My mentally challenged cousin

Summery: Kagome has completed the jewel and Inuyasha has chosen Kikyou. Needing to get over her heartbreak and start a new life she decides to take Shippo with her to live with her cousin for a little while. Little does Kagome know that a new adventure awaits her there.


This was it Naraku and his army of demons was standing right in front of them and the final battle was about to begin. Kagome was standing along side her friends with her bow and arrows waiting for all hell to break loose. Miroku was standing next to Sango staff at the ready. Inuyasha was standing along side Miroku a fully transformed Tetsusaiga at hand. Even Sesshomaru was standing with them and Next to him was Kouga the wolf prince.

Suddenly Naraku attacked and the battle began. Kagome, Inuyasha, and Sango used their weapons to take care of the weaker demons but for every one they killed another would take its place. Kagome fired a sacred arrow at Naraku who dogged.

"Kukukukuku Do really think a pathetic human like you could defeat me." Naraku said before he hissed out in pain and saw his arm incinerate.

"Can the monolog Naraku I maybe human but I'm goanna send you to the deepest pit of hell," yelled Kagome annoyed.

Naraku snarled and started to attack her with his tentacles. Now it was Kagome turn to doge.

She managed to evade all the tentacles and then she pulled out a sward and stabbed Naraku in the stomach. Sango had taught her how to use one and Sesshomaru and Inuyasha had taken up the lessons when Sango could no longer keep up with Kagome. The purification energy that Kagome had channeled into the sward started to burn him from the inside out but Kagura saw that Naraku was in trouble attacked Kagome with dance of blades. Kagome saw the attack coming too late to doge so she put barrier to block the attack but now she had two demons to fight and the Barrier wouldn't last long. Kouga saw that Kagome was in trouble so he engaged Kagura in a fight.

"You will pay for killing my pack wench," yelled Kouga.

"Stupid wolf you don't stand a chance," replied Kagura.

While Kouga was fighting Kagura Kagome went back to fighting Naraku, she has many cuts from attacks she wasn't able to doge and she was starting to tire. She looked around and saw every one was in the same shape she was in. I'm glad I left Shippo with Rin at Kaede's hut, thought Kagome. Thinking about her adoptive son made her more determined to defeat Naraku. I've got to do something quick, thought Kagome. Suddenly and idea came to Kagome.

"Inuyasha," called Kagome

Inuyasha heard Kagome call his name and saw her fighting against Naraku and ran to help her.

"What are you doing fighting Naraku wench," snarled Inuyasha.

Kagome held in her anger now wasn't the time to fight or sit Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha can you do the backlash wave on Naraku asked Kagome vary softly as she and Inuyasha were fighting him.

"Feh of course I can wench said, a smug Inuyasha.

Kagome sighed then answered, "Then do it I have and Idea."

"What's that wench" replied Inuyasha

Kagome growled, "Just do it I don't have time to explain."


Inuyasha looked at Naraku and, yelled "backlash wave." The wave was headed strait for Naraku and Kagome fired her sacred arrow the combination was enough to kill him. Naraku let out a final scream before he was surrounded by a tornado and purification energy. When the attack was finished all that was left of Naraku was a pile of ashes and a completely black almost purple jewel. Kagome walked up to it picked it up a second after she did that it began to glow brighter and brighter. That was last thing Kagome saw before every thing went black.

Dream sequence

Kagome was surrounded by an eerie white mist. As she looked around she saw that she was in a forest.

"Where the hell am I," yelled Kagome.

"You are in the Shikon no Tama," answered a female voice.

Kagome looked around and gasped at who she saw standing about a foot away form her.

Midoriko," gasped Kagome.

Midoriko smiled and nodded.

"Why am I in the Jewel?" She Asked

Because you have drained your powers greatly and I needed to talk to you," answered Midoriko.

"About what," asked Kagome

"About making you the jewels successor, said Midoriko

"How can I be the Jewels successor," inquired Kagome.

"Because we the spirits of the jewel have chosen you to be are successor," replied Midoriko.

"We," said Kagome with a raised eyebrow.

Just then three demons appeared.

"We thank thee for purifying thy Jewel and to thank thy we choose thee to be thy successor," said one of the demons before bowing to Kagome.

"Why me," asked Kagome

"Because you are pure of heart, have abnormally high amount of spirit energy as well as sacred power, and because you have carried the jewel inside you for so long you have small traces of demon blood inside you so you can learn demon attacks," answered Midoriko.

"What are you going to teach me and what are your names?" Kagome asked.

A male blacked haired orange eyed with red and black wings demon said, "I'm Jing and I'll teach shadow and darkness powers as well as physic abilities and I'm a shadow dragon."

"I'm a sacred phoenix I'll teach sacred power and ki techniques, as well as blood magic and all of us will teach you how to fight with and with out weapons. My name is Chi," said a female demon with blue hair and amber eyes with a feathered tail. She also had angel wings.

