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Summery: Moving into a new home, Naruto stumbled upon an old book, transporting him into another world. He's now given a chance to start a new life, and find new friends, hope, and maybe love, in exchange to save both the worlds from total destruction. ((Sounds corny… but I can't think of anything else to summarize the whole story. You'll just have to read it to see it.))


Rosuto Rakuen (supposedly Lost Paradise)

I. Ever Smiling, Ever Caring…

By: Datenshi no Uzumaki


There are some times in your life when you wished things would turn out different. There had been terrible mistakes you had wanted to take back. There had been those horrible memories you wished you could have erased. There are so many things you could have done that you regretted not doing so. Sometimes you would wish to go off into another world, where you can start over. You could be in your own fantasy, where no one could bother you.

For a long time, this is how one boy has felt. Life was spiraling down the day his parents left him to rest in an eternal sleep, buried deep beneath the cold ground. He thought it was all over, but he still had faith in his last family. There were three of them, and they all shared the same kind of grief, except they all turned out differently from one another.

There was his older brother, who closed himself off permanently to society. He didn't like socializing, and was titled the 'Prince of Ice'. He never talks to anyone, except for his siblings. He would show a little emotion to them only, but that was good enough to the family. He does become really scary, like he would murder people if they would bother him. Then there was his older brother's twin sister. She has become very over protective of her brothers. It was like she has taken the role of being the 'mother figure' in the family. She didn't really like socializing either, and was very competitive in school. She mostly had boys as friends, and was very athletic and smart. When those 'girly-girls' annoy her, she would release her 'scary side'.

Last was the youngest of the family, himself. Instead of being moody and antisocial like his older siblings, he built his own mask of being opposite of that. He didn't really like expressing that sorrowful emotion lingering in his heart, but would just smile the best he could. He told himself that he would keep on smiling, because it was the only thing that kept his family sane. The older siblings of his all believed that he would turn out worse than any of them, for he was the one that… But he keeps on smiling, even though he had no friends and people hated him… for no good reason. He just lives on to stay with his brother and sister that he loves dearly, even though they all knew that they were loosing their faith…


"Naruto-chan, wake up. We have to go now."

There was a small groan, as crystal blue eyes slowly fluttered open. Blinking his eyes to focus, the boy sat up. There in front of him was his recognizable older sister. She had long soft pink hair, with a pair of teal eyes. She was smiling softly at the boy. "Hurry up and dress. Obasan is here." She said in her kind tone.

The boy nodded, yawning away his sleepiness. The girl giggled to herself, and walked out of the room. The boy stood up, and yawned again. He got himself dressed, and rubbed away his sleep from his bright blue eyes. He looked up at the mirror and shook his head, to let his golden blonde locks ruffle and go into the way he lets it stay. It was messy anyways, so he didn't care for fixing his spiky hair.

He looked over at the other bed present in the room he shared. It was neatly folded, unlike his. He shrugged and walked out the door, still a bit tired, not fully awake. He made his way through the halls of the one story house he resided in with a relative. He could hear voices coming from the kitchen, so he made his way towards it. When he came inside, he saw his sister in the sink, washing dishes. His brother was sitting quietly at a chair near the table. He had short messy red hair. His eyes were closed, but had heavily applied black eyeliner, adding to his black attire. On his forehead, above his brow, was a kanji symbol of 'Ai'. His great aunt was sitting also on the table, talking to a new stranger, supposedly his Obasan that he would hear about.

They all looked at his direction, and his great aunt smiled warmly at his presence. She stood up, and walked over to the blonde boy, and placed his hands on his shoulders. "Naruto-kun, this is your aunt, Tsunade."

The woman was no older than a thirty year old. She was rather curvy, with a large bust. She had long platinum blonde hair, with cinnamon colored eyes. She wore light make up, and her cherry red lips curled into a smile. "My… he's a cutie." The boy blinked his eyes, slightly blushing. The woman stood up, and neared the boy, looking down at him. "Ah… he definitely looks just like his father." She smiled kindly to him, and ruffled his already messy hair. "You've grown a lot since I last saw you, Naruto-kun. You were in diapers that time." She chuckled at the remembrance.

"Ah… they've all grown a lot." Mused their great aunt. "You're right. Naruto does look like Minato-kun." She then glanced at each of the twins. "Sakura-chan and Gaara-kun also looks like their mother, Kushina-san."

"Aa…" Tsunade smiled brightly.

Sakura finished washing the dishes, and walked over to sit beside her twin brother, watching the two older women. She glanced over at her twin, and leaned a bit close to him. "How long do you think we'll be staying with Tsunade-obasan before we get placed to another home?" She whispered.

