By Superpower37

Disclaimers: I don't own Jack and Bobby.

Author's note: Of course this is AU.

Chapter 1: Vanished

Oh god! Bobby! Why Bobby!

Jack stood in front of the room that he and Bobby shared. Bobby's bed was a real mess. The bed looked like there had been a struggle in it and the window next to it had been opened. He had just come back from the bathroom to wake his baby brother up when he noticed that Bobby was missing. He thought about calling his mom, but decided not to because Bobby could very well be downstairs getting a glass of water. Jack looked around and saw a note on the dresser in between their beds. He quickly grabbed it and his face turned pale when he read it.


As you probably know, I have kidnapped your little brother and taken him somewhere that nobody will ever think to find him. If you let this slip to anyone else besides yourself, I will kill him slowly and painfully. I'll even tape it so you can watch. I can almost hear you calling me an idiotic sicko right now. If you ever want to see your baby brother again, you have to do exactly what I say or else the kid dies! It feels so good to have power, don't you think? Anyway, wait for me to contact you.


The Sicko Abductor

P.S. Revenge is sweet!

Jack's heart felt as though it had been ripped out of his body. He felt numb and he fell on the bed crying.

"What have I done? My baby brother's life is at stake because of me" he sobbed "Bobby! Not Bobby! Please let him go! What did I do? If he has to leave, then I also have to leave".


"Jack" a 4 year old Bobby called. An 8 year old Jack waddled to his brother.

"What's wrong Bobby" he asked. Bobby's eyes looked at him frightened.

"A monster said he wants to eat you" he replied. Jack looked calmly at his younger brother.

"Don't worry little brother, I'm not going to leave you. I just don't want you to leave me, okay" Jack asked.

"I promise as long as you promise" Bobby said.

"I promise" Jack said.

"I will get that fucking son of a bitch who took my brother" Jack swore loudly. Missy and Matt heard Jack shouting and ran into the house.

"Jack! What's wrong" Missy asked.

"Where's Bobby" Matt asked.


Next chapter soon! Will Jack risk telling his friends? What he do about Bobby?