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Chapter 20: Epilogue

It's been two weeks since the group returned to Tsukigakure. And about two and a half weeks since the destruction of Kirigakure…Most of the civilians got away, using underground tunnels to escape, as did the feudal lords who came to observe the chunin exams. The ninjas from the villages, the ones who survived also managed to escape the chaos. The mist-nins weren't as lucky…very few of them escaped with there lives…the ones who either joined Cloud or Rain…or went into hiding, since there was no Kirigakure anymore…they weren't considered missing-nin.

Everyone knew of Yami, Ookami, and Inochi's promotion to chunin. To say the council, not the clan heads, was furious would be an understatement. They accused the Tsuikikage of playing favorites with Team 7…and didn't help the teams enough…A few words from the jounin, the leaders of Team 17 and Team 26, the team that died in the chunin exam, quickly shut the council up. They explained that the Tsukikage DID NOT play favorites…the fact that the leader of Team 26 lost his whole team in the chunin exam, gave him a huge amount of credibility.

Yami's friends congratulated them every chance they got. Bankotsu's parents invited him, Ookami and Inochi, to celebrate his promotion with dinner. He got he same invitation with Ookami's grandparents; Inochi's parents; and Kisai's parents. He met up with Kitsune who also congratulated him…multiple times…

Team 7 was now inside of the Tsukikage's office. Inside the office were Waizu, a few ANBU, and Megumi.

"First off…I would like to congratulate ALL of you again on a job well done…you exceeded my expectations", congratulated the Tsukikage. "Now I would like to present you all with your chunin vests…

Said vests were being handed to the boys by Megumi.

"I would also like to state that I'm temporarily disbanding Team 7…" Waizu haulted to wait for the reaction he knew would come…He wasn't disappointed…

"WHAT!" (Yami)


Inochi's eyes widened.

Waizu lifted his hand to shush the boys. "Calm down…now listen…as you saw…Yami activated his blood limit during the chunin exams. I want him to start training with Megumi on how to better use his bloodline ability…as well as teach him his clan's taijutsu…I want him to solely be working on his training…not going on missions."

"Inochi I would like you to leave missions for a while and take up a job at the hospital…if your going to become a medic-nin…you should study there for a little while to increase your skills…"

"As for you Ookami…you need to construct your own Hakumei Shikons. Afterwards, since I have no special training for you, you will be free to either take missions or train. It'll be your choice…"

"Now are there any questions?", asked the Kage.

"I have one…", spoke the psychic, "Why Megumi? What does she know of my clan?"

"Hey…don't disrespect your sensei…", she faked a pout, "Yami…I never told you this but I was the one who helped your mother learn all her techniques." Yami's eyes widened at this. "That is why I was chosen to help you learn your techniques."

Yami nodded in understanding… 'Megumi…was my mother's sensei…'

Waizu merely nodded, as if knowing what Yami was thinking, "I'll be taking both of you off of missions…for about a year or so…depending on how quickly you learn the abilities that will be presented to you…"

The boys nodded…and left his office…preparing themselves for what was to come…

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