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Author's Note: This is a letter that Emily might have written to her brothers. Set maybe when she was a teenager, or before Jarod knew he had a sister.

To My Brothers

By: 24

To My Brothers,

I know that you don't know me, but I know you. Mom made sure that I knew that I had two brothers. Two brothers that I will hopefully get to meet someday. My name is Emily and I am your little sister. I was born after you were both taken and had to go into hiding, so they wouldn't take me too.

Dad left us when I was a baby to try to find both of you, but we had to leave and never got in touch with him again. Mom had told me that you were taken in the night by strangers and there isn't a day that goes by that she wishes that you were both safe and with her. When I was little there were days that she would look at little boys to see if somehow you were one of them. She also tells me that both of you are so smart and that is why you were taken. I miss you too and there are times that I wonder what both of you turned out to be. I want to know the boys that you were and the men you will both become.

I hope that someday we can all be a family. I wish that I could meet both of you. The brothers that I know in my heart, but were taken before I could even get to know you. I want our father to be with us and for all of us to be safe and not have to go to town to town because we are hiding.


Your little sis


The End