Oops, I forgot to use a disclaimer... and give an intro. Well this story takes place where max ride left off. Yes, I know the sequel is coming out, but I Can relate with Max a lot as well as I would like to have an alternative for myself if on the slim chance of something goes wrong in the real sequel. I.E. Fang and Max just all of a sudden pledging their love in the first three chapters without conflict. I'm sorry life isn't that easy, especially when Fang and Max are like bro and sis. Ummm, I think that's it for now...

We left our heros in a log cabin neat Washington, D.C. They were all in bed except Fang and Max. Those two were on the couch and about to kiss (hell, even being the closest of friends sometimes hormones take over) And then...

Disclaimer: I Only own this kid and the cabin. I wish I owned D.C.

A creak sounded the opening of the front door and we were on our feet. Erasers? Perhaps vacationers coming here for a nice weekend rest? No, we would have heard a car. I didn't have time to wake the others, we'd have to fight now, maybe buy some time for them to wake up and escape, then make tracks our self. As if ruining our childhoods wasn't bad enough, they had to screw with our romantic lives to. Did I just think "romantic lives". Yep, I have lost it entirely, and its Fang to boot, my sort of adopted brother. Snap out of it! There is no time, we have to move!

"Everyone up! Its time to GO!" I screamed, the person at the door quickened his pace from the hall that connected to the living room. He still had to round the corner to see us, maybe we could hide and set up an ambush. I pointed to Fang and then to a chair near the hall doorway. He got the picture and started to move while I tried to hide on the short side of the couch.

A shadow from the hall light was cast on the wall in front of the doorway, so I pointed to the door and Fang acknowledged my sign with a nod. This new threat rounded the corner only to be... a kid? He looked about sixteen or seventeen, not very muscular, yet the muscles he had were toned. His brown hair seemed to glint with highlights of red with a few locks of his thick scruffy hair in front of his glasses. He didn't stand a chance. Even full grown adults couldn't match eleven-year-old Nudge in a fight, but the stronger Fang... He would slaughter him easily, if he wanted to. And he figured this kid was an Eraser and was going to ambush him!

"Fang, NO!" I tried to warn. But it was too late. Fang leaped with his two hands clasped together to deliver a skull crushing blow. I cringed as I expected the loud crack of a head opening up. But something strange happened, despite the kid's attention to me from yelling the warning, his hands seemed to go up microseconds before Fang's impact and used Fang's momentum to toss him into a wall. Fang hit the wall hard on his back and upside down. He slid down with his eyes larger than saucers.

The kid turned to Fang and his chest seemed to puff up with rage, almost as if he seemed to get larger. "You made a big mistake doing that buddy! But I'll give you a chance to explain yourself. What the hell are you doing in here?"

Fang, in his usual grace, went straight to the point. "We were enjoying a night in this cabin! What the hell do you want kid?"

"I want you out now! I don't want to have to hurt anyone, but I will!" The kid was fuming, but Fang didn't back down.

"Like hell you will! I swear if you hurt one person I will–"

"You'll what? Slam into a wall again. That'll show me. Wait, you won't leave... Your one of them aren't you? You one of those freaks who killed my pack. And now you want to fight me to show your strength to the rest. Well, you don't know what your in for kid." Fang smiled at this as he moved towards the couch..

"Oh, I think YOU will be the one who is surprised, buddy." I stood up, ran, and grabbed Fang by the arm hard. "Fang, he's a kid. What's wrong with you?" Fang pushed me back and advanced on the kid.

With every step Fang made, the kid seemed to get larger in size and hairiness. Then the face became angular. Like that of a wolf... Eraser! He must be a better model with a more human face. The flock came out of their rooms to find the kid swing at Fang, only to have his fist caught in Fang's grasp.

With the snap of his wrist, Fang twisted the kid's wrist so fast, it would brake his arm. My ears waited for the crack of braking bones. But the kid's arm held solid. It seems I anticipate a lot with no results... Instead the kid used his other arm to punch Fang in the stomach. Fang doubled over, but quickly responded by falling back and extending his leg, catching the kid in the chin with his high kick. I had the urge to help Fang, but he seemed to have the look of determination to have revenge. The rest of the flock were paralyzed, like me, in watching them fight.

The kid hit the floor and Fang jumped on top of him and started beating him in the face with a fury like I never saw him do. He had had enough. Blood started to flow from the kid's nose and spatter on the floor next to his head. Fang almost seemed to smile with an evil grin... He was enjoying this too much...

"Fang! Stop it! He's down." I yelled while running to stop Fang's onslaught. Big mistake. Fang turned only to have a fist nearly cold cock him in the chin. I leaped to tackle the kid, only to be kicked up and into a wall. Fool me twice... That's when I heard a familiar hum of motors through the wall. Reinforcements had arrived.

"Fang! Cars! Everyone up!" With that we all opened up our wings and took off. I broke through the thin thatch roof first, the hole allowing everyone else to get out. Fang was the last, but was struggling... The kid was on his leg!

"You aren't going to get away with killing my pack that easily! You may not be the freaks that I thought you were, but your still from the same place and invaded my Karen!" Fang, tried to kick the kid off, but he was holding tight. Nudge, Gasman, Angel, and Iggy flew back to hit the kid and try to knock him off. Finally after at least a few minutes, the kid lost his grip. At more than a hundred feet, even if we fell that far it would nearly kill us, despite our strength. The fate of this Eraser was sealed.

Save him. My voice chimed in. Go! Now! I dived as fast as I could, allowing my wings to fold in aerodynamically, and caught him. Yep, I told you my craziness was just starting, but did you believe me? I was holding an Eraser in my arms. I saved him, even though his kind hunted us. Why do I listen to that voice again?

"My hero." He was such a smart ass. I dropped him for a second then caught him again to scare him. His face seemed to fill with excitement, it was like almost dying made his day. "Okay, okay. You got me. You've proved your point. Stop hot dogging it." He was much lighter than he looked even before he started transforming. He couldn't weigh more than a hundred and twenty pounds, which barely seemed to affect my sore wings. He seemed to have a fire in his brown eyes. Not the cold steel look of an Eraser...

"Look," I stared hard at him, trying to find some logic in my actions. "When we land, I want answers. Got it?"

"YOU want answers?" He sure did have an attitude for a guy who just was saved. "Who broke into whose home and then flew out of it with WINGS?" I gave him the legendary Max the Invincible look that has on countless occasions stopped all out fights within the pack. I still think the Y chromosome has something to do with those scuffles. "Fine. But don't expect me to just be your patsy boy because you caught me. And I want to ask some questions, too." He just wouldn't give up.

"Fair enough." I replied. Fair! When were Erasers FAIR! Of course I wasn't currently a pile of flesh, bone, and feathers, so maybe the voice didn't make a mistake...