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A.N. I've been playing the 'game for the patient' for about four to five years now. And ever since I got to play the girl version (more friends of Mineral Town), I couldn't help but make a story out of it. Hahaha.. I just found the situations too normal that I had to make something up to make it more interesting to play. And the story I had in mind while playing now I write as fanfiction.

Btw, to avoid any confusion or puzzlement, Toki is the name of the main player here.

Disclaimer: Bold, italic, under-lined sentence and title borrowed from Evanessence's song, My Immortal.

I'm so tired of being here…

Holding hands they stood on Mother's Hill, lost in thoughts of forever.

What was to become of them tomorrow?

The question always came thought they already knew the answer to that. It was just too hard to accept the truth. All angles were seen and yet… they knew nothing would ever come out of it.

What they were, was what and how they would always be. It was dreadful - it was tiring- but there was no choice. There was simply no escape.

Many times they wondered -was there really life? Because if did seem that there was no death or end to their being, its as if all they did was exist. And awareness was their punishment.

Punished; tormented. That's what they should think but every time they mirrored the other's eyes, they would rest and be at peace. They were each other's consolation.

Spared. Mostly punished for some unknown reason but still, spared.

They never occurred -they were just… there.

Was she, indeed - The Maker's favorite, just like a pastor told her? Maybe the clergyman misunderstood the whole situation. Her circumstance, she noticed, wasn't very… convenient. Toki wanted to give the Maker a little consideration for what happened to her but then she thought, He couldn't have miscalculated the future or time itself. Maybe He probably just didn't see her.

Toki know the Second Chance was her way out -her final take for a real life. But here she was again, just like where she was six years ago, waking up in the small wooden cottage of Mineral Town's Farm. It was six in the morning and she hated to know that it was easy to tell the time. Her body clock never did change; always kept in tune with all day's work. And very soon, she knew, Mayor would be at her door, greeting her for the first time. Toki was expecting, but she was still nervous. She knew how the Second Chance worked but how she to react in such an awkward situation? 'Meeting' the person you just had a conversation with two months ago?

Maybe it was a mistake to come back, but how could she not? So many parts of her were scattered in Mineral Town and she was desperate to have it all back. Even if it did mean getting hurt in the process. First of all, he was still here, getting on with life without her. And where was she? If only she could turn back time, maybe…

Finally, Toki heard the polite knock on the door - it was the mayor. She kept her eyes closed and planned to continue her sleep. If there was one thing she promised herself she'd change, it was that she could not go with the flow, instead go against it. And as of now, she decided, she wouldn't meet the mayor.

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