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Saint Valentine's Day a la Naruto.

By Aya Honey

Final Chapter: When words are no longer needed…

It was a beautiful night, with a big full moon illuminating every surface with its pale light; not even a cloud covered the dark night sky. And even when it was cold night, it was a still beautiful one.

Naruto and Sasuke made their way silently towards the Uchiha's compound, in complete silence, each own with their own musing and thoughts. Nevertheless, the silence seemed welcoming, warming…peaceful.

None of them had doubts, but…there were always things in mind when taking such an important step as this. They didn't have doubts, but they were nervous, and…as proud as the two of them were, they didn't want the other to notice such a thing.

…They were far too accustomed to being rivals, and always competing with each other.

And in a way, that would never fade away, no matter what, no matter how many time passed.

…It was just…the spice that was always between them, making each day was never a dull one.

…Besides, they understood each other, deeply, as no-one else did…and they knew that that…peaceful, soothing feeling there could only be there if shared.

Naruto was nervous, and one of his give-away signs for such a thing was the way he kept fidgeting constantly with the end of his shirt. But something was quelling his anxiousness in intensity, and that was the thought of how he would make the teme pay for the embarrassment of the night.

…He really, really wanted to snicker at the thought, but then he figured that would really make the teme realize…

and that wouldn't be good, because if he did—

"—be, what are you laughing at? Have you finally lost it?"

Damn. So much for trying to disguise it… and the teme was looking at him in a suspicious way, too, his eyes narrowed…

He tried to look really, really, really, really innocent. He thought he succeeded on it, but—

"Whatever you're up to, dobe, it's really useless." Sasuke declared before continuing on his way, with an arrogant smirk adorning his face.

Naruto almost spluttered, and his face was really red. "Wh—what did you—TEME!" the blond nin ran ahead, and stopped in front of the teme, blocking his path. Sasuke stopped, and just silently raised one of his fine, dark eyebrows at him.

Naruto looked at him hard—read glare, please—and it continued like that for quite a while; Naruto glaring, and Sasuke smirking, before the blond shinobi sighed, and muttered what seemed like 'why won't you just stop calling me that, for a change?' before grabbing that pale hand and pulling it towards the teme's place's direction.

And when the silence settled around them once more, it was peaceful, it was warmth, and it had the two of them sporting a small smile.

Sometimes silence…it's just perfect.

"We're here!"


"…Aren't we going to get in?"


"…Cuz, then it wouldn't be a wise thing to do…since it's freezing out here…"

"…Dobe!" Sasuke finally snapped. It took the idiot long enough, really.

Naruto snickered, kinda smirking. "Just joking, teme. Just let us in, now would you?"

"…Usuratonkachi…" Sasuke muttered, (regretfully…?) pulling his pale hand away from Naruto's warm one, fishing for his keys; Naruto regretted it just barely, reminding himself he wouldn't be cold for long… He didn't even seem to notice the Uchiha calling him what he always complained at the teme for calling him …yet again…

"Baka. Didn't you want to get in already?" Sasuke said with just the barest hint of irritation, and maybe even fondness laced in there. But with Sasuke, one could never be so sure.

As Naruto snapped out of la-la land –yet again—he wondered if maybe all those pervert people surrounding him throughout most of his life hadn't made him one too in the long run—as he made his way inside Sasuke's place, and out of the door front, closing the door with a 'click'.

The place seemed quite dark, awfully serious and gray, and he wondered how the teme could stand returning home each day to a place like this—and as far as he could see, some parts of the place seemed as they hadn't been used for a really long time—

"I don't…spend more time here than what is necessary." Sasuke's voice cut in, as if reading the very lines of Naruto's very own thoughts—and maybe he just didn't, and Naruto would never know for sure, but he appreciated nevertheless that very bit of information offered to him that generously. Naruto didn't ask nor interrupted the other—he didn't want to break the moment, or to make Sasuke shut himself in—and the two of them just stood there, in the hallway.

"This…this is the place…where they were killed, but…I didn't want to move away; I wanted to preserve their memories intact. But…I avoided being here as much as I could...and I still do. …This place is just a place to sleep, after all." Sasuke ended, seeming very tense, and even…somewhat…detached, as if lost in what would be distant memories.