Another male demon said his name was Taka and a fox demon. He had silver and gold hair, two fuzzy fox ears, and a tail. His eyes were jungle green. He said he was an elemental kitsune and would teach her how to control and call upon earths elements.

"And I'll teach how to use your miko powers, said Midoriko.

"How are all of you going to do this and when will I return to feudal Japan?" Asked Kagome.

"You haven't left the feudal Japan your body is there and your mind is here and you will wake up in two weeks but it would be three years here," said Midoriko

"Let me gets this strait I'll be training here for three years but only two weeks will go by in feudal Japan?" Asked Kagome

"Yes" said midoiko.

Oh was all Kagome could think to say. She was now standing in front of her four teachers. It was hard to believe that she was almost done with her training. She only had one more lesson left which was choosing her demon form and learning how to shift into it at will. As she was standing there her mind drifted to all they had taught her over three years. She could purify anything with just a touch. Make any weapon out of sprit, sacred, and miko energy. She can also speak mentally, move thing with her mind, and teleport. She could make weapons and cast spells using her blood. Kagome could channel and summon earth's elements. She could shadow walk as well as summon a number of creatures from darkness. She could heal her self and others using miko energy as well as earths powers. She could do a variety of ki based attacks. Kagome learned martial art and how to fight with several different weapons. She could mask her sent and aura as well as make barriers with her miko powers or blood magic.

"Kagome," said a voice in her head

Kagome shook her head and smiled nervously at her mentors.

"Sorry what did you say?" Asked Kagome.

"We asked if you are ready to choose your demon form," said Chi.

"Yes," answered Kagome.

"In your mind picture what you want to look like," said Taka

Kagome closed her eyes and began to picture what she wanted to look like.

"Ok," Kagome said.

"Now focus on changing into that form," said Jing

Every one gasped when the saw her form. Kagome hair remained black but had fox ears. She had silver, gold, blue, green, and black feather tail. The most amazing of her features were her wings one was a black dragon wing that had purple veins. The other was an angel wing with black and purple feathers. Her eyes were her usual blue. Every one was gaping at her.

"What?" Asked Kagome.

"You're amazing said Taka and Jing.

Kagome blushed and smiled.

"Now do the same thing with your human form," said Kagome.

Kagome did and she was back in her human form. After practicing a few times she could change into either form with ease.

"Now all you have to do is pick an animal form and you can go back into your body," said Taka

Kagome thought of what she wanted to be and the started to will herself in to that form. When she successfully transformed she made the females squeal in delight. She was a dragon about the size of Kirara's little cat form. She had black body with purple wings and red stripes along her sides.

"Aren't you the cutest little thing," Midoriko said.

The dragon let out a small coo. Then Kagome tuned into her demoness form then changed into her human form. After a while of practicing changing into her three forms Kagome was ready to go back to the land of the living.

"Now remember that although you've been here for three years it has only been two weeks since the battle in feudal Japan," said Midoriko.

Kagome nodded then asked what would happen to the jewel after she made a wish. Midoriko told her that she had four wishes and then the jewel would go back into her body. She told Kagome that she and the other sprits would stay in the jewel and that Kagome could tap into its power in case of an emergency. Kagome barely had time to thank them all before her world went black.

End dream sequence.

Kagome awoke to the sound of really loud voices and strange smells. Kagome opened her eyes and saw that the voices and smells were coming from her friends. I guess that my demon senses work whether or not I'm in human or demon form thought Kagome.

"When will Mama wake up," said a young and vary sad voice.

"I don't know Shippo but I hope it's soon," said Sango.

"I'm sure she will wake up soon," said Miroku as he gave her a hug.

"Miroku," said Sango has she closed her eyes comforted by the embrace.

It wasn't long before Sango felt a hand groping her butt and a loud smack and a cry of pervert was heard. Before Sango could kill Miroku giggling was heard from a mat on the floor.

"Mama," exclaimed Shippo has he launched himself at Kagome.

"Hi Shippo," said Kagome with a smile.

"I'm so glad you are awake," cried Shippo.

"As are we," said Miroku.

"Are you feeling alright?" Asked Sango

"I'm fine but what about Inuyasha and the others?" Asked Kagome.

"There fine, Kouga killed Kagura and after he healed he went to check on his pack mates but he said he would be back. Sesshomaru was recruited by Rin to pick flowers for you and we haven't seen Inuyasha since yesterday but he has been worried about you," Miroku filled in.

"Where's the jewel and what happened after I passed out?" Asked Kagome.

"The jewel is right here," said Sango.

After you and Inuyasha bested Naraku you went to pick up the jewel after that the jewel started glowing brighter and brighter when it stop the jewel was complete after that you collapsed," Sango continued.

"We were so worried about you Mama," said Shippo

"I'm sorry I worried you baby but I'm fine," said Kagome. As she coddled Shippo.

"What happened to Kohaku?" Asked Kagome.

