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This is completely AU and I'm majorly playing with timelines and events. Everything up to the end of OoTP happened but after that we leave the reality created by the author. Harry is fifteen and emancipated by Sirius' and the Potter's wills. Dumbledore was discovered to have broken several laws and chucked into Azkaban laving McGonagall as headmistress. Naruto will be severely AU due to one of the characters disappearing at a young age.
I've read many fics where Harry ends up in Konoha as a child and is raised there. But what about one of the Naruto gang being raised in the Wizarding World?

Chapter 1

Fifteen-year-old wizard, Harry Potter, would be forgiven for standing in his doorway and staring at the ground like a complete idiot. After all, it's not every day that he opened said door to see a small child curled up on the doorstep. Wand drawn and ready in case it was a trap, not that anyone knew where he lived to organise a trap, he stepped outside and knelt cautiously beside the small bundle of dark cloth and hair. He reached out with his empty hand and felt for a pulse, relieved to find it strong and steady. With a last look around he holstered his wand and gathered the child into his arms before standing and re-entering his house, locking the door behind him. Walking as carefully as he could he headed upstairs and placed the child down on his own bed before running the few diagnostic charms he knew. He'd already felt the magic coming off of the boy when he'd been drawn to his door but was the magic actually the boy's or left over from whatever method had been used to bypass the many wards on the property to place the child on his doorstep. Harry relaxed as the results showed the boy to simply be in a deep sleep and unharmed. Deciding that waking naturally would be best he cast a monitoring charm before going back downstairs to cook breakfast for two. Hopefully the boy knew where he lived and could be swiftly returned to his family.

Harry ran up the stairs as screams of terror sounded through the house and his monitoring charm began blaring in the back of his head. He quickly cancelled the charm as he ran into the room, wand drawn and ready to protect the kid and himself from whatever horrors were in the room. Therefore he was very surprised to see that the child was sitting up on his bed and that the room was empty except for the two of them. He quickly holstered his wand and approached the bed slowly, hands out to show he wasn't going to hurt the boy.

"Hey there. It's okay kid I'm not going to hurt you." It took approximately six seconds to work out that he had a problem as the kid started babbling in a foreign language. Harry's thoughts could be summed up in two words, why me? He sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at the crying child gently and when that didn't do anything he reached out to pick him up. He began to rock the small child and hum an old lullaby he remembered hearing his aunt sing to Dudley when they were children. To his immense relief the boy eventually began to calm down. He eventually put the now calm boy down and they studied each other. Change the boy's dark eyes to green and they could almost be brothers. The kid was studying Harry hard, a cute little frown adorning his face. Harry managed to hide his smile at the expression. Remembering something he'd seen in the movies he decided to try it. Harry got the kids attention then pointed to himself.
"Harry." The kid just stared at him so he repeated the action a few times before the boy understood.

"Sasuke." The kid pointed to himself.
"Harry." He pointed to Harry and the wizard nodded, repeating the boy's name. Sasuke looked around the room before asking something but Harry didn't understand.

"I really need to see if there is such thing as a translation charm." Harry grumbled as he picked the boy up.
"I don't even know what language that is Sasuke. But I bet you're hungry." Harry carried him downstairs and set him in the highchair he'd transfigured earlier. Sasuke watched curiously as Harry got some breakfast together for him.
"Can you eat by yourself? Urgh! Why am I even asking when you can't understand a word I'm saying." Harry sat down and cut the food up into bite-sized pieces. Sasuke obviously understood what was going on as he began eating the pieces, pulling faces at some of the obviously foreign flavours.


Emily Granger stared in surprise at the teenager and young child on her doorstep. The older boy fidgeted slightly and gave her a nervous smile.

"Hello Mrs. Granger, I was wondering if Hermione is home? I'm a friend from school, my name's."

"Harry Potter. Please come in. Hermione talks about you and Ron all the time. But she never mentioned you have a little brother." Emily smiled and stood aside so the teen could enter.

"Actually I don't. That's why I'm here." That raised her curiosity but she called for her daughter. Hermione froze on the stairs when she saw the visitor before running down them.

"Harry!" She threw her arms around him as best as she could with the child in his arms.

"Hey Mione."

"How have you been? You're eating properly aren't you? Who's the gorgeous little kid?"

"He's kind of why I'm here. Could we sit somewhere?"

"Use the lounge room Hermione, I'll be in the kitchen if you need me." Emily smiled at the two before leaving the room.

"What's going on Harry?" Hermione watched as Harry put the child on the floor and the boy immediately pushed to his feet, toddling around the room.

