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Saint Valentine's Day a la Naruto.

By Aya Honey

Chapter 1: The Fox, the Fan, and the Fangirls

Sakura was walking cheerfully through Konoha streets. She looked up at the sky high above her and thought to herself that it was good day; it was clearly blue, with no even one cloud spotting. That reminded and made her feel and enjoy the peace that covered the entire Konoha, and of the greatest victory achieved and savored by the former group of Rookie nine, exactly two years ago: retrieving Sasuke. Yes! Even if it sounded unbelievable, it really happened. And mostly all thanks went to Naruto.

He'd been away two and a half years, training with the legendary Jiraiya; with the sole purpose of becoming stronger, and to retrieve Sasuke from that man's grasp. When Naruto came back from his training, he has changed: he was taller, stronger, and smarter. But that didn't change the fact that he was still loud, still liked ramen and therefore could be blackmailed by it, and didn't like to be stealthy. And he still was the #1 Ninja in Surprising People. And one thing was still there that became even stronger: his determination to have Sasuke back from the leader of the Hidden Village of the Sound.

After months of researching, investigating and spying, they were finally able to find the location of the snake's hiding place. Well, in fact, Naruto was the one that got that information, for he went after a clue all others didn't believe was worth it. But he got it. And they went there with all they had, the former group of Rookie nine. Even Kakashi-sensei got to help, along with Tsunade-sama; all of them holding nothing back. Making a strategy, they infiltrated Orochimaru's hideout, and the fight began. One group was to be responsible for the fight against the Akatsuki group; the other went after Orochimaru.

But even as they fought, they still doubted what side Sasuke would take. After all that time, they didn't really know what he thought of them. They could only hope. Not even Sakura trusted, but Naruto did. He was the only one who really trusted that Sasuke would come back to them.

The first group was the first one fulfilling their duty by disseminating the Akatsuki group, ending in most of them dead and some others fleeing away. By the time they did so, they were beyond tired, and their chackra reserves almost to their limits. They were exhausted and the battle was fierce. After what seemed to be an eternity, they saw people's shadows going out the hideout, that bringing gasps, shocks, smiles, and tears in Sakura's eyes. The first group was coming back; Kakashi, Tsunade, Naruto, looking battered and beyond tired, but with a satisfaction expression on their faces, for between Naruto and Kakashi there was someone they were helping to walk, that person being Sasuke! And Naruto, seeing everyone was staring at them, with a huge smile on his face, made a victory sign, also meaning Sasuke was with them. As if on cue, everyone ran to them.

At that memory, Sakura smiled. At first, things around Sasuke and Naruto and the rest of them were awkward. Naruto not talking that much to Sasuke, the Uchiha not saying a word, and just avoiding them all. Though that was something normal about him, no matter how hot he was. He needed to change that, in her opinion. But soon after, they were starting bickering and fighting with each other again, calling each other names again, insulting them other again, teasing each other again. In other words, things were back to normal.

After a while, the village forgot about Sasuke's betrayal completely once he demonstrated his loyalty. And his fanclub was open and running again, much to his annoyance. And all the girls began to stalk him, again; Naruto not liking and saying that 'Sasuke-teme' was arrogant over that, again. Life took its normal course, again.

Sakura began walking again towards today's destination. She, amongst other girls in the Rookie nine social circle, had an important meeting. Today, they were going to plan something infallible, a plan that involved getting Sasuke and Naruto together. Yes, that is! It was really obvious to the girls, the feelings the two boys had for each other. They were just trying to deny it just for pride (on Sasuke's side) or just being plain stupid and not realizing his own feelings already (this being on Naruto's side). And that were getting all of them tired, seeing how they just went around the bush without hitting it.

Oh, you are wondering about the two of them being boys? But that really didn't matter, because, well, they alone were really hot, even Naruto, but the two of them together, well that was just too hot! And besides, most of them already gave Sasuke up, like Sakura. Even Ino did! Now, he was dating Shikamaru, and they seemed happy together.

And another reason was that they were all dating. With the exception of the aforementioned two boys, of course. And, well, they deserved happiness as well!

"Oi, Sakura!" a cheerful Ino called, waving her hand enthusiastically.

At that, Sakura began running until where her blonde friend was, waving back. When she arrived, Sakura asked "Ready for the meeting?" a smirk on her face.

"Of course! Everyone is already inside!" she answered, a knowing smirk on her face as well.

"So, let the reunion to the Plan 'Getting The Fox and The Fan Together at Last' begin!" Sakura cheered, grinning.

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