Resident Evil 4: When Heaven and Hell Collide

Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil 4 or its characters. *sniffle* Also, if anyone has seen Mission: Impossible, the NOC list is the same thing as from that movie. Basically, if you recognize it, it's not mine. ^_^

I'll have about four chapters that cover the game plot (with my own dialogue, etc) and then my version of what happens after. This is also going to be an Ashley/Leon fic (since there are so few). This is my first posted fic and, I wasn't going to post it but, some friends of mine convinced me to, so please be nice. If you have the absolute, compulsive urge to criticize, only constructive criticism and no flames please. Enjoy!


Underlined words =thinking aloud (Mumbling)

' bold letters'= thinking to self (Leon)

'bold letters italicized'= thinking to self (Ashley)


Prelude: Alone

The scarce moonlight filtered in through the single barred window of the dank, bleak cell as a young woman of twenty was thrust into the cramped space. Dismayed and nearly hysterical, the woman surveyed her new surroundings. There was no furniture in the cell, save for one desk in the upper left corner, one bookshelf on the right side of the cell, and a few oil barrels in the upper right corner. There were no light sources, except for the moonlight from outside and the small, unlit oil saucer on the wooden table. Her beautiful, shoulder-length blond hair fell over her face as she drew her knees up to her chest and laid her head on them wearily. The steady sound of water dripping reached her ears, reminding her of her immense thirst. She crawled over to a puddle by the only, tiny window in her cell. The moonlight refracted off the water, making it impossible to determine the purity. The woman's crystalline, soft amber eyes searched the glare for a color. Uncertain, she dipped her slender, fragile hands into the water. Curious, she drew the substance up to her nose and smelled a faint odor of iron and tar. As she took a closer look at the liquid in her hands, she was horrified. It was not water, no. It was blood; human blood. No longer thirsty, the woman panicked and began to beat her fists against the iron door of her cell. She became ill as the horrible stench of the blood, the tar from the oil barrels in the corner, and the mold, from the rafters, seemed to multiply tenfold.

"Let me out! People are going to come for me and, when they do, you're going to be in a world of hurt! You just wait!" Suddenly, the small metal spy-hole on the door slid back to reveal a pair of blood-red eyes, nearly concealed by the shadow that was drawn by the being's robe's hood.

"Believe me, Ms. Graham; we know that people will come for you. That's why you're here. Now…shut up!!!" the man shouted as he hurled a small, lit oil disk into her cell. Sparks flew and the young woman shrieked and hid behind the two oil barrels in the corner, not thinking that the potentially flammable objects would catch. Once she regained her sense, she stood and walked under the light filled window. All that could be heard was her heavy breath and the clopping of the heels of her brown, knee-length boots against the slimy floor. The woman flopped down on the floor, curling into a ball, no longer caring about the grimy cell base. Her once orange shirt was now stained a light brown, the belt, which hung loosely around her waist, was caked in mud, and her once neat, green-plaid skirt was now frayed and tattered at the edges. Cold and silent, the woman began to sob. Is anyone going to save me? Ashley thought aloud, somehow expecting an answer from the cruel cell walls. None came. Eventually, her tiny sobs became inaudible as she cried herself to sleep.


"Ms. Ashley Graham. Do you know who that is, Kennedy?" President Graham asked the blond-haired agent as he handed a picture over the top of the desk, to the man of about 27.

"Of course, Mr. President. That's your daughter, Ashley." the agent said as he offered the picture back. Mr. Graham ignored the gesture and began to pace around the Oval Office. Kennedy took this as a signal and placed the picture safely in his pants' pocket. The agent drew his brown jacket around himself, as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, trying to block out the cold of the Oval Office. He was tired and the tan-colored fur, lining the neck and wrists, of his brown jacket warmed him, only adding to his fatigue. Even though his clothes helped, the agent felt naked without his weapons. As the usual preventative measure, agent Kennedy's handgun and knife had been confiscated, the ammo from his jean pockets, and the two ammo cases attached to his belt, had been removed, as well as the brown ammo harness that he always wore under his jacket. This left him in his loose cargo jeans, gray rash-guard shirt, black sneakers, brown jacket, and his favorite pair of black gloves. The agent's piercing, ice burg-blue eyes began to drop as he thought of how much he despised the Oval Office. He hated its cold edges and the temperature was always freezing. Not to mention the fact that he wanted his equipment back. He had been briefed in this room for the last two years but it never seemed to change, even though President Graham's predecessor was just impeached from the office only three months ago. Knowing that he would be briefed here several more times before he retired, Kennedy decided to ignore the morbid air of the large space.

"You're damn right that's my little girl! Do you know why you're here, Kennedy?" the President asked as he sat back down in his chair and leaned forward over the desk. The agent jerked, being wrenched from his temporary coma.

"No sir. If it has to do with my assignment in Iraq, with all due respect, I don't see how it pertains to your daughter. I wasn't supposed to be assigned to the protection of your family for another four weeks." the lean well-built agent said as he tried to keep from falling asleep in the stiff, wooden chair. It only became more difficult as the smell of his favorite spice, cinnamon, wafted into his nostrils, all the way from the kitchen.

"What was your assignment in Iraq and why should I trust you to protect my family?" President Graham asked as he shifted through Kennedy's wrap sheet.

