Chapter Nine: Back Home

A Few Weeks Later

"Today the President of Earth, Queen of Phantous, and King of Yugopotamia signed a peace treaty. This officially ends the war between the three worlds. As part of the peace treaty Yugopotamia is to reduce its military drastically, the president said in a press release that the long galactic nightmare is over and that we can all rest easier now. In other news things are looking up in Africa as long awaited assistance has…" said the newsman, but Danny and the others did not notice.

"Wow, I can't believe it's finally over, it really has been a few crazy months." said Danny.

"Yeah, first the Earth and Ghost Zone got combined." said Sam.

"Then everyone got turned into halfas." said Alicia.

"Then we almost had a global war between humans and ghosts." said Valerie.

"Then an alien race attacked our world trying to destroy us." said Alex.

"Then we fought in an interplanetary war and actually won, and with candy too." said Tucker.

"Well at least everything is back to normal, sort of." said Danny.

"Hey big bro, we have to get to school or we'll be late." said Danni

"Oops, almost forgot." said Danny.

It seems that with the disruption from what was now being called the "Event", all the students had to now make up all the school they had missed, so even though Danny and the others were about 18 they were half a year behind. Danny and the others ran to the door to get to school.

"Bye mom, bye dad!" said Danny.

"Bye kids, have fun in school." said Maddie, then she heard a explosion from downstairs.

"Jack, did you forget that you now have ghost powers again?" said Maddie.

"Maybe, but you'll be happy to know the Fenton Ghost Cannon works like a charm." said Jack.

"I'll go get the first aid kit." said Maddie. (I guess you can't teach an old ghost hunter new tricks.)

Danny and the others flew to the school, not worrying about anyone seeing. Mostly because there were a lot of people flying around as well. They got to the school just as the bell rang.

"Darn it, we're late." said Danny, then suddenly they were caught in a net and Walker was coming towards them.

"Walker! What are you doing here?" said Danny.

"Being late for class, that's against the rules." said Walker.

"What are you talking about." said Danny.

"Well since I can be a warden anymore, mostly because they say I don't have the certification, I decided to take up the job of truant officer." said Walker.

"Oh no, you mean you're a truant officer now?" said Sam.

"Yes, and I'm writing you up for being late, you all have detention today after school. Now you punks get along to class before I find a reason to assign you more detention." said Walker as he let them go.

So our heroes went to class after this strange encounter. Everything was fine until gym class when they got an even bigger surprise.

"Ok students, today we have a new assistant coach, I will be turning the class over to him, please welcome Mr. Skulker." said the female coach (I can't remember her name).

"Skulker!" said Danny and the others.

"Today we will be playing a favorite game of mine…dodge ball." said Skulker, as he brought out the scariest looking dodge ball launcher you ever saw. Danny and the others cringed at the site of them

After surviving gym class (just barely) it was time for lunch.

"Guys, do any of you find it strange that all the ghost we used to fight are now it school with us." said Danny.

"Well I wouldn't say all of them, we haven't seen…" said Tucker, but then they saw who was serving lunch.

"Hello dears, what would you like for lunch today?" said the Lunch Lady.

"It looks like I spoke too soon." said Tucker.

"Let me guess, the old lunch lady left and now you're working here?" said Alicia.

"You would be correct dear." said the Lunch Lady.

"Next you'll tell us the Box Ghost is working as a janitor." said Alicia.

"Beware puny stain! For I the Box Ghost have come to destroy you with my mop…of death!" said the Box Ghost as he cleaned the troublesome spot off the floor.

"You haven't taken a psychic potion today, have you?" said Alex.

"No, not today." said Alicia.

"How can you be working here, don't you have "anger" issues." said Danny.

"No, they made me take anger management classes to deal with that." said the Lunch Lady.

"Let's hope they cured you of your sick obsession with meat." said Sam.

"Insolent child! You still have no respect for the power of meat, prepare to learn a lesson!" said the Lunch Lady.

