Title: My Personal Win
Characters: Fay, Kurogane
Pairing: KuroFay-ish monster
Series: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Genre: General/Humour/ReallyReallyStupid -crosses fingers and weeps more-
Rating: PG
Summary: This is a fic in the view of Fay. It was masochistic enough to do whole the first person thing... (Which I should never-ever-ever do.) So, this is Fay's perspective on the relationship between him and Kuro. I think it was about 66 words too long to be a drabble, though.
Warning: ReallyReallyReallyStupid is a word, and I am using it to warn you. Consider yourself warned.
Notes: This is a submission to the LJ commu 31days.
Disclaimer: I do not own TRC. But, I own the beaver.

Theme is May 21: I chose to do wrong in the hope that right might come.

I chose to do wrong in the hope that right might come. Maybe the end justifies the means. Maybe it doesn't. All I know for certain is that I'm here now, five feet between us as I'm hanging over the edge of the patio, taking aim with the water gun and waiting for the unmistakable sound of my personal win.

My juvenile behaviour brings us closer and yet maintains a distance that is preferred. Since I saw this man, I knew we were in trouble. It seems he thought so much of me at first meeting, but I took proper precautions. I'm sure if I don't give a reason for him to scream and chase me, then there would be an accumulation of some seriously unavoidable tension between us. Honestly, I'm protecting us from ourselves.

Also, it's fun.

So, I take aim again. He yawns, I shoot, and now it's time smile and see how much this afternoon refreshment is appreciated.

Endnote: My English improves when I write more fics, I think. -dares you to ruin this moment- I think it does, anyway.