Project: Fallen Angel

Chapter 1- Kidnapped
"But Mom!", Gohan protested to his mother.

"No, Gohan. You can't go. You've gotten too far behind on your studies, I want you here, doing your work.", Chi-chi replied, without looking up from the vegetables she was cutting.

"But everyone will be there! Krillin and Bulma, even Dad is going.", Gohan said, standing behind his mother.

"Did you not hear me, young man? I said no. Now go to your room and start your studies. I want you to be done by the time supper is ready.", Chi-chi said, turning to face her frowning son.

Gohan hung his head, "Yes ma'am." Without another word, the boy turned and walked into his room, thinking about where he could be right now. There was a cookout at Capsule Corp. and everyone was going to be there. Even Vegeta was going to show his face. After his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with his father, Gohan had gotten way behind on his studies and Chi-chi was stricter than ever about his work. He knew he had no chance at convincing his mother but at least he had tried.

"Well, let's get started.", Gohan said to himself as he opened his math book and sat down. Gohan started to work, and then heard a voice at his window.

"Psssst.", the voice whispered, "Gohan. It's me, Krillin. I'm here to sneak you out. Goku sent me." Krillin appeared at the window, smiling.

"Krillin!", Gohan said, in excitement.

"Whoa, whoa! Keep it down, bro. Your mom might hear.", said Krillin, putting a finger to his lips.

Gohan nodded.

"Anyway, I'm here to get you. Let's go.", Krillin said.

"Sorry Krillin, I can't. My mo-", Gohan was cut off, when his mother stepped into the room. Krillin immediately ducked and Chi-chi didn't see him.

"Who are you talking to, Gohan?", Chi-chi asked, looking around.

Gohan lied, "Nobody, Mom. Just myself." Chi-chi looked at him, and set down a plate of sushi.

"Here's a snack for you. Honey, I'm sorry you can't go. I only want what's best for you.", she said, frowning a bit.

Gohan immediately started eating the food. "It's alright Mom. I understand.", he said.

Chi-chi smiled and walked out of the room. Krillin appeared again.

"That was close. C'mon man, let's get going.", he said, hurriedly.

"Sorry Krillin.", Gohan said, rubbing his eye tiredly, "I can't. I really need to catch up on my work."

Krillin frowned. "Ok. It's your loss. I'll tell everyone you said hi." Krillin turned and started to fly away. He turned to look at the house, and saw two beings sneaking up on the house. Krillin hovered for a moment, looking at the two. One was only a bit taller than Krillin. He wore a dark green beret on his head and a gray vest with camouflage pants. He had fiery red hair and a goatee of the same fire red color. The other was very tall, almost as tall as Piccolo. He wore black pants and a gray tactical jacket with the sleeves cut off. He had spiky, blond hair, though he was not a Super Saiyan. His most noticeable trait was the X-shaped scar of his right cheek. Krillin watched them sneak up to Gohan's window. He knew they were up to no good.

"Gohan! Look out!", Krillin yelled, as he sped towards the intruders. The two men, startled by Krillin's presence turned. The larger one, stepped forward and, with lightning fast hands, blocked all of Krillin's punches. One of his giant fists fired forward, hitting Krillin directly in the face, knocking him out. Gohan stood, but immediately got very dizzy. In a blur, he saw the men standing at his window, smiling. Gohan turned to run, but saw his mother standing there, blocking his path. She was smiling also. "M-mom.", Gohan said, still disoriented. He realized that his mother had drugged his food, but why? That was Gohan's last thought as he passed out in the middle of his room. Chi-chi stepped forward and picked up Gohan. Then, her body changed. The smiling face of Chi-chi was replaced with an evil smirking face. A man with dark blue skin, and spiked black hair stood in her place. He wore a red vest and black pants.

"Good job, Dasakira.", said the short, red haired man.

"Thanks, Apusko.", said the shape-shifter, with a smile.

The taller one spoke up, "Let's get the boy back. We've got a long trip, and Dr. West is not patient."

The others nodded and they all flew away, Dasakira holding the unconscious Gohan. Moments later, Goku arrived, finding Krillin outside, unconscious.

"Krillin!", Goku yelled. He kneeled next to his friend and woke him up. Krillin sat up and groaned.

"Man. What a headache.", he said, rubbing his head.

"Krillin, what happened here?", Goku asked.

"I was trying to get Gohan to come with me, like you told me to. He refused, so I started to leave, but I saw two guys sneaking up on the house. I knew they weren't up to anything good, so I attacked. They beat me really easily. I don't remember anything after that, they must've kidnapped Gohan."

Goku heard footsteps from inside the house and stood, poised to attack. He saw his wife walk outside. She looked dazed.

"What happened here, Goku? I remember talking to Gohan, and then sending him to do his work. I don't remember anything else, I woke up on the floor in the kitchen.", she said, clueless.

Goku glared at the sky, "I don't know, honey. All I know is that Gohan's been kidnapped. And we have to find him. Stay here, I'm gonna go figure out a plan. C'mon Krillin"

Krillin nodded and they both took off towards Capsule Corp. Chi-chi just stood there in shock. Gohan in was in trouble again. The thought made her shudder. She looked up at the sky, and a chill breeze swept across the yard. Tears started to form in her eyes, and she said to herself, "Gohan…"