"Bring it on, I've been waiting for this for a long time." said Sam as she prepared to fight

"Come on Alicia, we better stop this before it gets ugly." said Valerie, they then dragged Sam away as Danny and Alex tried to calm the Lunch Lady down.

"This isn't over, you hear me, it's not over!" said Sam.

"Come on Sam, let it go." said Alicia.

"Yeah, it's not worth it." said Valerie.

"Aw! Why did you have to stop them? It was just getting exciting." said Tucker, who quickly shut up as Alicia and Valerie both glared at him.

After calming Sam down and Tucker apologizing to Valerie with a quick kiss our heroes sat down to lunch.

"Well this day has been interesting." said Danny.

"Hey Danny." said Danni.

"Hey Danni, whats up?" said Danny.

"Nothing, do you know that the Ghost Writer is teaching the sophomore English class now?" said Danni.

"Ok, its official, all our former enemies are now working at the school." said Sam.

"Yeah, I saw Technus teaching one of the science classes, and I think Desiree is the new assistant nurse." said Danni.

"There is something seriously wrong with this school's hiring policy." said Alicia.

"Well at least they can't do any harm, knowing there is a planet full of people with ghost powers to stop them." said Alex.

"Yeah, maybe everything will turn out all right after all." said Valerie.

"Oh guys don't forget, we got invited to Rob and Ember's wedding, it's after school today." said Danny.

"We won't, because I think they would hunt us down if we didn't show up." said Tucker.

"Well we better make sure we're there." said Sam.

The rest of the school day went by alright, except when one of the students played a prank on the principal and everyone had to stay after school until they were found. This effectively took care of our heroes detention and they raced home to get ready for the big event. Soon they were at the local church waiting for the ceremony to begin.

"Are you nervous Rob?" said Danny.

"Yeah, kind of." said Rob.

"Don't worry, everything will be all right." said Danny.

They all got to their assigned places, with Rob standing up on the altar and Danny right behind him as best man. The organ began to play and the ceremony began. First came Danni throwing flowers on the ground. Then came the bridesmaids who got up to the altar. Finally the star of the show arrived, Ember walked into the church. Since Ember did not like her parents (Long story short: they liked her sister more) she was being given away by Mr. Fenton. finally they got to the priest and he began.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to join these two people in holy matrimony…" said the priest. (Lets skip ahead to the good part.)

"Do you Robert, take Ember to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold until death do you part?" said the priest.

"I do." said Rob.

"And do you Ember take Robert to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold until death do you part?" said the priest.

"I do." said Ember.

"Then by the power vested in me I pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." said the priest.

Rob took Ember into his arms and they both kissed.

"I still always cry at weddings." said Skulker.

"Its so beautiful." said Alicia.

It was after the wedding at the reception and it was time for the unmarried women to catch the bouquet. Ember threw it behind her and all the women tried to get it, but it landed oddly enough in three hands at once, Sam, Alicia, and Valerie's.

"Well, I didn't see that coming." said Sam.

"Yeah, I guess we're all the next to be married." said Valerie.

"Yeah, and I think Danny and the others are a little shocked." said Alicia.

It was true, while they did not hate the idea, to them it seemed a little too soon.

"No fair, everyone already knows their going to get married." said Desiree.

Sam and the other girls walked over to their boyfriends, who were coming out of the shock.

"So Danny, I guess we better prepare." said Sam.

"Prepare for what?" said Danny.

"Our wedding." said Sam.

"Wedding! Don't you think it's a little soon, and what would our parents think?" said Danny.

"I was kidding, we're not getting married right now, but we are some day." said Sam.

"That's ok, I can wait." said Danny as he kissed Sam.

The rest of our heroes were doing the same thing, and then they went to the dance floor and had a great time dancing the night away.