It was true though; the place was never often used other than to sleep. He sometimes ate outside, and in his younger days after his clan's demise, he trained till he finally fainted, and returned 'home' really late in the night –sometimes even early morning—exhausted, unable to do more than just crawl into bed and collapse. Those days were really, really dark, filled only with thoughts and vows of getting stronger and avenging his clan, and then, maybe after that, of reviving it.

Time passed, he met his genin squad teacher and his team was formed; he formed teams with the noisy girl, and with that annoying dobe—and the most he did back then was to admit that they existed. And then with that, he learnt about worrying, caring, self-sacrifice, friendship, admittance, admiration, rage (even when he was already acquainted with that particular feeling), helplessness, frustration, envy, bonding, and it was the particular notion that he wasn't getting any closer in achieving his life's goal—and the even more cold notion that he had to give up on that relatively easy life he had on Konoha—and only place where was his only source of light; that the only way to achieve said goal was to give up it all—even his life, for he was sure he wasn't going to make it out alive—if only for just bring that person down with him.

And even when he returned to Konoha, he…still wasn't able to spend much time in the Uchiha's compound—too much memories, and they were still as vivid, and he still felt as if he had failed all of them—so he never really brought a lot of people there.

Well, it was just once that there was anyone else there after his clan's demise, the one and only time he couldn't make it to a mission on his genin days—Kakashi never really bothered to read between the lines to leave him the hell alone, since he claimed having the duty and responsibility of guarding his students as the doting and caring sensei he was—

And that, never again, repeated itself—the young Uchiha made sure to never show any weak spots. And so…since Naruto only got as far as getting to the compound gates before, in those days…Sasuke felt as if it was a huge step to let someone in…willingly…

Naruto, seeming to sense Sasuke's tension, (his trembling fists, his somewhat distant and empty eyes) –he didn't like that one bit—he quietly made his way towards him, and just as silently, as carefully, he slowly raised his arms and embraced the teme in them. Sasuke seemed to tense even more into the embrace, but made no move of pushing the other away.

"…Y'know, teme, you…were never alone." The blond said very quietly into the embrace, making soothing motions on the back of said teme's with his fingers.

Sasuke still said nothing.

"You were not—and Sasuke…you are not alone." Naruto finished, and with that, it seemed as if all the tension filling the brunet had left him; he finally relaxed into the embrace, and even returned it.

…Maybe, just maybe, he understood it now…

…That he was not alone. Not anymore.

And even as tender and touching as that moment was, after a while, that sneaking hand made its merry way down there…again.

Yeah, it was good till it lasted, Naruto mused.

…He couldn't decide whether to feel amused or irritated at that, though.

And that didn't stop there, oh it didn't. Naruto then just didn't have the heart of stopping the teme there—because hell who was he kidding; he was rather enjoying it…

"You like that, don't you?" Sasuke asked, and oh god Naruto didn't have to be a genius to know the damn teme was smirking—and oh god to that previous wicked hand another one had joined in…

"…Why don't…you just shut up?" Naruto really hated the way his voice was not steady—and he just felt that teme's lips just smirking wider, probably as a result of his ego growing just another notch—as it wasn't big enough by now…

…So he decided to do something better instead—to kiss the guy and shut him himself.

…If you wanted something well done, do it yourself—or that was how the popular saying went.

And that was what Naruto did, with some teeth and tongue included—not that Sasuke seemed to be complaining, either way.

As both of them continued with their battle of teeth and tongue and of who was going to pin the other –to where, exactly? The wall seemed comfortable enough for a long while, Sasuke mused—clothes shedding.

But after a while, Naruto got tired—there was a limit of how much he could bend in there—and decided he wanted to have some fun, too, as the other was just monopolizing it. So between…Sasuke's…attack…the blond one moved so he was in the same height as that pale ear, and whispered, warm breath caressing it, "As much as I enjoy doing this, teme, I fancy the bed would be a little more…comfortable."

And for a change, the Uchiha agreed with him.

And as stated before, it really was a battle of who pinned the other to the bed—and neither seemed wanting to give up anytime soon.

It was in their blood to always compete with each other—and that wasn't changing anytime soon, neither.

It seemed that everything happened according to the lines of some theatrical piece (in the back, way back of Naruto's mind he suspected that maybe the teme had planned it all up), since the futon was already in an opportune place—which was really well-thought, and for the first time Naruto was glad of the teme's cautious ways, and decided to make a good use of it and pin the Uchiha there.

