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Chapter 1: The Psychic.

The city was bustling with life. It was early morning in the rather young village and the people were crowding the streets. The village was rather large; going on for miles. In the center one could see a tall building, towering over all other buildings. The tower was the center of the village. It was easily the tallest building in the village, towering to at least 10 stories tall. If one were to stand at the very top, they would see vast forests, and beyond that one would see a chain of mountains surrounding the entire village. This was Tsukigakure. This was the village hidden in the Moon Light.

---In town---

A young boy was walking down the busy road. The boy had medium had shoulder-length, spiky hair. This child was wearing a black coat, which reached down to his mid thigh; a fishnet shirt, could be seen through the open buttons of the coat; black pants; black boots, and fingerless black gloves. Lastly this child was wearing a red headband, tied around his forhead.

He was walking down the street towards his intended destination…

"What idiot decided that the academy should be this early in the morning." Said the black-clad youth, as he pulled out a stick of pocky and began munching on it.

"You know Yami you say that every morning." Exclaimed another, slightly taller, boy with long brown hair.

The black-clad youth "Yami" turned around to see his oldest friend. This new taller ball was clad in a gray coat, gray pants, and traditional blue ninja sandals. This boy has a more muscular build to him and was half a foot taller than Yami.

"Bankotsu its just so damn troublesome waking up this early. I bet that Obachan has something to do with it." Groaned Yami while continuing to walk, now with "Bankostu" at his side.

"Bankotsu" grinned at that comment. "Don't let Megumi-Sensei hear you say that, you know she's touchy about her age." Warned Bankotsu.


"Hey guys!" screamed a female voice. Both boys turned around to see the owner of the voice. A red-headed young girl, who was about an inch shorter than Yami. The young woman in question was wearing a green sleeveless shirt, black shorts, and brown sneakers. The sight of her in shorts was enough to almost give Bankotsu a nose bleed. A swift blow, from the elbow, to Bankotsu's gut, courtesy of Yami, brought him out of his reverie.

"Hey move it you two we're going to be late for the genin exam." Exclaimed the girl as she ran buy the two boys, her waist length red hair flowing in the wind.

"Damn it, its way to freaking early for Kasai's perkiness." Groaned Yami.

"Oh chill out, she's excited because of the exams. She's been like this all month." Stated a grinning Bankotsu.

"Yea whatever lover boy" replied Yami. "Lets just get this over with so I can get back to sleep."

"Lazy bum".

---Ninja Academy---

By the time the trio arrived, half the class was already present. They took close to the back of the classroom. Kasai grabbed a seat in the fourth row; there were six rows total, and started talking with another friend. Yami and Bankotsu found there way to the sixth row, there normal seats, and did what they did every day before class started. Bankotsu used every last ounce of his ninja skills to…spy on Kasai. Yami on the other hand found a more productive way to spend his time.

"ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz" the sound that everyone knew meant one thing Yami was sleeping in class…again…for the eighth time this week…and it was only Wednesday.


Yami was sitting on a tree branch in the middle of the vast forest. Trees were all surrounding him on all sides. Tears were sliding down Yami's face. Some sakura petals were falling from the trees and one landed on his lap. Suddenly…


Yami turned to see a silver-haired boy flying towards him. His arms extended out to each side, each holding a wakizashi. It looked like the boy was gliding at him using the short swords as wings.


The silver-haired youth was about to reach Yami when suddenly everything went black.

---Ninja Academy---

'Huh! Oh…just a dream' though Bankotsu.