Gaara slowly opened his eyes to reveal milky green orbs. He glanced at his younger brother, seeing him looked up at the two women, as they were talking. "Two to three months…" He replied in his deep and low tone. The pink haired girl's eyes fell, but she smiled softly.


It was the same almost every year. They would stay at a relative's house for a few months, before they got tired or irritated by them that they were shipped to another house. With the constant moving, the siblings didn't have time to settle down with their life, thus creating their individual personalities for them to survive, Gaara, the always-unsociable one, Sakura, apathetic to many things but her brothers and almost perfect in every way, and Naruto, the ever-cheerful one. One thing for sure was that they never did care for making friends. Because they were growing teens, they would be rebellious when they want to.

Gaara, being feared in every school, would end up in fights. All those who would cross paths with him nearly resulted them into critical conditions. Sakura would break school rules, even though she was the genius of her class, and almost perfect student. She was once caught smoking in the girls rest room, and was expelled from school. She also burned down the lockers of some girls that greatly pissed her off. Naruto was different. He doesn't cause much trouble, but trouble would find him. This all leads to more of the fights that his older siblings would end up in. People would make fun of him, and pick on him. The boy wouldn't fight back at all, but smiling, which ticks off them more. He didn't now what was wrong with him always being happy… he just got tired of crying to himself at night, after they were gone.

That is why, at times, they all wished for something different to happen, something exciting… But what could possibly ever happen in the lives they live in?


To say they were shocked was an understatement. They were speechless, save for one, stunned at the sight before them. They slowly climbed their way out of the amazing limo their aunt rode in, and stared at the big structure in front of them. It was a mansion, no, an estate, almost rivaling a castle. There were no words to describe the large building that they were going to call home.

Tsunade smirked at the three teens' reactions towards her home. She walked up towards the door, and looked back to see them still in they same awe state. "Oi! Just don't stand there, come in." A butler near the door opened it for them, as the three looked around, walking in slowly, marveled by their new surroundings. "So? Like your new home?" She asked, looked around as they were in the main entrance.

Sakura blinked her eyes, and looked at the busty woman. "It's really beautiful, and amazing. It's hard to believe that anyone could live here…"

"It's huge!" Naruto awed, staring with wide eyes at the place.

The woman smirked. "Well… you will be living here from now on." She replied, placing a hand on her hip. "Unlike those other relatives of yours, I'm willing to keep you here… if you want." They all stared at her, blinking their eyes. She smiled at them. "You see… I won't allow my dear brother's children to live in a home where they are not being taken care of dearly. I've heard about your behaviors, but I think I could understand, because of your great loss. I was once like that, but I learnt how to move on, and carrying on life, and I know you three can."

She looked at them, sincerity in her eyes. "If things go well, I know you would love to stay here, and will be able to live happily… it all depends on you." She turned around, placing her hands on her hips. "Shizune!" She yelled rather too loudly, her voice booming throughout the place.

A young woman, with short dark hair, came running into the entrance hall, and bowed, muttering apologies. "Tsunade-sama!"

"Shizune… make sure they are settled in their rooms and get comfortable. I have business to attend to, and I will be back around dinner time." She told the young woman. She then looked at her brother's children, and smiled at them before walking out the doors.

Shizune turned to the three siblings, and smiled. "Ah, you must be the children of Minato-san that I keep hearing about from Tsunade-sama. I'm Shizune, Tsunade-sama's assistant." They just stared at her, blinking their eyes. "Oh, don't be shy. You'll be living here now." She neared them and ushered them to the stairs. "If you want anything, don't be afraid to ask, okay?"

They walked through the second floor, passing many halls and doors. The three were nearly confused and lost at where they were at, loosing track after all those turns. "So, tell me what your names are again?"

The pink haired girl looked at the woman. "I'm Sakura. That is my twin brother, Gaara, and this is Naruto, you're baby brother." The blonde pouted and stuck his tongue out at his sister for being called the baby. Sakura smiled cheekily at him.

They stopped at one corridor, with a big high window at the end. There were four lone doors, guessing it was their rooms. Shizune smiled at them, nearing one door and opening it. "These are your rooms. The other door is just a lounge, or a hang out place if you want to call it. Your stuff is already there from your last house you lived in. If you want to trade rooms, then tell us, so we can move it for you."

Sakura shook her head. "No, it's okay. We'll be fine."

