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Love and Loss

Chapter 1- Catching Up

Chavez and Star led their horses and walked down the streets of San Francisco, taking turns telling what had happened to each of them since they parted at the Red Sands reservation. Chavez told Star all about John Turnstile the Regulators, and the Lincoln war.

"I'd like to meet doc and of course I'd have to meet the famous Billy the kid." Star said

"No, trust me,.. You don't want to meet Billy."

After Star had left the Red Sands, she came here to California to visit her brother. After that, she went back home to Texas where her mother had moved and stayed there with her for awhile. Right now, she was going back and forth from Texas to California helping with the horse racing business.

"You see, when my dad died, it was in his will that I receive a third share of his estate. I took part of my share in the form of two of my fathers best mares; one of which I bred to my father's best stallion. I'm training the colt right now, but he won't be ready to run for another two years. You know, he's picking it up real fast"

Chavez listened to Star contently. He had forgotten how much he liked just listening to her talk. He looked down and noticed the pearl handled guns hanging from Star's hips, a bright silver Sheriffs Star gleaming on one of them.

"Oh look, I've rambled on all the way to the ranch." Chavez and Star walked through the entrance of the Shield H ranch just as the sun went down.

Chavez beheld the ranch. Blossoming orange trees lined the wide road leading from the entrance to house. A large corral lay off to the right and a two story barn behind it. The house was much grander than the Turnstile home. It stood two stories tall, made with stained split logs. The front porch was the length of the house and was wide enough to fit four wagons on it. Obviously made to accommodate big social gatherings.

As they walked toward the barn Chavez saw the ranch hands slowing move away from their various duties and filing into cook shack. It gave him a strange feeling of nostalgia and he felt a sharp pain in his heart. They put the horses away in silence, both deep in their own thoughts.

The house was dark and quite when they walked in. Star lit a match begin light the lamps.

"I thought you said you lived with your brother? There's no one else here." Chavez said as he and Star entered the white two story house.

"He's away visiting his Fiancé. He's considering moving up north with her once he gets married. I'm trying to talk him into selling me this place."

"You don't have a personal cook? Or maids"

Star laughed, "No, I prefer to do things myself." She said smiling and blew out the match.

Chavez sat at reclining in a chair at the kitchen table, watching as Star cooked and rambled on about breeds and colors of horses. Once upon a time his people, the Dine', had been called the "horse people". Even the Navajo women were considered to be the best horsemen of all the Indian peoples. It seemed so fitting that he should have fallen in love with Star.

Star sat a plate in front of him and brought him out of his thoughts.

"Oh, I really wish I could be a jockey" she talked on as she took a seat "… I'm just too tall"

Chavez smiled but said nothing.

"Sorry I'm doing it again aren't I?" she said

"No it's inspiring to hear you speaking so passionate about your horses. Did I ever tell you that the Dine' were once great horsemen?"

"it seems like I've that somewhere before"

"it was a long time ago. Before we were forced onto the reservations" His eyes were on her, but he was not looking at her, he was looking at scenes from the past.

She leaned across the table and took his hand. "you can be happy again, Chavez… I'm going to help you"

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