He found himself disturbed from his 'dream' by roars of yelling. He didn't need to turn to see what commotion was all about. For it happened every morning the most popular girl had just walked into the academy…Uzamaki Kitsune. And every guy is crowding her trying to ask her out. After taking a glance down he noticed that half the guys there weren't even in the graduating class. 'Troublesome' thought Yami. For the life of him he couldn't understand what the big deal about her was. So what if she was the hottest girl in class…so what if she is going to be named rookie of the year…so what if her great grandfather, Uzamaki Naruto, was the founder and first Tsukikage of the village…

'Damn it' Yami mentally cursed. Though he could care less about Kitsune…He did have nothing but respect for the Great Naruto. He was the greatest Ninja of his time. He brought many ninjas together to create Tsukikagure. He defeated nine of the twelve members of Akatsuki. He created the awesome Sexy no Jutsu. Yami flinched at that last thought and then growled. 'Damn Bankotsu is rubbing off on me.'

He took one last glance at Kitsune and actually caught her gazing at him. Their gazes locked on each other for a while. Finally Kitsune was broken out of her "trance" by the person who Yami dubbed "the most annoying insect on this planet". Jiman Gekkani. Jiman was a member of the most prestigious clan in hidden village, well right after the Uzamaki clan.

"Oh my beautiful Kitsune-chan, let me take you away from these brutish creatures." Bellowed the insect…I mean Jiman.

Kitsune slightly grinned at this. The other boys growled at Jiman. Yami decides to take to continue his nap.

"Its alright Jiman-san…really" comments Kitsune. After looking up once more at Yami she moves to her normal seat in the front row. Jiman follows Kitsune's gaze only to find that she was gazing upon Yami, which made his blood boil. He hated when Kitsune paid attention to other boys…however for some odd reason he especially hated Yami. He decided to go torment him, like he did every morning, so he started to walk up the stairs.

"Dead-last what are you doing here? You don't honestly believe someone like you could possibly pass the genin exam?" Asked Jiman.

Yami cracked open an eye and mentally sighed 'Troublesome'. "Worry about yourself Jiman." Stated Yami who then proceeded to go back to sleep.

Jiman sneered at Yami's indifference but quickly regained his composure and simply stated, "Yea right, once a dead-last, always a dead-last." Jiman then started walking down the stairs.

Yami then receive a quick elbow to the gut from Bankotsu, the signal. Yami then cracked open both his eyes, not enough for anyone to see his eyes open but enough for him to see Jiman, no one saw Yami's ice blue eyes shift to a shining silver color. He then started to concentrate and sent out his "invisible hand", which grabbed Jiman's right leg just as he was walking.

"AAAAAHHHH" Jiman screamed as he started to fall down the stairs like he, for some reason beyond his comprehension, did every morning. Him crashing at the bottom started a roar of laughter from most of the class. Bankotsu and Kasai were cracking up; Yami was smirking, his eyes has already shifted back to blue; Kitsune was trying to suppress her giggles, and failing miserably. Most of the rest of the class were laughing as well, except… "JIMAN-KUN!" Jiman's fan girls…who proceeded to help him back up.

"WHAT IS ALL THE COMMOTION IN HERE!" shouted an older woman wearing a standard Jounin uniform. This black-haired, blue-eyed woman was Megumi Tsunami the academy teacher. She gazed around the room sighed she was of course one of the only people who knew about Yami's gift. After casting him a quick glare she ordered all the students to their seats.

Yami's little talent seemed to always be used again Jiman. He could clearly remember when he learned of this little skill.

Flashback ---playground--- (3 years ago)

A young boy with spiky black hair was being held up by his collar by another boy.

"Ha your such a weakling Yami, you'll never become a ninja."

Chibi Yami was trying to hold back his tears after being beaten up by the other boy for the fifth time this year.

"Ban…kot..su…" groaned the youth.

"Hn, why don't you just go home and cry to your mommy. Oh wait that's right! You don't have one. You're all alone!" Teased Chibi Bankotsu.

With this Yami's eyes widened, his normally Blue eyes started to shine an eerie silver color. Chakra started to flare from him. Bankotsu could only stare in shock.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!", screamed Yami. At the last syllable a wave shot out from the boy that sent Bankotsu flying at least twenty feet, dropping Yami on the ground at the same time. Chibi Yami could only stare in shock at the now unconscious boy, a few second later Yami to felt sleep take him.

