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Mori had never really liked girls.

He had realized a long time ago that girls were loud and over-expressive. They were foolish, gossipy, needy people, loving and craving drama, no matter how fake, needing to be charmed every moment of every day. Girls were devious, sly creatures who would play mind games with your head and tie your heart into knots if given half a chance.

Mori had seen girls in action for years, and he had never liked them.

That's why Mori liked the Host Club so much. It gave the guys a chance to turn the tables for once. It wasn't hard. Give the girls what they want; the drama, the gossip, the taboo, the emotions, and they were putty in your hands, to mold and sculpt as you wished, as girls so often did with the hearts of men. And Mori enjoyed the reversal, quietly, in the depths of his own heart.

Mori had never been one to publicize his opinions of girls. He had never been one to publicize anything, for that matter. But he was an honest person, and he couldn't help but not care for the manipulative creatures he saw as girls, so if you looked at his manner very closely, you might be able to see some of his disdain slip through.

But then...

Haruhi had come along.

Mori hadn't suspected anything, really, until the newcomer had been put into a uniform and declared fit to serve as a host. Haruhi had been slightly put out be the idea, but when confronted with the matter of the eight million yen debt, Haruhi had rapidly agreed.

It had been strange, at least to Mori. Most guys would leap at the chance to to be a member of the host club, to charm girls and live in luxury all day long. But this one was motivated by the need to right a wrong.

How very... odd.

There were other oddities Mori noticed, over time. Like how Haruhi was so frightfully honest all the time, telling Tamaki that he was annoying and a rich, snobby bastard without hesitating, despite the fact he was the chairman's son. Or how Haruhi naturally charmed the guests, but honestly, frankly, instead of weaving charming nets of seduction as Tamaki or the twins chose to do.

But then there were other things, like how Haruhi could tell the twins apart, when no one else could. Or how Haruhi seemed to walk differently then the rest of them. Or how Haruhi could always tell what Hunny wanted when he was upset, a feat that had taken Mori years to accomplish.

Mori had always been a quiet person. So he noticed these things, but he never said a word. He had never been much of a talker, anyway.

And then when Tamaki had found Haruhi's wallet with the school ID in it, revealing her gender...

...everything had fallen into place.

Why Haruhi had such large, doe eyes.

Why Haruhi always knew how they all felt.

Why Haruhi had been edgy about being a host.

Why Haruhi had always seemed a bit different from the rest of them.

Haruhi was a girl.

And it all made sense.

And as Tamaki blushed a brilliant red, the twins teasing him mercilessly, while Kyoya laughed in the background, Haruhi just stood there, holding Hunny's hand affectionately, and Mori remembered that she hadn't deceived them, that they were the ones who had assumed she was a boy, and that she had only been trying to repay her debt.

As if sensing his revelation, Haruhi turned to face him and smiled, while Tamaki chased the Hitachin brothers around the room, her eyes sparkling at him.

And for the first time ever, Mori smiled back.

Perhaps all girls weren't so bad.

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