"He died not even Sesshomaru's sward could revive him," said Sango with tears in her eyes.

A look of determination crossed Kagome's as she held the Shikon no Tama. Then he made three wishes. The first was for Kohaku to be alive without memories of Naraku, the second was that her friends including Rin would age like demons, and the third was that her friends and son could travel through the well whenever they wished. The fourth was for Inuyasha. After she made the three wishes the jewel glowed brightly and when it stopped Kokaku was standing right in front of Sango.

"Sango your alive," cried Kohaku.

"Kohaku," was all she could get out as she embraced her brother.

"Thank you so much Kagome," cried Sango

"Your welcome" replied Kagome.

Just then Sesshomaru and Rin entered the hut.

You're awake Kagome-Chan said Rin as she ran to her.

"Rin was worried when Kagome-chan wouldn't wake up," Rin sniffled.

"I'm fine Rin-chan sorry to worry you," comforted Kagome.

"She smiled Rin and Sesshomaru-sama bought you flowers, said Rin as she handed the flowers to Kagome.

"Thank you both there beautiful," replied Kagome.

"Oh I have something to tell all of you," said Kagome.

What said every except Sesshomaru who just looked at her with a look that said tell me what you want and leave me alone. Kagome told them about her wishes and about how she was a demon now. Every one was surprised by what she was told them and began to ask questions.

"What type of demon are you?" Asked Shippo.

"I'm a mixture of three demons," answered Kagome.

"What three asked Sesshomaru," without emotion.

"Sacred phoenix, shadow dragon and elemental kitsune, replied Kagome.

Seshomaru eyes widen briefly then went back to their normal impassive state.

"Kagome those are the rarest demons in existence," cried Sango

"Do you have a demon form mama if you do can we see it," asked Shippo with excitement.

"I have two demon forms one animal one humanoid and yes you can see them," said Kagome.

Everyone gasped as Kagome transformed into her demon self. There she stood with angel and demon wings, fox ears, and a silver, blue, black, and green feathered phoenix tail.

"You are so cool looking mama, said Shippo

"Thanks kit," said Kagome.

Then Kagome turned into a small dragon black with purple wings and had red stripes on her sides.

"You are so cute," said Sango.

Kagome let out a small coo before changing back in to her human form.

"Thank you Sango," said Kagome.

"I have to find Inuyasha so he can make his wish on the jewel. I hope he has changed his mind on wanting to become a full demon," Kagome told everyone as she left.

It took Kagome a while to find Inuyasha but when she did she wished she hadn't. Inuyasha stood in front of the god tree he was once pinned to kissing Kikyou.

"Inuyasha," cried Kagome.

Inuyasha turned around and his ears went flat on his head as he saw the tears flowing down Kagome's face.

"K-Kagome I'm sorry I wanted to tell you when you woke up Kikyou was under some spell Naraku put on her and when he died she was released," said Inuyasha.

"You still love her even after all the times she tried to kill you and me," screamed Kagome face covered in tears.

"She was under a spell and yes I love her but don't think that I don't love you. You're like a sister to me Kagome I don't want to see you hurt," Said Inuyasha in an out of character caring voice.

"I love you Inuyasha but not has a brother but as the same way you love Kikyou," said Kagome tears still rolling down her face.

"I'm sorry Kagome but I don't love you that way," said Inuyasha still out of character.

"Is this what you really want, to be with her," asked Kagome.

"Yes," said Inuyasha.

Kagome sighed and said, if that is what you really what then there is only one thing to do."

Kagome took the jewel out of her pocket and made a wish. The jewel glowed like before and when it stopped it disappeared and Kikyou collapsed as all the trapped souls were released from her body.

"What did you do wench," yelled Inuyasha.

"I wished her back to life; I didn't know that would happen," said Kagome

Inuyasha looked at and noticed that she no longer smelled of death and clay.

"Why did you do this?" Asked Inuyasha.

"Because I want you to be happy even if it's not with me," said Kagome.

"Thank you" said Inuyasha.

Kagome nodded and ran back towards the village tears blurring her vision as she ran. When Kagome entered the hut she was still crying.

"Mama what's wrong?" Asked Shippo.

"Kagome are you ok?" Asked Sango.

Inuyasha he chose Kikyou, cried Kagome.

Oh Kagome I'm so sorry said Sango.

"What happened?" Asked Miorkou.

Kagome told them what happened and then told them that she had to leave.

"Mama when will you be back," asked Shippo sniffling.

"I don't know but do you want to come with me. I don't want to leave you behind ever my son, said Kagome.

"Really I can't wait," yelled Shippo as he jumped into his mother's arms.

Kagome smiled sadly as she hugged Shippo close.

"By guys if you need me you can go through well," Said Kagome.

"Thank you for Rin Said Sesshomaru.

"You're welcome," said Kagome.

She took Shippo and left for the well. Once there she still holding her pup jumped into the well. A second latter they were surrounded by blue swirls.

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