Blurred Visions

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It was raining hard. Seto took a seat and watched silently as the raindrops smoothly rolled down across the clear window sill. He softly sighed at the sight. He saw how everything was covered by water. Yes, cool water. It drifted away easily—and frolicked wherever it wished. It was free—unlike him. Sure, he did hold a successful corporation, he had a colossal mansion, and he had everything under his very command—but little did people know he was chained. He was tied onto a bitter memory that would never perish.

He turned his head to see Mokuba sleeping soundly on the couch. Yes, Mokuba…His beloved younger brother. The only person he had left. Seto slipped his hand inside his pocket and revealed a shiny-looking necklace. Aside from Mokuba, he had another cherished possession—it was a locket. No, it wasn't that card-shaped one that both he and Mokuba owned. It was another one. It was a golden, heart-shaped locket that was seemingly covered with a bit of rust.

He carefully clicked it open—inside were tiny portraits of his parents. But somehow, the pictures were slightly burnt into a crisp, dirty brown—he couldn't make out how they looked like. After all, he just retrieved the locket during the car accident with his father. He had survived the crash—but unfortunately, his father didn't.

He gently wiped the locket with a clean cloth and gazed at it for a long time. He closed his eyes and imagined those days when he still had them—his parents. It was sort of funny when all his thoughts seemed to be painted in black and white—probably depicting they were old. He would remember how he and his dad ran around the small house pretending he was chasing a robber—his dad obviously—while his mom cooked dinner for them in the background. Life was so simple, then. They had nothing to worry about. Everything was peaceful. Everyone was contented with what they had.

He would also reminisce when he saw how his dad was utterly sweet to his mom, bringing her flowers—even there was no special occasion. They rarely fought—and if they did, it was petty one that they would easily forgive each other for. They didn't have much, but that was no reason for them to feel lonely. They always found joy in the simplest things other people couldn't see. His mom would always tell him how money couldn't buy everything—especially not love.

And how right she was.

He closed the locket. Soon enough, he noticed that the rain had stopped. He would later return to his work. But before that, he had to tell his parents—he loved them. He was sure they wouldn't be there physically to hear him, but their souls—were ready to listen.

Honestly, I always feel sad for Seto –cries- I know it's hard to lose your parents. I love my parents and no matter how they always scold me—I'll still love them no matter what.

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