End Flashback ---Academy classroom---

Soon afterwards Bankotsu apologized to Yami, in hopes of escaping a beating himself. Soon after that however they became good friends. Bankotsu enjoyed the fact that Yami could help him pull pranks on other kids. Yami enjoyed the fact that Bankotsu didn't have a crush on Kitsune…his was on Kasai.

Yami's power…Soon after the incident Yami worked up the courage to try and recall the power. After weeks of trying he succeeded in levitating a small leaf into the air…5 seconds later he fell unconscious. After using it the first time Yami was able to summon it a lot easier than before. Everyday he would train his new power in secret enhancing it. Today he could pick up items, with his mind, that are about twice the weight of which he can pick up with his arms, for about half a minute. However, this skill did require a great deal of chakra to use and it also required more control for the heavier objects. So while he was training his Telekinesis, he was also training his chakra control. Today he has almost completely mastered the tree climbing exercise. However, he also chose to train his body. He trained hard in the academy's basic taijutsu. At times he would mix up his power with his taijutsu, using the former to push his punches or kicks in the direction he chooses for added power and speed. He also uses it to maneuver his own body for dodging. Lastly he uses it to improve his less than average aim, he's getting quite adept at controlling a fuuma shurikan.

Unfortunately training his these skills cost him to neglect his ninjutsu and genjutsu. Yami only new the basic of all jutsu, henge and bushin. He however was miserable with genjutsu. Yami shuddered when he thought of the Megumi-sensei's pop quiz. Megumi casted a genjutsu on all her students as they were leaving the classroom. Kitsune and some of the other students noticed the illusion right away and dispelled it. It took other students a little while longer. Poor Yami, and some others, were stuck walking around the academy building for hours trying to find their way home.

"Alright I'm going to call all of you to the back room one by one and we'll begin the genin exam." Stated Megumi. Megumi left the room and one by one started to call out students to start their exams.

(Five minutes later)

"Uzamaki Kitsune"

Kitsune got up and started walking to the back room, but not before receiving "good lucks" from almost all the class, ten phone number, eight date offers, and three marriage proposals.

(One minute later)

Kitsune came out proudly wearing her new Haiete, with a crescent moon on the metal plate. 'No surprise there' thought Yami. She sat back down in her seat.

"Ishida Bankotsu"

Bankotsu got up and left to the back rooms after Yami and Kasai wished him luck.

(Two minutes later)

Bankotsu came out, wearing his Haiete around his neck, with a grin on his face.

"Uzuki Kasai"

It was Kasai's turn and she looked nothing short of confident. She got up and ran to the back room before Yami or Bankotsu could wish her any luck.

(One minute later)

Kasai walked out wearing her Haiete to tie back her hair. Bankotsu nearly whooped with joy.

"Gekkani Jiman"

After receiving cheers from the girls, he strutted off to the back room.

(One minute later)

Jiman walkers back into the classroom wearing his Hiaete as a belt buckle. Yami groaned mentally when he saw Jiman smirk in his direction.

"Hikari Yami"

Yami got up and lazily walked down the stairs after Kasai and Bankotsu wished him luck. When he reached the bottom he was surprised when he heard his name

"Yami-san." Yami turned to the owner of the voice…Kitsune. "Good luck" she said.

Yami could only raise an eyebrow before stuttering, "T-thank you." He then proceeded to walk off confused. She hadn't talk to him in nearly 5 year, let alone wish him luck. It was that day…

"YAMI!" a loud voice shouted, breaking him out of his trance. "HURRY UP OR I'LL FAIL YOU NOW!" shouted an angry looking Megumi.

Yami knew his Megumi sensei wouldn't do that…they were far to close…no matter how many times he called her obachan…or how many times she violently woke him up when he falls asleep. Even still he decided not to annoy her further. Yami only nodded and walked straight through the door.

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