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Alena quietly slipped through the door of Quimberly's Secretary Preparatory Institute for Preteen Girls. She clutched her Chikorita to her chest and ran down the dark street. Stopping at the next to last house, she knocked on the door. "Marble," she hissed. "Marble!"

The door opened to reveal a purply silver haired woman in her early twenties. "Alena? What the heck are you doing outside at this hour? Get inside!"

Alena came in and shut the door behind her. She put Chikorita down and said, "I'm leaving. I need you to cut my hair."

"Are you really going to carry out your plan then?"

Alena nodded. "I've had enough of it all. I'm turning thirteen next week and they'll ship me off to some obscure city where I'll have to further my training of being a secretary. That job is not for me. I need adventure. Not being stuck behind a desk for the rest of my life. I need to leave now."

Marble nodded sadly. "I understand. Now stand still."

Alena obliged as Marble procured a pair of scissors and snipped her blood red streaked black hair short, so that now Alena looked like a boy. Which was the point.

"Your body's going to change. How will you hide that?" Marble asked, surveying her handiwork.

"I'll figure something out. For now I'll just be grateful I haven't changed yet."

"You also know what will happen if you get caught, don't you?"

"I'll have my trainer's license taken away (if I even achieve it) and my name dishonored, then I'll be hidden for the rest of my life. Yes, I know the consequences and, yes, I'm going to go ahead and do it anyway. I'm not going to live the rest of my life as a tiny, obedient mouse that rushes to do everyone's will."

Marble's light blue eyes held Alena's crimson ones for a moment, daring them to contradict her. Finally, she sighed. "Good luck then. I'll miss you."

"Same here." Alena gave her literature professor a hug. "I'll write, don't worry. And you'll probably see of all my great deeds in the paper."

Marble smiled sadly." I'll… see you then."

"Bye. Come on, Niyo."

Chikorita hugged marble's shoe and trotted out the door after Alena.

"G'bye…" Marble whispered as she closed the door.

Alena sauntered into the nearby forest and walked along the familiar old dirt path that she had very often taken on holidays when they had the day off. Usually she stopped at the gate, but this was not usually. Sucking in her breath, she wriggled under the six-inch space beneath the gate door and then… she was free. Free as the mist on a summer dawn and all that other poetic stuff.

"We did it, Niyo," she whispered gleefully, proceeding to hug the small grass Pokemon out of its mind.

Finally, she set the oxygen deprived Pokemon down and brushed dirt off of her stomach. "Come on, let's put some distance between ourselves and this blasted school." Chikorita chirped her agreement and they headed further down the road. Soon Alena was lost in her own thoughts.

It's been so long since a girl tried to become a Pokemon master. I don't know why it's been banned; we're not different in any way that would matter…

These were the sort of thoughts she was absorbed in when she tripped over a dark object.

"Ow," she muttered ruefully. She picked up the object and examined it.

It was a dark purplish red saber, partially sticking out from its black sheath. The handle and hilt were also black. Attached to both ends of the sheath was a strip of odd coarse material so that it could be slung across the bearer's back. Complex entwining designs engraved in silver decorated everything but the blade. The whole set seemed to glow with a dark, shadowy aura.

She decided to keep it and give it to the lost and found at the next Pokemon center.

Suddenly, she realized how sleepy she was and stood up. "Let's go off the path a little and stay there for the night, 'kay?" she asked Niyo.

The grass Pokemon nodded and soon they found a suitable place to rest. Alena had barely unrolled her sleeping bag and crawled in before sleep claimed her.


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