you? Why are you different?" Naruto was taken aback; why did his lover doubt his love? Hadn't he proved his feelings already?

Obviously not, as this conversation proved. As he thought about an answer that should have come quite easily, he realized he didn't know how to respond. What did make him different? Why wouldn't he leave Sasuke? 'Because I love him!', He argued.

'Why? Why do you love him?' a voice in the back of his head countered.

'Why? Because…um…well, because of a bunch of things!' he replied.

'Like what?'

Forced to answer, he said, 'Well…because…because of the sound of his voice…and the way his hair feels, the way he looks at me…and-'

'Those are superficial things that could fade with time. One day you may wake up and discover you really hate those things. Try again.'

'Arrgh! Alright, fine. I love him because…because…well…because my heart tells me to.

The unseen voice smiled and said, 'That's better. Now tell him that.'

Naruto flipped his head up to look the brunette in the eye and grinned. Sasuke looked a little unnerved at this and said, "Well? Got a good answer?" The blonde nodded and dived at Sasuke, knocking them off the balcony. Naruto landed on top of his lover, crashing his mouth onto the other teen. Sasuke's head hit the ground had, but he didn't notice as he concentrated on returning the passionate kiss. As the blonde pulled back, breathing raggedly, Sasuke said very softly, "That's not an answer. Why?" Naruto relaxed his body and whispered, "Because I always listen to my heart."


(A/N: I know this is kinda short, but this is my first attempt at SasuxNaru, so please tell me how I did.)