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Chapter 1

Danny walked down the stairs to his house for he had just woken up. Luckily for him it was summer vacation one whole month of freedom to do whatever he wanted. (I think it's a month) He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal right when his parents came in.

"Hey Danny guess what" His father said excitedly.

"Huh" Danny asked still waking up.

"We are going to a ghost convention in Jump city," His mom said happily.

"Cool" He said and went to walk off.

"The best part is…your coming to, along with your sister" Jack said smiling at his son.

"What…why…I mean what would we do there" Danny said now fully awake and really not wanting to spend half his summer vacation at Jump city when he could be with his friends.

"You could make new friends and also see the Titans save the city," Maddie said also smiling at him.

"B-but there aren't even ghosts in Jump city" Danny complained.

"Yes we know but now is the chance to see if anyone can fix my inventions" Jack said meaning all of those that always pointed at Danny.

"Hehe…." Danny said knowing what his father meant.

"Plus you can explore a new place and have something to tell your friends when you get back" Maddie said not really noticing how Danny was acting towards going.

"Fine" Danny muttered knowing it was useless to argue. He dumped his now soggy cereal into the sink. "What time do we leave and when are we getting back" He asked so he would know when to pack.

"We leave tomorrow at 5:00 in the morning and we well be back in a half a month" Maddie said as Jack went to go get ready.

"Great" Danny said and walked up the stairs. That gives me today to be with friends and then tonight to pack Danny thought and went to get dressed and call his friends. He got dressed and called his friends on his cell phone.

"Hello" Sam answered.

"Hey Sam it's me, Danny…Your never guess where my parents are dragging my sister and me" Danny said to her.

"Uhhh…. Where" Sam asked.

"To Jump city for a stupid ghost convention…and half the reason they are going is because his inventions 'don't work'" Danny said signing.

"Wow…well at least you get a break from fighting ghosts" Sam said trying to cheer him up.

"Yah…I guess that's a good point…well anyways lets meet at Nasty Burger" Danny said.

"Ok I'll call Tucker and meet you there" Sam said hanging up.

Danny hung up to and walked down stairs getting ready to go. He walked down the sidewalk. It was actually pretty peaceful out today. No ghosts which was ok by Danny, he wanted to spend time with his friends before he left, not with the ghosts. He reached Nasty Burger and sat down, he then waited for his friends to arrive. About fifteen minutes later they arrived and spotted him.

"Hey Danny" Tucker said sitting next to him while Sam sat on the other side of them.

"So how long well you be gone," Sam asked. "I'll be gone for half my summer" Danny said disappointed.

It was peaceful at Jump city while in the tower the same cannot be said. "DUDE I WELL NOT EAT THAT NASTY MEAT FOR BREAKFAST" Beastboy yelled at Cyborg.

It was breakfast time and the two were fighting over meat of tofu.

"Why don't you guys do the same thing you do everyday… Cyborg just make breakfast and Beastboy just make your self some tofu," Raven said not taking her eyes off her book.

"Fine but I get to cook my food first," Cyborg said to Beastboy.

"No way dude me first," Beastboy argued back.

Raven sighed and rolled her eyes for they went from one argument to another.

The others ignored this for it was usual here and went on with their lives until something was made.

Robin was sitting on the couch watching television… will trying to anyways. Starfire was watching this little argument increase. Finally about a half an hour later Beastboy was making his while Cyborg grumbled and waiting for him to finish. Then about another ten minutes later Cyborg was making his while Beastboy went and ate his tofu. Everyone saw this and went to sit down. Finally they were all able to eat… that is until the alarm went off. Robin ran up to the computer and typed in something.

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