So ends our look at one of the many worlds that exist in the infinite reaches of time. This world has gone through a lot and has survived it all. A bright future awaits this world and we can only wish them the best of luck. There are thousands of world with many versions of our heroes, some happy, some not, but all interesting. So ends the story of Ghost Earth, one wonders what world awaits us next? Goodbye, until next time.


Rob: Well we're back from vacation, did you miss us?

Ember: Of course they missed us.

Rob: Clockwork you can go home now, we'll take it from here.

Clockwork: Can I pull the hurt Vlad lever on last time?

Rob: Sure, go right ahead. Clockwork pulls the hurt Vlad lever. On the screen we can see Vlad just standing in one of his many rooms. Then suddenly out of nowhere he is attacked by a herd of Bison (or Buffalo if you prefer to call them that).

Vlad: Ow! Oh! Eek! Aiiii! Said Vlad as he was reduced to a trampled mass.

Vlad: What else could go wrong? Then the Fluffy Army of Doom attacks, and before he can say a word they are upon him. They beat the living day lights out of him and he runs off screaming into the sunset with them directly behind him.

Spectra: Well Fright Knight, it looks like we have to save Vlad from cute animals…Again!

Fright Knight: Yes my lady. Spectra and the Fright Knight follow Vlad trying to save him from the small yet highly destructive animals.

Clockwork: Well that was fun, but I must get back to monitoring the time line. Clockwork leaves.

Rob: Hello loyal readers, I would like to take the time to thank you. Recently my grandfather had to got to the hospital for surgery. I want to thank you for the support you showed me during this time of sadness in my life. It made me fell better that so many people cared, god bless you all. Now on to my next story ideas. I decided to mix up the Other routes in the parade stories with stories from the regular story line, so here they are.

King Vlad: Vlad is once again back with another evil plot to rule the world. After getting the Ring of Rage from Pariah Dark he becomes all powerful. With his new power he does the unthinkable, he drags the Earth into the Ghost Zone. With a now all powerful Vlad and the Earth trapped in the Ghost Zone what will our heroes do?

Other Routes in the Parade: Daniel Plasmius: What would happen if Danny had gotten his ghost powers at four years old instead of fourteen? To make it worse Vlad finds out and convinces Danny he is the only one who can help him. This is the story of Daniel Masters and the life he leads, and all the people he ends up hurting.

Fairly Odd Ghosts: The evil Mr. Crocker is making Timmy Turner do a report on mythical creatures. Timmy can't use his fairy godparents for the report so he thinks he is doomed, but then he sees a report about Danny Phantom. He wishes that he could meet the infamous ghost kid, and all heck breaks loose. Meanwhile the pixies find a certain evil billionaire to help them with their next plot to take over Fairy World. Will Timmy and Danny be able to save the Earth and Fairy World from being taken over?

Other Routes in the Parade: All Hail King Danny Phantom: One day Danny is told according to ancient prophesy that he is to be the new King of All Ghosts. What will happen now that he rules the Ghost Zone, and can he handle the power?

Dan's Revenge: the Evil Dan and Sam from the future have escaped the plane of nothingness and are back for revenge. They are out to destroy everything Danny knows and loves, and this time they have someone to help, a daughter. Will Danny be able to save the Earth from its doom or will his future be left on the cutting room floor.

Prefectville: our heroes go on a road trip for spring break, but on the way they end up stuck in a strange town. All the people act completely perfect and their mayor is a women named Miss Perfection. Is there more to this town then meets the eye? And what sinister forces are at work that may put or heroes in danger?

Power Drain: Freakshow returns to cause chaos and havoc in Danny's life. He gets a scepter that allows him to take power from any human or ghost. What will our heroes do when the enemy they are fighting has all their powers? And what will happen when Freakshow finds our humble author in the story and steals his control over reality? It's a action packed adventure to save the universe from destruction, and we learn the true origin of Rob Phantom.

Rob: And those are the story ideas that I've had so far, I'll start the next story in a short while, so until next time Danny Phantom fans, Read and Review.