"His name's Sasuke. I found him this morning on my doorstep. Something drew me there and he was curled up asleep. He speaks but it's not English. I'm pretty sure he's been asking about his family though, you can tell by the tone."

"Who would leave such a young child on someone's doorstep though?" Hermione asked and then blushed as Harry arched an eyebrow.

"Okay, except Dumbledore."

"At least he left me with a note."

"There was nothing with him?"

"Just what he's wearing. I didn't know what to do so I came to you. I didn't want to go to someone in the wizarding world unless I have to and you are my best friend."

"You don't need the extra publicity after everything that's been happening lately that's for sure." Hermione paused to think.
"We need to check with missing persons, see if anyone has reported a missing boy. How old do you think he is?"

"No clue, I figured you'd know more about this."

"Mum? Can you help us?" they waited for Emily to rejoin them.
"How old would you say Sasuke is?" Emily watched as the child toddled over to Harry, squealing as he fell into waiting arms. She smiled at the look on the teens face at the trust the little boy put in him.

"At least 18 months, maybe 2 years. Hermione what's going on?" Emily sat as the two explained.
"It's obvious you've already earned his trust Harry so I don't suggest removing him from you until we find his family. I don't like the fact that you found him where you did but it is possible he wandered there himself and simply fell asleep." Harry shook his head.

"The wards would have alerted me. The fact that they didn't has me more than a little worried. I have no clue how to look after a child, and what do I do once school starts?"

"We'll help you dear. You were right about keeping this quiet though." They fell quiet as Sasuke began talking, Hermione and Emily listening closely. Hermione suddenly grinned.

"It's Japanese, I'm sure of it."

"So he's Asian. How'd he get here?" Harry had a completely lost look on his face and under different circumstances it would have been very funny.

"From what you've said, magic. We could try asking the Japanese Ministry if any children have vanished lately but if magic brought him to you there must be a reason for it." Sasuke chose that moment to start crying. Harry quickly picked him up and hugged him but the tears didn't stop. His nose twitched slightly as a particular odour reached it.

"Oh no." Emily and Hermione cracked up.


Harry watched as Sasuke explored what had once been his spare room and was now a nursery. In the last three weeks their enquiries had found nothing. It was as if Sasuke had simply appeared out of thin air. Harry was just glad he'd finally finished the nursery; hopefully Sasuke would actually sleep in it. The Grangers had been lifesavers; he didn't know what he would have done without their help. He smiled as Sasuke latched onto a stuffed black dog he'd bought on a whim because it looked like Padfoot. He wished Sirius were here, the few vague memories he had of the time before the Dursley's were of him playing with him. Sasuke held out his arms and Harry bent to pick him up.

"Aniki." Harry grabbed the Japanese-English dictionary Hermione had bought him and looked it up. He froze and then looked at Sasuke before smiling. Sasuke was looking at him curiously but then smiled as he saw Harry smiling.

"Aniki sounds good." Harry flipped through the opposite end of the dictionary to make it easier to find what he wanted to say.
"Otouto?" Sasuke squealed and threw his little arms around Harry.
"Must have said it right." Harry threw Sasuke up into the air, earning shrieks of delighted laughter. Harry smiled softly, little brother it was. He'd give Sasuke the life he'd never had the chance to have as a child.


Harry walked into Gringotts, hood up and Sasuke held firmly in his arms. He didn't want anyone except the goblins knowing he was here; it was too dangerous now that Voldemort was active. He lifted his hood enough for green eyes and distinctive scar to be seen and then followed the goblin further into the bank.

"What can we do for you today Mr. Potter?" The aging goblin asked.

"What do I need to do to add someone to my account and to make a will?" the goblin arched an eyebrow and Harry opened his cloak to reveal Sasuke.
"Also, is there a way to add someone to a family, like an adoption or something?"

"The child is not yours then?"

"Not by blood. He was left with me by magic itself." The goblin stared in shock for a few seconds before nodding.

"Would you be adopting him as your son?"

"Whatever's the best. Son or sibling, it doesn't matter as long as it is safe and unable to be contested."

"The safest way would be blood adoption, making him a Potter and your son in the eyes of the law and magic. He would be your heir. There is no way such an adoption can be contested or undone."

"When can it be done?"

"Now if you wish. The adoption will automatically add him to all of your accounts and set up a trust fond for his schooling."

"Good. I'll still need to see about a will."

"Of course, I will have the basics drawn up while you undergo the ritual."

"Thank you for your help." Harry stood and followed another goblin out of the room.

Should I continue? Aniki and Otouto were told to me by two reviewers so I'm hoping they were used correctly for big brother and little brother. I do not know Japanese. There will be flashbacks later to show what happened between Sirius' death and now if people think I should continue.