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"Zelda? Will you marry me?" Zelda stared at Link, who was on his knee and holding a ring to her face.

"Link... I-I-of course! Of course I will!" Link got up, beaming with his famous smile. "But... what about my father?"

"Don't worry, I have it handled."

"You have it handled? He thinks you're a good for nothing bum and a liar! No offense," she added quickly.

All Link did however, was laugh. "Don't worry. I've got it taken care of," was all he said.


Four weeks later Link and Zelda were married in the Temple of Time with all the people of Hyrule as witnesses. Everyone was there from the Zoras to the Gorons, the Gerudos to the Kokiris and even more from other lands. The place was packed and the people flooded the courtyard outside the Temple. The Sages were closest to the two though, with Rauru as the one to bring them together.

Flocked throughout the crowd however, were Link and Zelda's fanclubs, crying their eyes out.

They weren't enough to ruin the ceremony as the Zelda walked to the altar, where Link stood grinning like there was no tomorrow, in a beautiful white gleaming dress. There were intricate designs on it, pink, which matched the dress prefectly. It wasn't too big, but it wasn't exceptionally small either. The train went on for about two or three feet and trailed behind her. The veil wasn't thick either. It draped over her head and stopped just below her neck. The people all around saw her golden hair, which was stacked on her head, with a few random things in it. Her bright, blue eyes shined as she walked foward, step by step, looking at Link. Two girls ran ahead of her, throwing flower petals and two trailed behind her also throwing petals.

It was a long walk down the aisle, but Zelda kept her eyes on Link, and Link only. Her father was nowhere to be seen though. No one knew where he was... But all that needed to be known was that he was against this wedding and against the idea of Link and Zelda being together.

But he wasn't here now and instead they were surrounded by a ton of people that welcomed their marriage. That was more than enough.


"You may kiss the bride," Rauru said happily.

Link and Zelda stood in front of eachother. They leaned in and their lips met as the people around them all cheered. The two didn't notice as they were caught in their own little world. After a while however, they finally broke it up, needing air. "Ready Zel?"

"Ready for whaa-" Link grabbed her bridal style and ran out of the Temple, with everyone screaming and running right behind them

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