And I'm back with another weird crossover. This time with Boktai2: Solar Boy Django. It's a game about a Vampire hunter and you use real UV light (AKA sunlight) to continue through the game. Very brief summary of it.

Black Django is another name for Vampire Boy Django. You can kinda guess what he is now huh? Black Django's original form is Solar Boy Django or Red Django.

A Crimson Monster is a monster that is a really strong monster; it's about four times stronger than the regular ones.

In Boktai, if you die you can give money (or Soll)so that you can start the dungeon again in the same room that you died and so all the puzzle solving you did isn't all wasted. The person who you give the Soll to is Doomy.

Hopefully Django will explain everything else for me.

Oh, and there won't be any romance in this fic

So, enjoy.

An Age Old Problem

By Dark Ice Dragon

New Problems

'Okay, this isn't good.' Black Django knew that he should have brought more healing items. He'd thought that since he'd gone through the Catacombs so many times without problems, this time would be the same.

But of course, it's never easy.

He'd been unlucky enough to run into a Crimson Monster about half-way though and that had been helped by the regular monsters blocking off his exit. And now, he was caught in a pincer movement between two Cockatrice and they kept on re-Petrifying him whenever he shook himself free.

He could feel his life depleting as the fight continued. 'Great. Doomy's going to be making some money today.'

As the feeling of acceptance for this fact started to take over, Django could feel a new emotion arising: rage. At the same time he felt his life draining down to half of what little there was left.

But this time, the beserker rage was different. He could feel the Dark Matter enveloping his form - so much so that the black-red Moonlight Magic was visible. That was normal. What wasn't normal was that there had never been a shadow in front of him before. Below him, yes, but not in front of him.

Flapping his wings, Django flew straight towards it, still in the rage that came with receiving too much damage. The beserker rage that had taken over him didn't leave him with the logic to stay away and he only needed to take a few steps before reaching the shadow.

He passed thought it and nearly crashed into a tree that appeared out of nowhere.

Django didn't have enough time to wonder at how he had suddenly transported himself from inside to outside because all that was consuming his mind was that he was out in the Sun and he was burning.

He had just enough energy left to transform back into Red Django before he fainted.


Piers looked at each of Vale's elders in turn. "I'm not sure I understand."

Garet's grandfather rubbed his hands together slowly. "You have noticed that there have been new monsters appearing over the last few months." Piers nodded to the statement. So too had the other Adepts. "There have been rumours of dead people walking at night. And now, there was that earthquake that happened yesterday."

"It was only a small tremor," Piers said doubtfully, remembering the brief panic that had ensued afterwards. No-one had been hurt thankfully and the ones that had were seen to quickly be Mia, Piers and Jenna.

"From the retelling of Isaac's and Felix's adventures, the last time they had experienced an earthquake was when Venus Lighthouse had been lit."

"You haven't thought that this is natural?" Piers asked, his head tilting slightly.

"No," Garet's grandfather disagreed as he shook his head. "Vale has never suffered from earthquakes before."

There was a brief silence before Piers spoke again. "Will you tell me why you required me to be here?"

The elders glanced at each other and then at Garet's grandfather. It was he who replied to Piers' question. "It's because we wanted to know if you knew of any myths or legends that had any warnings like this."

The Lemurian shook his head after a small pause. "If I had noticed any similarities, I would have informed you straight away. I'm sorry that I couldn't help." It felt strange to Piers that he was the elder here in the village, when before, in Lemuria, he may not have been a child but he was certainly not the eldest. To be asked about his knowledge and expertise... It was a still a new experience - even though he had been countlessly asked questions (including his age) during his travels with the other Adepts.

"No, it's not your fault," was the response from one of them. "Thank you for your time."

Knowing a dismissal when he heard one, Piers stood up from his chair and left the room.

He would have a lot to think about.


Ivan brushed the tree branch away from his face as he walked past it. What he was doing was patrolling around Vault in case the new monsters appeared. They had been turning up steadily over the last couple of months and they were starting to worry the locals. Not just the locals - Ivan knew that the other Adepts were getting wary of how quickly the new monsters were coming.

It wasn't just because they were a different kind that hadn't been seen before but because nothing seemed to have an affect on them. If the new monsters were attacked physically, they brushed it off as if it was nothing.

Only Psynergy seemed to work.

And that was only marginally better.

The monsters didn't seem to have any weaknesses to their Psynergy. Were they a new breed of monsters that came with the unleashing of Alchemy? If that was the case, what else would come from the lighting of the Lighthouses? Was what Kraden had said before true? Weyard was now fed with Alchemy but was it at the cost of the effects that came with stronger Alchemy?

Ivan stopped both his thoughts and walking when he realised that there was a strange smell in the air: a burnt smell. There had to be a monster nearby. Pulling out his Phaenton's Blade for if or when he was attacked, Ivan started to slowly go towards where the smell was the strongest. He then saw someone laid out on the ground, slightly obscured by the trees. From his point of view, all he could see was a pair of legs.

"Hello? Excuse me, you shouldn't be here; it isn't safe," he said as he neared the person, wondering at how someone could be around when that foul stench was in the air. Reaching him, Ivan frowned when he saw that the stranger was sleeping. He then noticed that he was wearing a red scarf like Isaac did -though the knot was behind him and not to his side- along with, for some reason, thick armor that only covered his right arm but not on his left as well as a thin armour vest.