–And he managed to do just so, his calves pinning the other's leg, tanned hands securing the other's arms. Smirking, the blond boy stated, "It seems you planned ahead, teme."

The other just smirked back, "What do you think, dobe?"

The azure-blue-eyed boy—or was his eyes a shade darker?—responded by dipping down and claiming those lips into his own, tasting them once more.

This feeling—it was really intoxicating, Naruto mussed. It was both intoxicating and exhilarating, and it provided him of an energy not even compared to what he had experienced before—not even when the bijuu had the Kyuubi provided him of stamina that not other human being could even fathom to feel—and was bright, reviving—

And most of all—

It wasn't destructive.

And it seemed that that energy was contagious—or maybe if was the energy created by the two of them—and only them—and that just resulted in creating even more and more of it, and in a vicious cycle—

But Naruto didn't want it to stop.

None of them did.

But the Uchiha, being an Uchiha, couldn't allow himself to just give up without a fight and be the submissive one—even when those hands felt heavenly—therefore, being a tensai he was considered as, and the faster of the two, he flipped them over, exchanging places, once more. He had just to smirk at the other while doing so.

Soon, Sasuke mimicked very much what the blond did to him not so long ago, his hands needy and wicked and curious—and that mouth and tongue and teeth joining in the fun and exploration and discovery.

The only difference there was that since the blond was much more expressive and open than the other, said blond was reduced to a pile of moans and grunts not long after those ministrations.

To Sasuke it was like music to his ears.

Not long after, he had the slightly shorter boy stripped of his upper garment, that wicked and playful tongue lapping and playing with a certain nipple, one hand going down and unbuttoning that certain person's pants.

"Ne…teme…" Naruto panted, tugging more anxiously and tighter those black strands of hair fisted in his hand, guiding that head more into himself and those ministrations.

The other just grunted his response, not stopping for even a second, that hand tugging in between those pants and griping, eliciting another loud moan from the blond shinobi, before continuing, "You are still…too much wearing…those clothes…not like me…", in a broken way, his breathing growing faster.

"Hmn." Sasuke said, retreating from his handy work, much to Naruto's disappointment, smirking yet again (it was as if that expression was all what the teme could sport as of lately), "…That is not even a proper sentence, dobe.", before he proceed to do as told (or implied, in this case), ignoring the indignant-like expressing and flush the other wore at that, pulling (yet infuriatingly slowly) the damn turtle-neck off.

…How much longer could it take to take off a damn sweater, either way!?

The paler boy of the two just finished taking the thing off when Naruto was about to reach and ripe the damn thing off, not before asking in that teasingly way of his, "Satisfied?"

To which Naruto muttered, "…for now…" before pulling the other down yet for another round of teeth and tongue, one hand carding in, fisting those soft dark locks, the other sliding down between them and tugging at the other's pants.

After tugging and kissing and pawing and grunts and groans and moans and rolling around and of drowning in each other, they were both naked, and opened completely to the other's sight.

And when Sasuke was there, on top of him, looking deep into his eyes, as if asking for some kind of permission, in which Naruto nodded—and when Sasuke slid one slicked finger into him, he allowed him, because he trusted him, and he wanted, needed to prove him just that—

And he wanted to convey him as many times as it took that he was there for the teme, always, not matter what.

And when another finger was added, his eyes moistened up, because even if he was strong and he was a ninja, it all was quite new to him and so different to any experience—but he not once yield, not once asked the other to stop.

When a third one was added, he was whimpering, not only because of the awkward feeling and the pain, but also of the incredibly surging pleasure crawling from within him as those fingers brushed a certain spot from deep inside him—and he craved them, and grunted, and moved against them—that intense it was-- the pleasure.

When a fourth was added, he was very much impatient, saying something along the lines of 'teme, just go on with it'.

Which the other was more than glad than to comply.

For a brief moment Sasuke considered flipping the other onto his belly and on all fours, since he considered that position being less painful and also easier to grant them both pleasure—but then decided against it. He wanted; nay needed to glance into those blue, cloudless blue sky eyes of his partner as they became one.

Oh god—he was becoming so sappy and soft…

Himself slicked as well with the lube, and as his dark night eyes locking with sunny blue sky eyes, the Uchiha pushed inside.

Nothing prepared either of them for the sensation; for the tightness and hotness on Sasuke's case, and from the discomfort and stinging pain from Naruto's.

