Chapter 10- Grand Finale

"G-Gohan!", Krillin stuttered, as he stood and moved away from the struggling Savage. Gohan had a firm grip on the monster's claw and was not letting go. Krillin looked at Gohan and saw that his eyes were still cloudy gray, but it seemed that he had regained his conscience. Gohan let go of the claw and kicked Savage in the back. The monster fell forward and turned to face the boy. Savage let out a high pitched shriek and fired another bright red beam at Krillin.

"Whoa!", Krillin narrowly dodged out of the way and stood next to Goku, who was still leaning on the wall clutching his chest. They both sensed Gohan's energy growing by the second, like he was powering up. They saw Gohan bring his arms above his head and then throw them down.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAH!", he screamed, as his hair changed from its raven black to the telltale gold of a Super Saiyan.

"H-He can still transform?", Goku asked, rhetorically, looking at the golden aura surrounding his son. Goku saw that Gohan's eyes were still cloudy, but instead of gray, they were a pale blue. Savage screeched at Gohan and swung its claw. Gohan grabbed the claw again, and jumped onto Savage's shoulder. Still grasping the hand, Gohan sharply pulled upwards, ripping Savage's clawed arm right out of its socket. Blood poured out of the wound, spilling on the floor in a crimson puddle. Savage shrieked in pain and Gohan, still holding the massive arm, jumped backwards, landing behind the creature. Savage turned and raised his remaining hand to fire a blast, but Gohan threw the arm. Like a bullet, the clawed arm hit Savage in the chest, impaling the monster right next to its pumping heart. Goku and Krillin watched in silence as Savage began to vomit blood onto the ground, and then started to pace towards Gohan again. The arm wagged back and forth with each step that the monster took.

"Talk about determination…", said Krillin, to Goku. Goku nodded.

"Gohan has the upper hand, he's going to win. After he does, we need to subdue him. I don't know how much of that virus is left in him…", Goku said, watching Gohan, who was standing with his arms crossed, waiting for Savage to get closer. Savage took a massive step, and Gohan jumped grabbed the arm stuck in Savage's chest and kicked him in the stomach. Savage stumbled backwards, and the clawed arm was removed with a sickening pop. Blood and entrails poured for the now open wound, yet Savage was determined to keep walking towards Gohan. Gohan was standing about 15 feet from Savage, when it appeared that he had gotten bored with fighting the monster. The infected Super Saiyan powered Ki to his right fist, and opened it. A bright yellow beam of light and energy exploded, engulfing Gohan's hand and the area above it. The energy took the form of a blade, which was attached to Gohan's clenched fist.

"He's never done that before…", Goku said in amazement. Gohan screamed and charged towards Savage, his bladed arm raised. Just as the two were about to make contact, Gohan disappeared and then reappeared, crouching behind Savage. The blade had disappeared. Savage did not turn, his eyes stared blankly forwards.

"D-Did that do anything?", Krillin asked. Goku did not respond, he simply stared at Savage.

"Yes…it did.", Goku said.

"How do you know?", Krillin asked frantically.

"The heart; look.", Goku pointed to the scarlet tumor on Savage's chest. It wasn't beating. Then, as if by magic, a red line appeared diagonally across Savage's chest. The area above the line then slid off the other half. Gohan had cut Savage in half. The upper half slid off and hit the ground with a thud. The bottom half crumpled to the ground also. Blood was flowing all over the ground, and organs were spilling out of the open halves."Gohan?", Goku said, as he approached his son, who was still crouched. Goku slowly walked towards Gohan and placed a hand on his shoulder. Gohan quickly jumped up and screamed. He grasped his head, and immediately fell back to his knees. He writhed on the ground in pain, clutching his head and screaming. His hair turned back from gold to its natural jet black color. Gohan got to his knees, looked up and gave a final scream before passing out and falling onto his stomach directly in front of his father.

"Oh, Gohan…", Goku whispered, crouching next to his son. He took Gohan into his arms and remained crouched. Krillin walked over and stood next to Goku. Gohan slowly opened his eyes, and Goku was relieved to see that they were not cloudy gray, but their natural black.

"D-Daddy…", Gohan whispered. He looked very tired, but worried.

"Don't worry son. It's over.", Goku said quietly. Just then, Goku heard a shriek and the upper half of Savage raised its arm to fire a blast.


An orange beam flew past Goku's head and hit Savage right in the face. There was an explosion, and when the dust cleared, there was nothing left of Savage's upper half.

"N-Now…it's over…", said a voice from behind them. Piccolo stood, leaning up against the wall. He chuckled, and then sputtered up some blood before collapsing to his knees. Krillin ran over and helped Piccolo get steady. Piccolo looked up at Gohan and gave him the thumbs up. Gohan chuckled, and passed out. Goku stood and walked towards Piccolo and Krillin.

"Let's get out of here.", he said and began walking towards the door. Piccolo followed, with the assistance of Krillin. Walking back though the lab, Goku stopped and pressed a button on Dr. West's computer.

"Self destruct system initiated. T-minus: 5 minutes.", said a cool, computerized female voice. Goku pressed another button and the massive blast doors slid open. They started to walk up the stairs and when they reached the top, Goku opened the single door. He stepped outside, holding Gohan and Krillin with Piccolo followed. Goku looked up at the snowy mountains and saw that the sun was setting.

"Let's get outta here.", Goku said, as he flew off towards the north. Krillin and Piccolo followed, and turned after getting far enough away. They watched the lab explode, obliterating Savage, Dr. West and his sick experiments. They continued to follow Goku until, hours later; they reached the city…

-10 hours later, at Capsule Corp-

Gohan woke to the sound of soft beeping and an equally soft bed. He was lying in a hospital room, the lights turned off and the door shut. The room was slightly light because of the lights on the machines hooked up. Gohan sat up and shivered, it was cold. He looked over and saw a purple training Gi on a chair next to his bed. Gohan got out of bed and put on his training Gi. As his pulled the top over his head, he heard voices coming from outside his room. He walked to the door and listened.

"And Gohan stopped it. He appeared behind that thing and kept it from killing me.", Krillin was saying.

"I saved Krillin? I don't remember anything that's happened at all…" Gohan opened the door and walked outside. Krillin was sitting in a chair talking with Goku and Bulma. Piccolo was standing at the corner, not participating in the conversation. The others were deep in conversation; Gohan stepped out into the hallway and closed the door. At the sound of the door, they all turned in Gohan's direction. Goku stood and walked over to his son, hugging him.

"I'm so glad to see you're awake.", Goku said, still hugging his son. Krillin walked over and patted Gohan on the back.

"Dad…what happened? I don't remember anything at all.", Gohan asked, pushing away from Goku. His father laughed.

"I'll explain it to you later. C'mon, let's go outside and get some fresh air.", Goku nodded towards the exit door at the end of the hallway and Gohan smiled at him.

"Piccolo! Come outside with us.", Gohan said to the Namek. Piccolo opened his eyes and looked at Gohan.

"No thanks, kid. I'll stay here.", Piccolo said grinning. Gohan grinned back, nodded and followed his father. They walked outside with Krillin and Bulma. There was a small table with some chairs and a pitcher of iced tea. It was still dark outside, but Gohan saw that the sun would soon be coming up. He sat into a chair with a glass of iced tea. The others sat with him and they all sat in silence, waiting for the sun to rise…

The End

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