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He didn't know how it happened, all he knew was that he was in Hell. It all started on a training mission with Iruka. He and his pseudo-father were going out for some ninja training, and a type of bonding with each other. They did standard stuff, working on jutsus, working on taijutsu, camping out under the stars, telling each other stories, and just enjoying each others company.

That's when 'he' came. Not really an impressive sight, another ninja from the cloud village. He had green eyes, brown hair wrapped into a ponytail, three scars running along his face, like a tiger or panther scratch. Had black long vest on, and some brown pants. With the way he walked and held himself, it was impossible to tell how good he was.

One moment he is like a slouch, another he holds himself like a king, the next, a toddler just learning how to walk, and another as a cat stalking his prey. All in all, there were thousands of ways he walked, held himself, and made himself appear. The cloud-nin symbol he wore around his torso like a sash.

"May we help you?" Iruka-sensei said, while taking up a defensive stance. After all, cloud relations weren't going so well, so there was a lot of hostility.

The man just looked us over, his face contorting in a mix of emotions. It is still impossible to tell how good he was, his face just kept…changing. One moment he is smiling, like he found the woman of his dreams, another, he is so angry it threatens to engulf his being, another, he is full of curiosity so great it threatens that innocent curiosity of a baby just opening its eyes for the first time.

All of a sudden, his whole body relaxes, as does his face. More than anything it scared me, it's like the people who commit suicide do. They are so confused at first, and it is impossible to tell them anything without setting them off. However, when they do decide that that is the only solution, they all of a sudden relax, become easy, and look at everything one last time to remember it in the afterlife.

He only said one sentence, one sentence that changed my entire 12-year old life: "I am here to give that little boy a gift, from me to him."

By the sound in his voice, it was not a gift I wanted, and my father could also tell.

"The fuck you will!" Yells my father as he charges the mystery cloud-nin.

The cloud-nin just vanishes and reappears in front of Iruka-sensei. Both of us could not believe what just happened, one moment he was gone, the next right there. The cloud-nin just decked my father, and sent him through a tree, effectively knocking him out.

I won't lie to you, I was scared. This man, who I didn't know at all, just came over, beat up my father like he was a fresh genin, and now he just looked over at me. You would be scared too, if you looked into those very cold eyes. This man was a seasoned killer.

'What does he want with me?' I thought 'He said he had a gift for me, what is it? Did the villagers finally get so tired of me that they hired a ninja to kill me? Did I do something to this guy inadvertently, and now he came to kill me.' I had a felling he would of answered these questions, except that I was to paralyzed with fear to speak.

I closed my eyes, fearing the worst. All of a sudden his hands grabbed my jacket. Out of curiosity, I opened my eyes, and just stared into his icy-green eyes.

"I don't do this out of animosity toward you." He just stated "I'm just a hired nin to do this to you. I'm sorry for the Hell this jutsu will do to you."

I couldn't believe it. Judging by his word, he was not going to kill me, but he was going to do something to me I would definitely hate. I just wish I had the courage at the time to ask him what he was going to do.

He just threw me into the air really fast, but not that hard, so I didn't kill myself on the fall. Suddenly a dark beam shot from his hands, and hit me squarely in the face. The feeling was Hell, it felt like thousands of needles were injecting me with a dose of death each time, and it also felt like maggots were eating out of my skin.

I slammed into the ground, knocking the wind out of me. He slowly walked over to me, and I was shocked to discover caring on his face! He was concerned for me, a feeling I usually didn't get. If he didn't do something horrible to me, I would say 'this is a man who I want to get to know.'

"I will send a signal flare up, so that your village will get both of you. You will get knocked out in a couple of second, due to sudden impact." Was all he said.

The world grew black, and it felt like thousands of needles were just piercing my skin. Except these needled didn't just enter for a purpose such as putting something in me, these needled entered me, just for the joy of causing me pain. I blacked out soon after hearing a flare shoot into the sky.

The nin gave some parting words that scared me more than that entire experience "Don't you dare die kid. I want to see what you are like after three years."

I woke up in the hospital, at least, I think it is the hospital. All I know was that there was a lot of medic-nins around me, and what appeared to be a really white room. They were talking around me, and I caught bits and pieces of their conversation. From what I could piece together they were talking about my blood, and how it has become part demonic, and how a strange black substance also inhabits it.

Now, I'm not as stupid as people believe. I just hid my intelligence behind a mask of stupidity. After all, the people would be really scared if they learned that I could be really intelligent, and they would piss and moan about how I am a danger to society.

I find something very funny about people: They are stupid. People believe what they want to believe, so it is easy to influence people with first impressions. Because I came off as a retard, they all believe that I am, and the few mistakes I did make in my mask, they never caught. I mean, what kind of stupid person could learn kage no bushin in a couple of hours if they were stupid?

Don't get me wrong, I do like to be hyper, and full of energy. I also love to encourage others, and my dream is to become the Hokage, ramen is my favorite food, but I don't have a crush on Sakura. That was another lie on my part. Personally, I hate her. How can a women get so devoted to a guy, that they can't tell he has no room for her in his so called 'ambition?'

I do think of sasuke as a rival, and sometimes a friend. (When he is not being a complete jackass.) However, there are a few people I can't fool with my mask of stupidity and happiness. They would be Iruka-sensei, old-man Hokage, and even a shy girl named Hinata. I have no idea how Hinata found out about my mask, but the other two I could believe. The Hokage is one of the best ninja, so I'm not that surprised he saw it, after all, he knew me the longest.

Iruka-sensei, now he was one who surprised me. When he tried to cheer me up, I became a little bitter and asked him why he helps me. He looked me in the face, eyes level, and told me one saying that I will remember forever. "A person can have food, water, and shelter, but if they have no friends, they lose the will to live." At that point, I thought of him as a father, more than my sensei. He was a wise man, who if you listened, could give excellent advice.

