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Chapter 29

Kakashi was getting a bit annoyed, he'd barely seen Harry over the last few weeks, his partner spent all his time with the Sannin and Sarutobi or training with the kids. Sure Kakashi was there for training too but they couldn't exactly talk and make out in front of them! He didn't know what the four of them got up to but he figured it had something to do with either Orochimaru or Itachi. Kakashi knew if or when his input or help was needed he'd be called upon but still…Harry looked over from where he was working with Sakura and frowned at him but Kakashi waved it off and went back to helping Sasuke with his Sharingan.

"What's wrong?" Harry whispered, arms wrapping around Kakashi's waist and the shinobi relaxed into his embrace.

"Nothing." He murmured and Harry tugged him around to stare into his natural eye.

"Liar." Harry teased softly and Kakashi sighed.

"Just missing you. You've been so busy…" Kakashi trailed off, feeling bad for mentioning it and Harry kissed him softly.

"I'm sorry Kakashi. I'll be here more now, plans are all done, and they don't need me for the rest." Harry promised.
"Ask Sasuke, I can get a bit preoccupied when busy with war plans." He admitted and Kakashi frowned.

"So it's to be war." He murmured and Harry sighed but nodded.

"Yeah, Konoha and Sand versus Sound. Everyone's going to be busy soon." Harry admitted.

"Should you be telling me this?" Kakashi asked and Harry nodded, leaning his head on Kakashi's shoulder.

"Sarutobi said to let you know. They're gonna hold back the genin teams as much as possible but, we'll you're the Copy-nin….."

"I'll be on the front lines. Our kids?" he asked and Harry smiled at that.

"We'll trade off, one on the front lines, one with the kids." He answered and Kakashi's eye went wide.

"Harry…." He started but Harry kissed him.

"Konoha is home now and I will defend my home and those I love." Harry swore to him. Kakashi smiled and tightened his grip on Harry.
"Come to bed with me?" Harry whispered mischeviously and Kakashi nodded. He knew what Harry was asking and why, with war looming either one of them might not come home, better to have as few regrets as possible. So he lifted Harry off the ground and carried him down to the bedroom, glad that Sasuke was staying over at Iruka's with Naruto for the night.


Very short I now but it's a filler between what's happened and the war starting.