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This is a Kaleido star fic.

It's about Sora's point of view (POV) about the kaleido stage and her passion for it

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Written by:Ciaro

I watch the memories go by sometimes...

Such a wondeful feeling when I am close to ceiling

and soaring with the wind.

My heart remembers the first time I swung

The kaleido stage has always been my passion

My goals and my Dreams...

And they have all came true...

Turns and backflips

Ups and downs

Swinging left and right as I prepare to make a debut on the precious stage

Just to see the smile on the audiences face

Any personal delimmas and pain is erased

When I become one with the stage

Gracing it's beauty and cleaning its floors

Such a beauty that I will always ador

A golden phoenix I will soar

Even if I was a baby bird I would learn so much more...

My friends are caring and loving

I am thankful to have

True friendship is through everything

even through the tears and the laughter

Past the pain and on to the future

I stand before the diva of the stage

Layla hamilton is the one who used to be shaded grey

I don't mean to hold a grudge but sometimes her jelousy and my mistakes clash

just as waves...

But I know deep inside we share a common bond

A love for Kaleido stage and that fact is

Number 1#

As I open my eyes and see the lights

burn so beautifully at the sight of night

Spread my wings and I began to soar

Not that high but soon I'll learn to fly

Together and Always

My heart and soul

is my guiding light...

Let this passion in me burn bright...

So everyone can see that

There's more than just a kaleido star doing tricks in the air

There is also that Dove that soars

Beautifully through the sky

I will move onward and never deny

The hardwork and dedication, friends and family

In my life

These pieces of me

Are together forever and always

My dear kaleido stage

This love will never fade away...

Which brought me from my home Japan to the United States

A promise I will keep and be

Truly everything I am possible to be

Which is anything we choose to put our mind to

I put my mind to use

As I set a standard to make a happy day and smile

Come to you.

My precious memories I will never dare not to share

With you... while Im in this stage with you.

This state of truth

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