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Chapter 32

Harry sat on the roof staring out over the dunes. He'd never seen the desert before and it was taking a lot to get used to the heat but Team 7 had been posted to Suna for the next few months to help shore up their defences as more villages got pulled into the fighting. Cloud had joined on Orochimaru's side as had Iwa. No surprise there, neither really liked Konoha, especially after the last war. There had been one probing attack since they had arrived but it had been literally buried by Gaara alone. He was a scary enough fighter normally but in the desert he was all but unstoppable.

He missed the cool of the forests around Konoha, he missed his house and most importantly he missed Kakashi. But the Copy-nin was needed on the front lines and Team 7 had needed a break from that level of fighting. And it was a good chance for Naruto to talk to someone like him for a while. Gaara and Naruto were very different in many ways but in others they were similar. Though it seemed Gaara would soon attain the rank Naruto wanted so badly, he had heard talk that the redhead would soon be named Kage.

He'd also had word from Itachi a few days ago. It seemed that Akatsuki was going to take advantage of the disorder to try and grab those like Naruto and Gaara. That was the last thing they needed, especially with the two of them in one village. Why did everything have to happen at once?

Harry hesitated as he locked his sword against a kunai wielded by a very familiar person. Maya spun aside and attacked again. Harry ducked and sent her flying. "I don't want to kill you Maya." He called out but she remained silent. It didn't feel right, he knew Maya and this wasn't how she acted. "Maya stand down!" He snapped at her and then reached out with his magic to scan her. He shuddered at the results, whatever it was that had caused Sasuke to bolt from Cloud hung heavily around her. It was pure evil and seemed to have somehow sapped her free will away. It didn't feel like the work of a certain snake which meant there was someone else out there, someone more powerful than the sannin. Great. He fought the urge to throw up even as he impaled her on his sword; it was more merciful to grant her death than to continue living as she was. "I'm sorry." He whispered even as he set her corpse on fire.

Harry lay curled on their bed, hugging Kakashi's pillow to him. He was finally back in Konoha but Kakashi wasn't. He needed to tell the Hokage what he had discovered with Maya but he also wanted to talk it over with Kakashi first, it always helped him figure things out. Sasuke was spending the night at Naruto's apartment doing teenage stuff so he had the house to himself. He wasn't used to being alone anymore. He tensed as the wards rippled but whoever it was, was keyed in since nothing else happened. He stayed where he was, not in the mood to entertain anyone but then the bedroom door opened and a familiar figure walked in. "Kakashi." Harry breathed before sitting up. Kakashi walked over to the bed and stood in front of him, body radiating weariness. Harry wrapped his arms around his waist, letting Kakashi lean against him. "You hurt?"

"No." He whispered, yanking his mask down. Harry moved him back a little and then stood, gently stripping Kakashi's uniform and weapons off before pushing him down onto the bed. Tender hands gently stroked over tanned skin, finding the new scars forming from injuries sustained on the battle field and Kakashi let him.

"It's okay, I'm here." Harry murmured before softly kissing him. "Go to sleep Kashi."


"Always." He promised, moving to hold Kakashi. He gradually relaxed and fell asleep, safe in Harry's arms and behind their wards.