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Summery: There are many twists and turns in the parade of history, and this is one of them. One day when ghosts steal a potion from Alicia, an accident occurs. The potion explodes in the Fenton ghost portal and causes the Earth and the Ghost Zone to merge. What will Danny and his friends do when they can't send the ghosts away anymore, and every human on Earth is now a halfa?

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Other Routes in the Parade: Ghost Earth

Chapter One: The Disaster

We travel through the thousands of different timelines, past ones where things did or did not happen. We pass them all to come to a single line, the focus of our story. In this timeline an event will occur that will alter the destiny of the Earth and the Ghost Zone forever.

We find ourselves in the home of Alicia Szivos, your average girl with a unique ability. She has the power to us magic for the forces of good. Today she was showing her friends a new type of potion.

Her friends were Danny Fenton, also known as Danny Phantom, the ghostly superhero of Amity Park. Sitting next to him was Sam Manson, his girlfriend who can also use magic. Sitting next to them was Alex Gladstone, Alicia's boyfriend and a wizard. Last but not least were Valerie Grey and Tucker Foley, Valerie is a ghost fighter and Tucker is the Tech guy of the group, they are also both girlfriend and boyfriend.

Today they were watching as Alicia tried out a new potion.

"Uh Alicia, what does this stuff do anyway?" said Danny.

"I'm glad you asked, this potion allows the person using it to combine two items into one. Take this apple and orange." said Alicia.

Alicia placed the apple and orange close together and then poured the potion on them. They started to glow and in a flash of light it appeared the orange had disappeared.

"Uh Alicia, it doesn't seem to work." said Valerie.

"Looks can be deceiving." said Alicia.

Alicia took a knife and cut open the apple. But instead of seeing the inside of an apple, they saw the inside of a orange.

"Woah that is amazing!" said Sam.

"Yeah, just think of it, I could combine all my technology into easy to carry device." said Tucker.

"That is true, the strength of this potion depends on how much energy you put into it. The possibilities are endless." said Alicia.

Little did our heroes know that as Alicia was showing them this, some of their enemies were spying on them.

"Hmm, if I can get that potion I could make my weapons even more deadly." Skulker thought to himself.

"If I get that potion making an invention to destroy the ghost child would be a snap." thought Technus.

"Hmm, that potion could help me build a newer and better prison." thought Walker.

As Alicia was about to put the potion away Danny's ghost sense went off. Suddenly Skulker, Technus, and Walker appeared in the room.

"You will hand over that potion or else!" said Skulker.

"Hey! That potion is mine!" said Technus.

"No its mine, and contradicting the warden is against the rules." said Walker.

"Shut up! I will be taking that potion." said Skulker.

No I will!" said Technus.

"No I will!" said Walker.

"How about none of you take it?" said Danny, as he and the others prepared to fight.

What followed next was more of a game of keep away then a battle, with Danny and the others trying to keep the ghosts from getting the potion. Skulker tried to get it from Alicia but she threw it to Sam. The ghosts then tried to attack Sam but she dodged and threw the potion to Danny. Walker went to tackle Danny but just as he did Danny threw the potion to Valerie. But before she could grab it Technus flew out of nowhere and grabbed it.

"Haha! The potion is mine, no one can stop me now!" yelled Technus.

He phased through the wall and our heroes followed. They caught him just as he was trying to escape back into the Ghost Zone. Danny grabbed the potion and tried to wrestle it from him. As he was doing that a fire fight broke out between the others and the ghosts. In all the chaos something happened.

"Give me that back!" said Danny.

"Never!" said Technus, but then they both lost their grip on the beaker.

At the same time that Danny and Technus lost their grip on the potion a series of energy beams headed straight for it. The beams hit the potion and super charged it as it flew through the air. The beaker containing the potion could not take the energy and shattered, right inside the Fenton Portal.

"Uh oh, that can't be good." said Danny.

He could not be more right, for the potion began to affect the portal. The swirling green vortex began to loss shape and seemed to melt. It began to slide down to the floor and finally it hit. The second it hit the ground there was a bright flash of light and everyone covered their eyes. The green goo began to flow into the ground and pick up speed. It fell down, down, down until it hit the Earth's core.

Once it hit the core it began to shot outward in all directions. It followed the lava tubes to the Earth's surface. Out of every volcano in the world green ectoplasm erupted, covering the Earth. The very fabric of space was warped as every atom of the Earth was combined with that of the Ghost Zone.

At the point of contact things were not much better. The combining of the Earth and the Ghost Zone produced a huge amount of ghostly energy, the likes of which had never been known before. The energy began to radiate out from the town of Amity park as a series of huge waves. These waves washed over the surface of the Earth until they had reached all the way to the other side of the world.

And as quickly as it had started it was all over, the Earth and the Ghost Zone had been merged, but Danny and the others did not know this yet.

"What happened?" said Sam.

"I don't know." said Tucker.