"I spent the last six and a half weeks infiltrating supposed Al-Queda headquarters, gathering information for our government and trying to put a location on Osama Bin Laden," at this agent Kennedy shifted uncomfortably in his seat. What he said next could determine whether or not he achieved his dream job. "Sir, I have been working my way up to the top, protecting the President and his family, for several years. If you give me a chance, I swear I will do my best. I've been waiting for this honor for years."

"Well Mr. Kennedy, you are here four weeks early because my daughter's other body guard fucked up. She was abducted from her university three days ago and no agent has been able to locate her and retrieve her. I was advised that you were extremely reliable and the man for the job." the president said as he read Kennedy's bio sheet carefully, not noticing the agent leaning farther and farther forward in his chair. There was a brief silence as the agent watched the President carefully for any signs of approval. "Your files are quite impressive. You are the United States' top agent, as well as number one on the NOC list. That's….well…that's extremely impressive. That means that every agent in the U.S. wants to be you and every agent, in every other country, wants to kill you. All right, as of now, you have been reassigned, Kennedy." President Graham said as he handed the agent two vanilla envelopes. The agent's heart skipped a beat as he took the envelopes. This meant that he had really done it. He had worked himself all the way to the top. "My daughter's location is believed to be in a little village, in the northern part of Spain, called El Luga Muerto. If this is found to be her location, we will send you backup immediately and you are to rescue her and bring her back to Washington, understood?"

"Yes, sir. You won't regret hiring me." the agent said with the last of his speaking energy.

"Well then, Mr. Leon Scott Kennedy, let's see if you're as good as they say you are." Graham said as he signed the official document, stating that Leon was on the mission. The rest of the room was silent, save for the scribbling of the President's pen against the paper. President Graham began to speak again as Leon began sliding off the edge of his chair.

"You do realize that this is my little girl. I don't care how you do it, where you do it, or even when you do it but, whatever you do, bring her back!" the President said as he slammed his fists on the desk. Leon jumped slightly and straightened up, trying to sharpen his senses.

"You can count on me, Mr. President."

"Let's hope so…for Ashley's and your sake. Mr. Leon Kennedy, good luck and…thank you." the President said as he shook the agent's hand and escorted him to the door. Leon retrieved his weapons, as well as his government badge, and was rushed into a government chopper within the hour.


"This is your communicator. You know how to use it but, Leon, don't break this one. Hey, are you listening to me?" a mousy-looking man with glasses asked as he punched Leon on the shoulder. The agent lifted his head groggily. "I let you sleep for the first seven and a half hours. We only have an hour and a half left."

"It's three o' clock in the morning in Baghdad and, before now, I haven't really slept in nine days." Leon said as he looked at his watch in surprise.

"Well, it's seven o' clock in the evening in the U.S. and it's one o' clock in the morning in Spain. By the time we land, it will be two thirty. You'll get about three more hours of rest and you'll begin investigating around six. Now, if you break this communicator, it's my ass." the man said as he waved the expensive-looking object in the agent's face.

"You know me, Mike, always careful." Leon said, with a grin, as he flipped the heavy radio in his hands.

"We made that thing virtually indestructible, so please, Leon, don't defy the laws of science and technology…again." Mike said as he put his hands together in a mock plea.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Leon asked as he strapped his ammo harness on and began filling it with various types of ammo.

"Let's face it, you've got a knack for getting into bad situations and the fact that one agent, before you, has died trying to rescue this girl doesn't help. And… I'm sure the fact that the girl's hot means nothing to you. Right, Leon?" Mike said as he looked over his glasses at his companion of four years.

"The previous agent was a pushover, just in the rotation from the O.R.E., and, unlike you, I am able to control my few, impure thoughts." Leon said as he fastened a TMP on his belt.

"What are you doing?! You're not here to invade Spain. You're here to ask a few questions, locate the president's daughter, and get her out." Mike said as he took the TMP off Leon's belt. "You get one gun; your handgun, and that's strictly a safety precaution."

"Fine, but if I die because I run out of defenses, how will you feel? After all, an agent has already been lost on this mission." Leon said, making a fake pity face.

"I'm sure that you won't stand a chance against the unarmed villagers. Which reminds me…do you have any id on you?" Mike asked, regaining his serious tone.

"I removed all but my badge…I think we're landing." the agent said as the helicopter gave an ominous jerk.

"Then I take it you clearly recall the fact that the U.S. government will disavow all knowledge of you if you die?" Mike said as he patted Leon on the shoulder.

"Thank for that, pal." Leon said as he began to exit the chopper.

"No prob. That beaten-up '84 model car there… that's your police escort. Have fun. See you in the Americas in a few days." Mike said as the helicopter left the ground again, leaving Leon to his escorts' car. Leon entered the Policias' car and stared out the window as they began to pull away. I might need that gun. Leon whispered under his breath as he was lost to his own thoughts.


End of Prelude-Yay! I think that that was longer than I intended…oh well, I hope that you all liked it! This chapter was mostly for character building, to establish a more realistic atmosphere and add more depth to the characters (for those among us who like that.) I promise that there will be more action and romance in the next few chapters… if I get enough reviewers wanting me to update! ^_^