He was dancing around the truth. She could feel his silence deep inside him. Those words they both begged for, the words that would hold her back, keep her from leaving and running back to Italy. But all he could do was stare and beg for her to understand. The poor Captain who couldn't allow his pride to die. She took one last look in his deep set chocolate eyes. There, that was where she would forever lie. She turned her back on him and headed to her cabin. One last night aboard the Pearl.

"Mina...please, wait."

"I have waited, time and time again. How do you expect me to stay Jack? You, a man of the sea, are too afraid to let go of yourself just enough to let me in."

"IT"S NOT YOU! I love you Mina, is that what you want to hear? You want me to confess what the whole bloody world already knows?"

"The whole world? Everyone but me then must've known!"

"No! You knew, you had to have seen it in me before." She paused, her back still towards Jack. Ruffling her red satin dress, her eyes darted towards the sky.

"I might've...once or twice. But is that really supposed to be enough to satisfy a marriage?"

"Yes." He stood there, palms turned out as if in utter sacrifice. He looked so beautiful. His dark skin, long lashing black hair, and those lips... And her, that dress, waist length brown curls, blue eyes, porcelain skin. He wanted to touch anything that resembled that woman. But he couldn't slip his guard. Finally, he let out a rueful sigh.

"Look, I'm sorry that old familiar fear keeps tearing at my words. I'm sorry my strength cannot defeat my ego. And most of all, I'm sorry I cannot love you the way a woman should be. But if I have to stand here all night begging to understood...then maybe we never were meant to be. Because as much as you beg for my love I beg for your acceptance. So, there you go. Old Captain Jack Sparrow has given up the only thing he had left to please you. My vulnerability is yours for the taking...Miss Mina Crowe." She stood, tears in her eyes, mouth open speechless and unable to breathe. It was like finally realizing you shot someone, a cold hard slap of reality. She had finally become the proper lady she was raised to be. A woman of stature, who drove the men she cared for into complete sadness and insanity. She made Jack let go of himself.


"You're mother would be proud. Not giving in to a good life, setting your own standards, not allowing your Sire to tell himself to you on his own time, prying his secrets out of his bones...Tomorrow we dock at Singapore. You will be dropped off there, catching the next boat to Sicily, then a carriage back to home sweet home. I want you off my ship Mina. I want nothing left of you. Go home...find your husband there. You've broken one pirate too many..." He stormed to his helm. He turned the boat north, with the help of his night shift crew. She stood there or a few seconds, hoping for a turn of events. But it never came. Mina blew a kiss behind his back, and continued to cry.

"How funny," he said, "It took two years to build us up, and only five minutes to knock it down. What a conversation does..."