Danny noticed that the ghosts were knocked out still and thinking quickly he sucked them into a Fenton Thermos that was lying on the table.

"Guys, what the heck just happened here?" said Danny.

"The last thing I remember was the potion hitting the portal, then a bright flash of light." said Valerie, everyone agreed that was what happened.

"Well I better get these guys back into the Ghost Zone." said Danny.

I think that might be a little difficult." said Alex, pointing to the empty portal.

"Darn it! The explosion must have damaged the portal." said Danny.

"Well what do we do now?" said Alicia.

"I don't know, maybe if we…" said Danny, but as he turned he noticed a slight difference in his friends.

Alicia and Sam had changed back to their ghost forms (From the Life and Times of Alicia Szivos), and Valerie, Alex, and Tucker all had white hair and glowing green eyes.

"Uh guys, I think we have a problem." said Danny.

"What?" said Sam.

"You guys might want to look in a mirror." said Danny.

The rest of our heroes looked into the mirror and saw their new forms, they took it well.

"Ahhhh!" screamed everybody.

"What happened! Why do we look like ghosts!" yelled Valerie.

"I guess the explosion must have exposed you to ghost energy, like what happened when I first turned on the ghost portal." said Danny.

"Oh great, now I'm a freak of nature, no offense." said Valerie.

"None taken." said Danny.

"Actually I think this is cool, now we can fly." said Tucker, who tried it but fell on his face.

"Tucker, you have to float before you can fly." said Danny.

"Alicia, Sam, Alex, you can fix this right?" said Valerie.

"Well, we can make the powers dormant, but we can't remove them permanently." said Alex.

"Yeah, unless you want to become a full ghost." said Alicia.

"I can't wait to get back to normal, white is not my color." said Sam, referring to the now inverted color of her clothing.

It was then that Danny's parents called him from upstairs.

"Danny! We have a problem, get up here!" said Maddie.

Danny and his friends ran upstairs to see that the change had affected his family as well.

"Danny, what is going on?" said Maddie, who was holding David Fenton, Danny's new little brother.

David was most upset by what had happened and was crying.

"Some ghosts tried to steal a potion from Alicia and it caused an explosion with the Fenton portal, we think it released a lot of spectral energy." said Danny.

"That's not all it did." said Danni, who was looking out the window.

Danny and the others went to the window to see a shocking site. The sky, which was normally blue, was now green. The clouds seemed to have changed from their normal white color to an inky black. The sun was still in the sky but it seemed to have a green tint to it now, also in the sky where what looked like doors, just like in the Ghost Zone.

"Oh my god, did the portal explosion send the town into the Ghost Zone?" said Sam.

"Not unless it took the sun with it." said Valerie.

"Alicia, you made that stuff, what the hell is going on?" said Danny.

"I don't know, unless…" said Alicia.

"Unless what?" said Danny.

"Well when you and Technus lost control of the potion it flew through the air and was hit by several energy beams. This must have supercharged the potion, making it incredibly powerful. When it blew up in the portal it must have made the fabric of space liquid, and the second it hit the ground it did what it was designed to do, it combined the Earth and the Ghost Zone." said Alicia.

"So what your saying is?..." said Maddie.

"Is that the Earth and the Ghost Zone are now one entity." said Alicia, everyone gasped at the shocking news.

As our heroes tried to comprehend what had happened to their world, in Wisconsin a certain billionaire was wondering the same thing.

"What in the name of the Packers happened?" said Vlad.

"I don't know, but for some strange reason the sky looks like the Ghost Zone." said Spectra.

"Well whatever happened, it may prove to be an opportunity for us." said Vlad.

So the two evil villains sat and began to plot how to take advantage of the situation. Little did they or anybody know how quickly events would get out of hand, and the massive changes that would be occurring soon.


Clockwork: Well the first chapter is done now what else is on the list Rob left me? Hmm, don't forget to pull the hurt Vlad lever, ok then. Clockwork pulls the hurt Vlad lever. On the TV screen we can see Vlad touring one of his latest business purchases, a pie factory.

Factory Manager Bob: And this sir is the area where we make the banana cream pies.

Vlad: Yes, that's nice. Said Vlad, who was very bored with the whole thing.

Vlad: Thinking I think I'm going to fire this guy when the tour is over. As Vlad passed through the area something bad happened. The machines started to go haywire and pies started to fly around, mostly hitting him.

Vlad: What the hell is going on! Finally the machines stop, leaving Vlad a pie covered mess. This attracted the Fluffy Army of Doom, who love banana cream pie.

Vlad: Oh cheese logs. Then the Fluffy Army of Doom attacked, and Vlad got the pain the he deserved for being a creepy billionaire who needs a cat.

Clockwork: Well that was interesting, now to the chapter summery.

Well the disaster has come to pass, of course I already knew what was going to happen. What will Danny and the others do now, and what evil plan does Vlad have in store? And what of the cryptic message at the end, what changes will occur? The only way to find out is to read the next chapter of Ghost Earth.

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