Before the strangeness of his clothes registered with Ivan, he took in the gashes, the stones that seemed to be stuck onto his clothes, the singes and the blood.

The boy wasn't sleeping - he was unconscious.

Thanking the fact that he had the Teleport Lapis on him, Ivan ran up to the boy (making sure that there were no monsters about to jump out first) and after making sure that he had physical contact with the boy, he teleported to Vale.


Red Django groaned softly when he moved and felt himself waking up. He could really do with an earthly nut. Even a healer would do.

Turning his head at the sound of something moving, Django saw through blurred eyes a fuzzy blue blob. "Lita?"

The question brought a small chuckle. He couldn't identify the voice. "I'm sorry, I'm not Lita. My name is Mia."

"Mee... ah?" Django repeated slowly, shaking his head to clear it. He knew no-one by that name. She couldn't be from San Miguel. So then, where was he?

"Yes," the person confirmed.

Eyes finally clear, Django looked at the woman properly. Ah. Definitely not Lita. Not unless Lita had grown and dyed her hair blue while also changing her green eyes for blue ones.

"Oh, um, I thought you were someone I knew because she also wears a blue dress," Django explained.

Mia smiled. "That's alright."

Django looked around at the room around him and found that he didn't recognise anything. "Where am I?"

"You're in Vale; Ivan brought you here when he found you unconscious in a forest."

In a forest? The Forest in Tenth Avenue? That didn't make any sense. The last place he remembered being in was the Catacombs in Fourth Avenue.

And then the attacks by the Cockatrice. He'd gone into the beserker rage. And then finding himself outside in the Sun.

Why had he woken up in a bed instead of paying Doomy and starting over?

"Where are you from?" Mia asked him worriedly when he didn't explain how he ended up in the forest or had even given his own name.

"I'm from San Miguel," Django said distractedly. His head was feeling strangely lighter than normal. Lifting his hand to pat his hair to find what was missing, Django was surprised to feel his hair instead of the mask that was normally in place there. If that was gone... Django's next instinct was to feel around his neck.

His Crimson Scarf was gone as well.

Looking down at his right hand, Django realised that his Sol de Vice was also missing. He was starting to panic. It was just like when his Solar Gun had been stolen. This time, in addition to his solar weapon being stolen, his mask and his only memento of his father had been taken!

Noticing the look the boy had, Mia decided to ignore the strange statement he had just said for the moment. "It's okay, your things are right here." Mia motioned to a small pile in the corner that Django had overlooked. "I had them taken off because they would have been restricting you in your sleep."

Breathing a sigh of relief, Django swung his legs over the edge of the bed and was about to stand up when Mia's firm hand stopped him. "You're not getting up yet," she said firmly.

"Why not? I'm fine!" he protested.

"You don't have enough energy to be moving around."

Django looked at her confusedly. What did his solar energy have to do with his ability to move? Glancing out the window, he saw that the Sun was out and quite bright. If she was so worried about it he could just go outside and recharge. It shouldn't take too long either, considering just how bright it looked.

Misinterpreting his quick look outside the window, Mia sighed in exasperation. "I can't properly stop you but if you hurt yourself..." she warned, not feeling the need to actually say the rest of her threat.

"No, I won't be doing anything," Django assured her. "I just want to get my stuff and then I'll go back to sleep for a while." Again, he lamented the fact that he didn't have any healing items with him.

After putting everything into its proper place, Django sat back down on the bed heavily. His head was already spinning and everything seemed to have gotten brighter of its own accord. Mia had good reason to not want him to be up and about.

Laying himself down, Django closed his eyes, feeling the breeze that was coming from the window. It was comforting and he could already feel himself drift off.

"You still haven't told me your name," he heard her say.

"It's Django," he murmered.

Before he was completely asleep, Django heard the whispered word, "Ply" and then felt his body cool down. He knew that he had be asleep when he saw a blue Spirit Bug with a human form float above him.


Opening her eyes, Mia studied the slumbering boy in front of her.

'Django must have hit his head at some point,' she thought in concern. There was no place in Weyard called San Miguel and there wasn't a place that sounded remotely like it.

His clothes dictated likewise. He was wearing some sort of short leggings and his footwear, Mia had never seen anything like them before. And then there was that white mark on his left cheek. As far as she could see, it wasn't paint so what was it? In her travels around Weyard Mia hadn't seen anyone with anything similar. The closest people she could think of off of the top of her head was the Kibombo tribe but their face paint was blue.

She looked up when she heard a knock at the door. Making sure that Django was sleeping peacfully, she quietly went to the door and opened it. It was Felix carrying a bowl of food for Django. Mia stepped back to let him through.

"Has he woken up yet?" Felix asked quietly as he put the bowl on the table.

Mia nodded. "He had just gone back to sleep before you came." Mia chewed her bottom lip anxiously.

Felix noticed this. "What's wrong? Is it about him?" he asked, nodding towards the boy.

"Yes," Mia said hesitantly. "I - I think he may be an Adept."

Though it may not look like it, I have planned something for this. Ish. I know generally what I'm doing but not what I'll be putting it. Too many ideas.

Any questions about Boktai? Just ask.

I'm not too sure on my characterisation of the GS crew (Django has the same problem of never speaking as well) so if something doesn't seem right, tell me.