Chapter One: Heaven
Ambere Skye
Pain, overwhelming, blinding pain. A bright flashing pain, Izzie had asked him to stay away from the lights. But, they were so beautiful.

When faced with death, and a glimpse of heaven, most of us would've run for the lights, but Denny had already found his angel……and so he fought.

The room echoed with his tortured gasp. He pressed the button by his hand profusely, fought the pain, and fought the light. Hoping, praying that at least one nurse hadn't slipped off to the prom.

Blurry eyed, tear-blinded. He concentrated on the one thing that made him happy, the blond temptress who'd stolen his heart. Both of them.

And when unconsciousness drowned him in the foggy depths of his mind, he kept afloat with thoughts of her. Thoughts of life with his new heart, thoughts of marriage with Izzie by his side. Dreams of children and waking up to find her still asleep. He envisioned her to be the type that snored, face down in the pillow, arms and legs sprawled everywhere, over him, off the bed, half the covers stolen to her side of the bed.

That, that was the heaven he wanted.

You have to admit it, like all the females in my family, you were heartbroken when Denny died. Denny is my favorite character, he is so charming, sweet and incredibly sexy. So, just so I can have my own sweet fantasies about him, I have switched things up a bit.

I'm open to any suggestions for my story.