10 Years After...

"You will interview an astronaut tonight." The director of the TV Talk Show Sam presented every Saturday night on ABC in the past five years. She had the most watched Talk Show in America.

"I interview artists... intelligent ones, might I say." Sam smiled at her director who didn't flinch.

"He's smart. It's your chance to talk to him about the depression after happiness theory you wanted to talk about for years now. Ask him about the sadness to return to Earth and things like that. Just don't forget that the main subject is Space." The director quickly made his way to the cabin where he'd would watch the show.

Sam shook her head and walked into the stage, making sure her clothes were perfect. The wardrobe girl, Jessica, was waiting for her in a chair to check her hair.

"Hey, Jessica." Sam smiled at the girl, who smiled back happily.

"Hello Sam. So, have you heard about the cutie you'll interview today?" She asked, spraying something in Sam's hair that smelled like peaches.

"Cute you say?" Sam rolled her eyes. "You're such a girl."

"While I was checking his clothes he asked me if I knew you." Jessica said, grinning when Sam lifted her eyes suspiciously. "He said he missed you."

"Missed me?" Sam asked confused.

"He's an old friend of yours... or so he said."

"Friend!" Sam barely had the time to stop Jessica from walking away, the director called on the lights and the sound team for last check ups in the equipment.

"We're on in 5... 4... 3..."

Sam's heart was beating wildly inside her chest. It couldn't be him. It was impossible. Okay... she had to calm down, breathe and act professional.

"... 2... 1..."

"Good evening America and today we have a special guest here." Sam read the lines she had read previously in her dressing room. Only this time she actually paid attention to what she was reading. "To our NASA special week we brought to you straight from space the austronaut Daniel Fenton, who just recently returned from a long journey. He spent one whole year in the Columbia III spaceship that was monitoring space."

Sam stood up from her chair and walked to the middle of the stage, the lights following her, to welcome the astronaut into his first live night in a TV Show. Her heart was beating wildly inside her chest. 'Danny actually made it to space!'

He walked into stage in a way that for Sam it looked like he was in slow motion. His black hair was glistening, thanks to Jessica's well-done job. His blue eyes looked the same and as soon as he lifted his eyes to stare at her lilac ones, Sam knew it was really him. The boy to whom she had locked her heart and given the key. Her breathe caught in her throat and she - for a second - thought she was going to embarrass herself on live TV.

He had grown a lot. Now even with her high heels she was still as high as his chest. His shoulders looked larger. He built himself up. He looked strong. He smiled down at her and his smile was the same she remembered.

After what seemed years in silence, Danny reached out for her hand and kissed it sweetly.

"I'm delighted to be here, ma'am."

Always the gentleman...

"Welcome Mr. Fenton." She smiled at him, leading him to the couch he was supposed to sit, in front of her transparent desk. That desk was one of the reasons why the show was watched religiously every Saturday. The transparency of the desk had the purpose to let the world see her legs while she talked about some boring subject, too difficult to people her age to comprehend. But her legs! They had been in tabloids. They had made her famous. Nowadays Sam hoped they weren't the reason why people kept watching her show.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Manson." He said in his deep manly voice that Sam could barely recognize.

"The pleasure is mine, dear." She said, hearing the director's voice speak in her ear-phones telling her to start the interview and stop the long silent pauses. "Well, let's start with you talking a bit about your past. Let us know a little about the man behind the astronaut."

"Well..." He smiled at her. He didn't look at the camera or the lights, or the director assistant once... it had been the first time in the show a guest didn't look anywhere beside the one who was interviewing him. That sent shivers down Sam's spine. "I was raised in a small town called Amity Park. I never got very good grades. I was a 'C' student as my best friend used to call me. I went to college in my own city (not Harvard as many may think) and from there I started working in the Axion Labs, that helped me when I applied into NASA nine years ago."

Danny noticed Sam's eyes as he talked... her eyes stared deeply into his, like windows to read her soul, he could see what she was thinking, she was remembering everything they had been through. She was having the time to notice the pain his absence caused. He knew that if she wasn't following the instructions of the director she'd be crying by now. He could see the tears slowly builting their way to her eyes.

