Title: Arguments and Poor Hughes

Summary: It's a normal day at the office… Sort of… [Story & Summary Edited)[Royed)[Yaoi)[Rated for language)

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Arguments and Poor Hughes

" Taisa, Fullmetal is here to hand in his report," Riza Hawkeye said.

" Tell him to come in then," Colonel Roy Mustang replied.

The door slammed opened with a very, VERY pissed Edward standing in front.

' Meow'

Edward growled. " Al…" Alphonse backed off from the pissed-off alchemist. " Erm… I… I'll talk to the Lieutenant!!" The armor said quickly before running out of the room.

" Ahh… Fullmetal. It would appear that your brother merely pitied the kitty. Should you make such a fuss out of it?"

" So, you mean I should pity you on rainy days because your alchemy won't work when it rains huh, Colonel Useless." Roy's eye twitched. "AND, this mission is a fucking wild goose chase!!" Edward growled.

" Wild goose chase?" Roy raised an eyebrow. " THERE WAS NO SUCH CITY YOU COLONEL BASTARD!!!" Edward yelled.

" There must be an error then." Roy replied, smirking. Edward growled again. ' It's fun making him angry.' Roy thought.

" You know Ed, you're cute when you are angry." Roy said, walking towards the silent and blushing Ed and pinned him to the wall.

" Ro-… " Edward didn't get to finish his sentence. Roy had occupied his mouth with a kiss. Roy had been dating Edward months ago.

" Colonel, Hughes is here to see you." Hawkeye said, after she opened the door. " Let him in." Roy replied.

" Yo Roy! Yo Edward!" Maes shouted.

" Dammit Maes! Do you have to shout?!" Edward said.

" That's what I hear from your 'little' screams, Fullmetal." Roy stated. Edward's eye twitched. He was going to scream at Roy but stopped and instead, used his left automail leg to step on Roy's foot.

" OUCH!!! FULLMETAL!!!" Everybody heard the scream from the Colonel. Edward swear that he was about to become deaf. Edward then started laughing and soon, the whole office started laughing.

Roy growled. " Edward…" Edward wiped away a tear from his eye and backed away.

" Relax Roy, want to see a picture want to see a picture of my darling Alicia?" Hughes asked. " Maes, you might want to reconsider that…" Hawkeye said.

" Huh?" Hughes asked. Al pointed to Roy and Edward. Maes turned to see Roy putting on his gloves and putting them in a snapping position while Edward clapped his hands.

" Maes…" Roy started. " I swear you're gonna die from this. " Edward continued. Everybody gulped. Maes thought of only one thing: ' Oh god…'

Maes was seen in a cage, being burnt. The Flame Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist then walked out of the office - holding hands, smirking

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