Sitting On The Baby By HPOD sufferer

Date: Saturday, 29th April , 8:39PM

Rating: K+ (Scary and Supernatural themes may scare young children, includes character death)

Summary: Sirius bounded into the compartment, making to sink into the seat next to Lily. The seat in which a sleeping baby...well, slept.Eyes popping, James grabbed his friend's wrists, stopping him from sitting. Sirius Black was frozen in a strange, half-sitting, half-standing position. Lily grabbed the baby quickly, and James released his friend."You know," said Lily " Baby sitting doesn't usually consist of actually sitting on the baby."

A baby has appeared. Where from? Why? Who does the baby belong to? Harry travels to Marauder Era. AS A BABY! Something went seriously wrong on that Halloween night.

Chapter 1:(this chapter Doesn't have a name, any suggestions?) For now it will be called: The Rightful Time

'Twas the night before Christmas (change that to Halloween), when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

--A time of darkness, uncertainty and fear,

No one knew that the end was near.

And a figure came walking, along the abandoned street,

Never guessing that soon his downfall he would meet.

But a loop in the proceedings seemed inevitable,

So many possibilities in this treasured fable.-HPOD-

Our story begins in a house, situated in a town by the name of Godric's Hollow.

This house is quite unremarkable, at the end of a street full of houses that look exactly the same as the next one. Now some people would say that it was for this reason that your eyes seemed to slide over the place where this house was. You weren't aware of it either-how can you notice something when the problem is exactly that-you can't realise it's even there? Neighbours hardly ever mentioned it either. It just wasn't important. All they knew was a family lived there. End of story. Nothing more of interest to be said.

However, it is because of the fact that it this house goes unnoticed that it is interesting.

At the moment it is night time. It is quite dark. The new moon passed a few days ago, and many of the town's inhabitants have decided to go to bed early. But not the house we are observing. Inside this particular house sit a young family. The Potter family, to be precise and presently they are celebrating Halloween.

Add the fact that they are a magical family, and many would press their noses against the windows. Not that they would be able to find the family. For the family is protected by a charm, so that no one may find them. The Potters are trying to avoid being found, as someone is searching for them. A person with very bad intentions. A person who wants to kill the Potter family. Mostly their fifteen-month old son, Harry Potter.

Sadly, the charm has, for reasons that a neither here nor there, not worked. If any of the neighbours were to wake up, and to look out their windows and out onto the shadowy street they would see a most fearful sight.

A cloaked figure walks along the road. Hood up, he is quite non descript. But the air about him is terrifying. Even without seeing his face you can see he is, to put it simply, dangerous. He is tall, and if the way the cloak falls about him tells a tale, he is thin. One pale hand, that looks like a large, pale, spindly spider is held out in front of him, holding a stick. A stick you ask? No, it is a weapon...the weapon of a wizard. It is a wand. In an almost business like stance he hurries down the street, eyes fixed on the house. Eyes that should slide to the next house. Red eyes filled with hate, hate that a human being should not possess. Also a gleam that shows he is used to this situation, and is oblivious to the stench of death and fear he brings with him. Or perhaps he enjoys the smell.

He has reached the gate, and soundlessly it opens. Silently he makes his way up the gravel path. Or that is, until he stubs his toe on one of the large stones. It does not seem to cause him pain, rather he kicks it with malice. The stone goes flying, hitting a flower pot with an audible clunk.

In the living room, a man sitting on the windowsill looks out towards the source of the sound. Eyes widening he turns in panic to the room, where a red haired woman sits smiling fondly at the man, and the baby boy in his arms. the pair seem to stare at each other numbly forever, but in all actuality only two seconds. then the man's voice rings out, panicked "LILY! He's here, it's Him!"

The woman's reaction is immediate. Her eyes widen considerably, and she stiffens.

The man cries out again to her. "Lily, take Harry and RUN! I'll try to hold him off!"

It is a good thing the gravel path is long.

The woman acts like a robot, clutching the baby from her husband's grasp. As soon as the soft warmth of the child registers, her eyes, if possible, grow larger. Her eyes lock with her husbands'.

The man kisses her quickly, fiercely. "Go, NOW!"

Like a rabbit she turns tail and flee, reaching the top of the stair case just as a click runs through the house. The click of the locked front door unlocking itself.

The man in the living room stands up, drawing out a wand from his pocket. He gulps. Footsteps could be heard, walking softly...into the room where James Potter stood, preparing himself.

"Hello James, it's such a pleasure to meet you," said a soft voice. James was sure, had he been a more cowardly man, that he would have wet his pants then and there. As it was, he raised an eyebrow.

"Unfortunately I can't return that sentiment."

"No matter." The Dark Lord had not even removed his hood, but seemed to decide that this moment called for this type of action. James stood unfazed as he gazed upon the face of his adversary.

"You don't scare me," James said, mentally congratulating himself on how strong his voice sounded.

"No, I terrify you," Voldemort, giving a soft smile.

"The day I feel anything akin to fear of you is the day I die," James stated.

"So you will die today. Then your wife shall die, then your son."

"Never." James wondered fleetingly whether it was normal to have such a conversation in such an unusual situation. He brought out his wand in front of him, willing to fight. With a lazy flick of Voldemort's own wand, James' wand flew across the room, far from his reach.

"You've already lost, James Potter."

"Like I said, never. You will never win, not if I have anything to do with it." James answered, meaning the words.