He continued talking, he looked around him. The blinding lights around him made everyone invisible. Nothing could be seen aside Sam, they were in the middle of the stage and at the moment they couldn't reach out to hold each other. Her job depended on this. He had to control himself.

As he talked he noticed her biting her lips. Those beautiful lips he hadn't kissed in ten years. He loved her and he knew she loved him. Their love couldn't be erased by time and they both realized it now. It was something that was going to be there forever. Even when they weren't together and the fire of their passion had dissolved to a warm ember, just a glance or even a memoy could reawake the fire and burn them both to ashes.

"Tell us about the skies, Danny-el." Sam quickly corrected herself and nobody noticed her slip of tongue beside Danny himself. "What did you feel prior your flight?"

"I was anxious." Danny laughed and scratched his nape. "I wasn't afraid to die or anything, I just wanted to complete the mission I looked forward to since I was a kid. It felt like I was dying inside. I was finally doing what I always wanted to. I even gave up some very important things... and people... to go out there."

"How was... 'out there' like?" Sam asked quietly, her voice fading to a whisper.

"Beautiful." Danny said. "And lonely."

"Just like..."

"... a romantic poem."

"And the colors 'out there' were..."

"Unique. Like a renaissance painting only using the purest colors."

Their eyes were communicating things their mouth could never perform in that stage. Danny knew what she wanted him to answer and she knew he understood her every question with just a glance. Like lovers, they no longers needed words to tell each other what they were feeling.

"The colors are so bright they are like gem stones." Danny said. "The atmosphere is a thin blue line. The clouds are so white it actually hurts to look at them. There are sunrises and sunsets every forty-five minutes and they're spectacular. There are millions stars our sky block and out there you can actually see all those. They're like little diamonds."

"Talk about how he felt when he returned to Earth!" The director shouted in Sam's ear, making her return to her business-like posture. "And get into the depression theory."

"So," Sam sat up straight. "It looks like an unique experience, but how did you feel when you returned to Earth? Were glad to be back or did you feel depressed you were leaving all that beauty up there?"

"I felt my happiest when I set my foot on the ground again." Danny smiled gently at her.

"Weren't you sad the dream was over? That you left the beauty up there?" Sam asked.

"Not at all." Danny grinned, standing up from the couch. He didn't know it was against the rules of the show and the camera had a hard time following his sudden movement. "I didn't leave the beauty up there. Actually, I left the most beautiful thing I've ever seen right here on Earth and I'm glad I'm back to reclaim it." He leaned over her desk, he could almost hear Sam's heart beating in her chest. Her eyes widened and the director was screaming on her ear for her to call the commencials and make him sit down. "The most beautiful thing... is a wild rose I met."

"You're not going back to space then?" She asked quietly, looking up into his eyes ready to burst into tears.

"I resigned my position as an astronaut. I've done what I wanted to do and now I'm here to stay. I wouldn't trade the colors of her eyes for a million stars or the gem stones colors I've seen there. I'd rather have one cloudy sunset each day than hundreds of it up there without her." Their kisses had been like fires. Every memory of their kiss was a like diamond itself. The brightest and purest colors had been created by themselves everytime they held each other.

"You did what you had to do..."

They had been more than they could ever be not because they gave up on each other to follow their carriers, but because the memory of their moments together had always been there to make them stronger and to raise them up when they fell so they could take one more step towards a future together.

Now the future had arrived for them.

"... and now I'm back..."

The unextingueshed fire was there in their eyes again. It was a good thing to not finish their relationship with a kiss under their tree, Sam concluded. Leaving their hearts open to each other was the best thing they did because now they could start over. Maybe the best part of goodbyes was that it would eventually bring a new beginning.

"I'm glad." Sam whispered.

The lights were turned off and the show ended. The pretending ended and finally their lives began.

Ha, you guys didn't really think I was going to give it a sad ending, did you? It's still sad they didn't see each other for ten years and I can't say this epilogue was a happy even after, but at least they met again...

Anyway, I have a new story Redemption and it's going to be up soon. It's a Danny x Sam x Dan sexy triangle. I noticed nobody actually likes Dan, even though I think he's totally hot so I'm giving him a change in that story.

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