A bead of sweat rolled from the young Uchiha's forehead down his shoulder's blades and chest; his breathing was chapped, and was having a hard time with his urgent need to just move. Naruto, on his part, was having a hard time against the discomfort and pain, sweat also beginning to cover his body, eyes tightly closed.

After a time that seemed like an eternity, the blond opened his eyes, and locking eyes again with the other's, nodded his okay for the other to start moving.

The other proceeded in doing so, his movement light and slight, and then building the pace little by little. By the time the pace was faster, rougher, and deeper; they were both covered in sweat, sounds of grunts, moans and half moans filling the room like some kind of concerto.

But neither of them closed their eyes; no matter how much intense the pleasure and sensations were, they kept looking into each other's eyes, hands intertwined.

And…they were both smiling.

It was…a dazzling feeling. It was a filling feeling. Never before had they felt so complete. And even when Naruto asked the other to move faster, deeper, rougher, and even when Sasuke concentrated in complying, one of his hands going down between them and taking the whiskered one's erection into his had, that smile never faded.

That happiness never faded. Because even when they knew it wasn't going to be like a fairy tale, with a happy ending, and when surely when life still had bumps on the road ahead of them, they had each other.

And that was enough.

And with that notion in mind, with a hot blinding sensation, they came.

When their heartbeats and breathing returned to normality, they were both side was side, Sasuke in an endearing (and not quite often seen him doing) way resting his head on Naruto's shoulders, the blond relaxingly playing with the raven's soft locks, that soft smile ever present; the other with both his arms wrapped securely against him.

A peaceful silence covered the air, and as something crossed the Uchiha's mind, he frowned, marring his face. The blond was just curious as to the reason for that.

Then, just as quietly, Sasuke raised his head, and locking eyes yet again with Naruto, he said, a determined expression on his face, "…You now that I love you, right?"

Naruto's expression blossomed even more brighter, "I suspected that much, but it's even better hear you say it.", because Sasuke opened to him in a way he had never thought he would do, and it was just for him, and that made him extremely happy, if that was even possible, before he brushed his lips with the paler boy in such a tender and loving way, trying to convey his feelings. "And I love you too." He said, after the kiss, still smiling.

Sasuke seemed satisfied with that—his face looked like it had a lovely tint of red coloring his cheeks—and as he returned to his previous position, face hidden from the blond, he answered with a "Good.", a tiny contented smile placed rightly on his lips.

No more words where longer needed.

…And to think it all started from a Plan from certain kunoichi girls did.

.+ Owari+.


Months later—people didn't have to be genius to realize the kind of relationship those two—the Uchiha and the loudest ninja of all-Naruto—developed into, Tsunade thought, wearily massaging his temple.

She thought it was high-time for her to retire.

Since then…Since then…she had not been lucky. At all.

Ever since the time she won that bet, and more even so after those two got together—even when it was not that official (yet, she had a feeling), she got even more work.

People scared of some certain Uchiha (most of them being females) complaint, cried to her about certain dead-threats they received on a daily basis, just as a consequence to even glance the blond.

Naruto often came and loudly complaint to her about how Sasuke was such of a possessive bastard—and every time that occurred, she just answered to him that as long as he didn't kill anyone, it was none of her business.

And even when missions were done with more efficiency, it was often for either Naruto or Sasuke (Sasuke more often than not) to disappear just after the target was completed, even when they were their respective team captain, leaving all of their squad worrying and making such a fuss when that happened—

—hopefully they were beginning to get used to it—

Only to find those two together, and at it.

Yes, it was such scarring experience for the poor shinobi—

And the ones of the female population that weren't stalking Sasuke no longer because they gave up, had started stalking them—founding what they called the SasuNaru Fan Club.

Because if they couldn't have him, they could at least watch them at it.

Or so that was their philosophy.

And what was worse, since the two of them finished their missions with such efficiency and flying colors, she couldn't say a word of complaint for the two of them.


She really should consider in retiring, she thought.

At least, she had the satisfaction of seeing the old pervert losing to her—twice.

But that didn't deter the pervert into writing one resent trend of his perverted books—the yaoi edition.


"Boys—Just listen! Not because the characters have such a high resemblance to both of you, doesn't that mean I was stalking you and wrote about it!!" a desperate and familiar voice cried, before a startling and loud explosion sound was heard.

…Yes, she should really retire—and soon.

+.End of Extra—Epilogue.+


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