Gorillaz Drabbles

#1 – Secrets

(NOTE! A "drabble" is a story that is EXACTLY 100 words. That is why these are so short.)


"Murdoc," Noodle started suddenly at breakfast one morning, "why do you wear a cape?"

Everyone went silent and paused what they were doing, save for Noodle who continued staring intently at Murdoc.

"Er," Murdoc mumbled, and then laughed, "Because it heightens my dark powers!"

Russel rolled his eyes and left the kitchen, heading towards the studio with a box of Lucky Charms. 2D stood awkwardly for a moment in the kitchen before leaving as well. He was obviously wondering whether Murdoc really had 'dark powers'.

"Actually," Murdoc leaned towards Noodle, grinning, "I wear it because it makes me look cool."