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Ratings: G

Genre: Humor

Warnings: None really, if you know who Manabe and Machi are

Main Characters: Manabe and Machi

Author: Kurai Himitsu

Sweet William

—Grant me one smile—

She hadn't smiled all day; he knew because he's been watching from the corner of his eye. Machi had only sighed as she recorded information on white paper before throwing it the floor. Now, they were walking down the hall, and her eyes were glued to the sidewalk. He frowned.

Suddenly he walked directly into one of the pillars that lined the walk. He landed gracelessly on his rear, a hand smacked across his throbbing nose, his eyes squinting and wet. All was silent and then…

There! He heard it even though the ringing in his ears. Laughter.

He looked up to see his half-sister, his dear Machi, laughing softly behind her hand. Beneath his own hand, he was smiling. Machi shook her head and held out her hand to help him to his feet. "You should watch where you are going, Manabe." And there, from the corner of his eye, he saw the glimpse of a curve of her lips. And that made it worth it. If it would let Machi smile, he knew he would walk into every pillar he could find.

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