What confuses me, is how Hinata figured me out. I never asked her directly, because every time I got close to her, she looked like she had a fever, and if I actually talked to her, she sometimes wouldn't respond, and when I touched her, she went rigid, stepped back a couple of steps, bowed, and said good-bye. I wonder why she is so nervous, especially around me.

I found out she knew when I overheard her tell a group of people that they shouldn't underestimate me, and that I was a LOT smarter than I looked. When I heard this, I almost fell out of the tree I was in. She managed to figure me out, but thank God for first impressions, they only though she was telling a joke. So they did what came naturally: they laughed.

I left that area, so I could ponder where I showed cracks in my mask. The only place I ever take my mask off is in the forest when I train, or around old-man Hokage and Iruka-sensei. Those two helped me through the worst times of my life, and I thank all the Gods out there for them.

Anyway, back at the hospital, I figured out what was going on. Because of the jutsu that man pulled off, I figured out I was a half-demon, and I also had a strange black substance in my blood. The medic-nins kept eyeing me with fear in their eyes, and I also saw old-man Hokage off to my right. To my left, I saw the man who might as well be my father in the white stretcher opposite mine.

The medics wanted me killed outright. I wanted to laugh, but I didn't have the energy, after all, these people want to kill me like every other villager of Konoha. When he heard this, Iruka-sensei opened his eyes to yell, or swear, or a combination. However, his jaw was held together by a white bandage that was wrapped around his head.

It was then that old-man Hokage cleared his throat, and instantly everyone became silent. After all, I was the only person in the village who had the balls do yell at him often. I mean, not many people want to disrespect the person who holds the most authority in the place you live. But my life is shit, and I don't really care.

" I have decided, that since Naruto has been hit by an unknown jutsu…" My entire body was lanced with fear. How could there be a jutsu that these people didn't know? My hope just crumbled away, like dust in the wind. "I have decided that Naruto should be under quarantine." As he said this, I saw a tear slide down his cheek. He definetly hated to say this, but it was for the safety of Konaha, so I knew he didn't have much of a choice.

Iruka went wild, thrashing in his stretcher, until a couple brave medic-nins tried to restrain him, but it ended up looking bad for everyone. "Iruka!" shouted the Hokage "We won't have any of that!"

Iruka stopped, but the anger and hatred blazed in his eyes as an unquenchable fire. The Hokage saw this, and started to sweat, after all, when a ninja is pissed off, and still remains calm, you know they have the potential to kill anyone, even a kage. "I never finished, he will be in quarantine for 3 years."

'3 years…' that thought just kept bouncing off the walls of my mind. 'Don't die kid. I want to see how strong you become in three years.' Those were the words that ninja who did this to me said. Unfortunately, it appears that I won't get any better, but in fact, I will get even worse.

"And you Iruka…" said the Hokage slowly, "you will be under quarantine for 1 year."

Now, this is where I lost it. "WHAT DID YOU SAY HOKAGE-SAMA!" I screamed, and I noticed that my voice was more of a feral yell, than a normal voice. This scared me, but my anger took control of me. "WHY IS IRUKA-SEINSEI BEING PUT UNDER QUARANTINE!"

I could care less what happens to me, but the second you hurt those important to me, I get pissed off to no end. The restraints around me were snapped apart as I tore them off of me. I stood up, and I noticed my chakra had turned red. No blue chakra anywhere. I really have become a half-demon. 'I'm probably considered the heir to the Kyuubi now.' (Did I spell 'Kyuubi' right?)

The medic-nins backed away slowly, fearing me, no, not me, just the demon inside of me. I could care less. "WELL OLD MAN?" I was screaming, and I knew I intimidated everyone, even Iruka-sensei. The one person I didn't scare was the Hokage, who just looked at me. "I have to put him under quarantine, because he was near you." Said the Hokage as though it said everything.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!" I scream. "Naruto!" said the Hokage "We have no idea what that jutsu does, it might have passed from you to him, and we have no idea what it does to him. We do however…know what it has done to you." Said the Hokage. "We have to do it for the safety of Konaha."

I looked at the Hokage, then at Iruka-sensei, and it hurt me. I saw that Iruka-sensei was afraid of me. No, I'm wrong, he is scared of the power of the Kyuubi who killed his parents. I just stand there, wondering what he thinks of me. Does he hate me? Does he think I have become a mindless killing machine? The angry red chakra around me fades, and I realize that what the Hokage says is true.

I hated to admit it, but it was true. This was for the good of Konaha, and if I wanted to become the future Hokage, I would have to follow the rules. "I understand old-man Hokage…" I said with a neutral voice. I noticed that the old-man gave a forced smile, probably because I didn't address him respectfully. After all, it is mostly unnatural for me to address someone I know with respect. If I do, I am really pissed at that person.

I looked to my side, and I noticed that Iruka-sensei's face was relaxed, as though someone had told him that his parents live, and are coming to visit. I knew why, he was glad that I have control, and not the Kyubi. After all, by his and my standards, I am his son. We both don't care about legal BS, we are father and son in spirit, and that is what matters to us.

"I will go into quarantine." I said slowly ", but tell me old-man Hokage, Will me and Iruka-sensei be staying in the same room?"

The Hokage got a sad look on his face. My chest contracted swiftly, suddenly, and painfully. I already knew what he was going to say. "I'm sorry Naruto…but because we don't know a thing about the jutsu used on you. We can't take the chance that it will affect Iruka anymore than it has, if it affected him at all."

Iruka-sensei and I both look at each other, both of us for the same reason. We are saying goodbye for three years. As teacher to student, man to man, and father to son. I couldn't take it anymore, I just broke down and cried. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw that my father was crying with me.

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