"Then I must make sure you have nothing more to do with it," the Dark Lord stated lightly. "Avada Kedavra." The words were spoken with the tone one has when speaking of the weather-impersonal, uninterested. Less than a second later, a frightened red-head on the floor above, shook as she heard a thud beneath her feet. She turned to the baby in the crib, stroking his black hair.

"It's okay baby, daddy's okay, you'll be okay," she reassured the baby, but trying to convince herself even more. She turned to the locked door, checking it was still just that-locked. Footsteps could be heard in the hallway. With a sickening jolt, Lily realised that she had left her wand downstairs. The footsteps stilled.

The door flew open, ripping away from the frame and collapsing at her feet. With a gulp she lifted her gaze from the floor.

"Leave me alone," she said quietly, in a childlike voice.

"Step aside girl, I've been here long enough," the man commanded in a bored tone.

"No! Leave him alone, what has he ever done to you, he's only a baby!"

"Step aside, and I'll let you live."

"No, just go!"

"Step aside you foolish child!"

"Why won't you just leave him, he's only a child, defenceless, he'd never harm you!"

The Dark Lord lost his patience.



The eyes looked further into the room, where a white crib stood. Inside was a baby, just sitting. Sitting, staring at his parent's murderer. Emerald green eyes met with scarlet. Voldemort took a step into the room.

"Goodbye, Harry Potter," the Dark Lord whispered, raising his wand for the last time. Green light erupted from the tip, travelling across the room. Then, just over the place where Lily Potter's body lay, it seemed to pause. The whole room glowed green.

"Dada!" little Harry Potter cried in wonderment at the light. "Mama, dan Pafof!" with a tiny shriek he clapped his hands.

Voldemort could only watch as the barrier of sorts around the child seemed to warp and twist under the pressure of the curse. Like a ball of electricity it crackled around the child, one bolt lashing out and hitting Harry on the forehead, upon which he yelled out in a baby scream. Then the green light turned tail and fled from the ball surrounding the baby, heading, to his horror, towards the Dark lord.

Pain beyond pain. That's what the Dark Lord felt in that moment, as his soul was ripped from his body, which was no longer.

A shadow, it seemed, fled from the place where the charred remains of the house stood.

The dome around Harry Potter remained, glowing faintly red.

"Mama?" the baby said uncertainly. "Dada? Woomta? Padfof?" The ball throbbed around him comfortingly. "Hawwy want mama!"

The ball shrunk toward the child in the centre. Soon the ball was like a glow on his skin. And then little baby Harry Potter seemed to fade from existence.

A seventeen year old Lily leaned back. She was glad to be going to Hogwarts again. This will be my last ride to Hogwarts, she thought. With a sigh she glanced out the window of the Hogwarts express.

"Hello Evans," said a all-to-familiar voice. Lily turned with a disdainful look on her face to the door, where a boy stood. Black haired, with hazel eyes and glasses, he was the most arrogant, conceited, egoistical, puffed-up, annoying, rude, mean, and many other adjectives she couldn't bother to add boy on the planet in her opinion.

Add the fact she had just seen the Head Boy badge on his robes, she could safely say she hated him. She always would.

Clasping her hands together and stretching her arms out in front of her she looked away, planning to ignore him. Plans often don't go according to plan, however.

Because at that moment a faint red glow appeared between her arms. She paused, looking at it. Perhaps her anger at Potter had manifested?

The glow grew larger.


With a moment of disbelief, Lily's eyes widened at the sight in front of her. A baby had just appeared in her arms.

"MAMA! HAWWY WANT MAMA!" the baby cried again. Not knowing what else to do, Lily brought the baby to her chest, rubbing the small of his back.

"It's ok baby, I'm here," she soothed.

She pointedly ignored the snicker from the doorway.

"Bit young, aren't you Lils?" said a seventeen year old James Potter.

"Both you and I know I've never seen this child before in my life."

"Then why's he in your arms?"

"You answer that Potter."

James moved into the compartment, making Lily wrinkle her nose, and sat opposite her. She placed the now hiccuping baby on the seat, where he rolled over facing the cushion sucking his thumb and promptly fell asleep.

After a few moments of silence, James chuckled gently. "This must be a record, you haven't made me get out of here yet."

"Tired." Lily answered simply.

"Oi, Prongs!"

James turned to the door, where a young man stood. With dark hair and grey eyes, he was one of the better looking boys in Hogwarts. He bounded into the compartment, making to sink into the seat next to Lily. The seat in which a sleeping baby...well, slept.

Eyes popping, James grabbed his friend's wrists, stopping him from sitting. Sirius Black was frozen in a strange, half-sitting, half-standing position. Lily grabbed the baby quickly, and James released his friend.

"You know," said Lily, "baby-sitting doesn't usually consist of actually sitting on the baby."

Sirius stared at the baby, then Lily, then James, the baby again, and laughed. "Where'd it come from, surely it's not yours Lily, surely!"

"Of course not," she snapped. "He just... appeared."

"You know James," he said thoughtfully, glancing at his friend. "He looks quite a bit like some photos I've seen...your baby pictures."

Blushing, James sneaked a covert look at the baby. "Hey, he's bleeding!" he cried, noticing the red trickle from the baby's forehead. Lily lifted the baby to look at her and frowned. James reached into his pocket and drew out a handkerchief, handing it to Lily "-here."

Carefully she wiped the blood away and was relieved when it didn't bleed more. She looked with concern at the lighting-bolt shaped cut. "What ever happened to you?" she asked him softly.

"Hawwy mama," said the baby, resting his small, black haired head on her shoulder. His head was on it's side, so he could see Sirius. "He Pafof."

Sirius and James looked shocked.

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