Disclaimer: Not mine. Jack is tacked to my wall, though, so THERE!
Pairing: PotC!JackxSora
Warning: Fetish? Multiple at that, from Jack. The usual slashy-ness. Crack humor.
Summary: Jack's a pirate, Sora his treasure.


Cabin Boy Fever
One shot-
Shiny shiny shiny--oh!


Jack simply loves loves loves treasure. He also likes long walks on the beach, and candy canes--but that's a different story entirely. Treasure is his game, on his mind, around him, calling to him always.

If he could, he'd marry the beautiful sparkling coins that beckon him so, or shower his chest of jewels with gifts fit for a pirate. (but of course, that would defeat his entire purpose.)

Although, Jack has found one thing he desires almost as much. Something he needs to breath with. That something is staring at him evilly, tugging on the loose fitting clothing adorning his small frame. "Jack... what is this?" The boy groans as Jack simply smiles toothily, swaying over and tapping his cheek with a positively filthy finger.

"Ah ah, they're yeh clothes. A good pirate, and that's me, needs a nice little cabin boy, that would be you, so why not fit the part, aye?"

Sora just shakes his head dismissively, eyeing the skimpy outfit in disdain. "Why did I ever agree to this?"

The pirate simply heckles, crackling madly as he strolls around his ship like he owns it (of course he does), touching everything very gently. "Sora Zora Delora... I must find a name I bloody remember one day, shall I? Hahah!"

Shrugging, Sora crosses his arms over his chest. "Maybe you have Old Timers disease. You are getting up in age, right? Like fifty..."

"Hey! You shut that pretty mouth of yours--no get off the ship! I'll help you in your removal, ungrateful brat!"

Sora shrieks in horror as Jack starts for him, blade drawn. He wants vengeance, and Sora doesn't think Jack will be happy unless someone's blood was drawn this nite. Preferably his.

Stupid stupid STUPID!

Sora runs into the cabin like he was on fire, shaking slightly as he locks it and lays his weight against it. Something hard connects with the outside, and the next thing he knows, a shiny sword is staring at him from the right side of his head. He nearly has a seizure.

"JACK, what the fuck!"

Then Sora remembers, "Hey I have my keyblade..."

And then he rushes the door and jumps at the fuming Jack, who is standing with a patient hand on his cocked him, muttering to himself quite fiercely. He yelps slightly as Sora thrusts his keyblade out, nicking his ear. "Don't play with fire, Jack..."

The pirate grins goodheartedly. "You might get burnt. Well, I think these shenanigans have gone on far enough, eh?... Lets play." Jack pursed his lips and flicked his hand a few times.

Sora smiles, keyblade vanishing as he cuddles up to the older man. "I was hoping you'd say that."

Jack easily picks up his lover, sashaying back again into the cabin, and kicks the door shut.

He would take Sora over any type of treasure.

He kisses the boy's lips.

Oh yes, perhaps Sora is all the gold and medallions.


Omg. I love writing Jack. Srsly, love. And I like Jackora... so yeah.