Shizune smiled widely. "Well, Tsunade said that in the weekend she would take you shopping for new things for the next year. The school that you'll be attending is on winter break, so you won't start classes for two weeks. You're allowed to decorate you room how ever you want, for it is your rooms." She was standing beside the youngest sibling, and patted his shoulder.

"You're free to explore. If you get lost, just call one of the maids or me. They'll help you out. Lunch will be served at noon, so come down to the kitchens at that time. I'll be running errands, so take care of your self, and get comfortable, okay?" The dark haired woman smiled at them one last time, and left the siblings alone standing in the wide corridor.

They all went in and found their rooms. It was really big, and wide. It was roomier than all the other rooms that they had to stay in. There was a king size canopy bed. The windows of the room were really tall. There were all the necessities needed, like a desk, drawers, and shelves. They even had a walk in closet and a TV set with stereos. There was also a computer, the latest model. They even had their own individual bathrooms. It was almost like living in luxury. But it was too much for them… they didn't know what to say.

They were gathered in the lounge room that was beside Gaara's room. It was also rather big, with many couches. There was a mini bar, but no alcohol of course. There was a big screen TV, with a large entertainment area with all the latest technology. There were big shelves filled with many books, and a built in aquarium embedded in the wall with the books.

The pink haired girl was still a bit in daze, taking in their new home. She fell into the softness of the couch, where she could easily fall asleep in. Naruto plopped down beside the girl on the other couch. Gaara stood, leaning against the wall near the door, watching his sister and brother. "I still can't believe that we would be living here… I mean, I knew Tsunade-obasan was rich… but not this rich!"

"Don't you want to live here from now on?" asked the faint voice of the blonde.

The girl turned to her younger brother, and smiles softly. "We could… but I don't know how she would handle us… knowing how we are…"

"But she said she understands how we feel… maybe… we should give it a try, and stay here for a longer time…" Naruto said, bowing his head, and tracing his finger on the arm of the couch. "And… she knows about Tousan…. They are related by blood… right? This is the first time we ever met anyone from Tou-san's side of the family, you know."

There was a grunt, and the two turned their heads towards their stoic brother. "If you want to give it a try, then let's… she's an interesting woman, and she seems to care for us more than the others." He stated, in his deep tone. "But… I won't promise you that I will not hold back in fighting those who are terrible to you, Naruto… I won't stand them hurting you." His voice hardened into a low threat that could send anyone to shiver at its coldness.

Sakura nodded. "Hai, he's right. I won't either." Naruto sighed, closing his eyes. The pink haired girl placed a comforting hand on her young brother. "Cheer up Naruto, don't be like that. Whatever happens happens. A new year is coming, and maybe things will be different. Maybe this new start can be good for us."

The blonde looked up at his sister with bright blue eyes, smiling. "You right!" He chirped, his heart ridding that negative emotion. "We'll just have to make the best out of this stay here with Tsunade-obasan!" The girl ruffled the boy's hair, giggling as he pouted.


It's been a week that has passed, and the three siblings were already getting comfortable in their new home. They were growing to like Tsunade as their new 'mother/guardian'. Shizune was also getting attached to the three teens, as they were happy to have her around. They were still trying to know all the servants that work in the woman's house, and they were all kind to them. Not because they are the nephews and niece of their mistress, but because they treated them like friends.

As promised, Tsunade took them out for shopping. They were a bit modest in her getting them all stuff, but the woman was enthusiastic in buying them whatever they wanted. She bought them each a new wardrobe, each to their liking and style. She even got them to buy some furniture for their room. During that week, she got some people to paint their rooms, and decorate their rooms that suited them. Sakura was more for the reds and slight pinks. Naruto really liked blues and whites. Gaara didn't care, so Tsunade got some dark color schemes, which was to his liking, though he wouldn't admit it.

The three still had a lot to cover in the estate. They did get lost more than once. They found the large dining hall, and the big indoor pool. There were almost five living rooms, but each had different schemes to it. Naruto admitted that he liked the blue room, because it was beside the beautiful and large garden. There was also an old painting of Tsunade's family, with his father there when they were young.

The back yard was also big, aside from the garden with various flowers and plants. There was a river that past by the estate grounds. There was a large courtyard with a big water fountain in the center. There was a tennis court and a basketball one as well. They found the large kitchen with almost four large refrigerators. Tsunade had two personal chefs that would take turns in cooking their meals for the day.

There were nearly over fifteen rooms in the place. She even had a large library with three floors, the most favorite place for the siblings. Why she needs this all, the siblings had no clue of, but they were really impressed and had high respect for their really rich aunt.


Naruto was lost in his own world, reading a novel he found interesting in the large library in the estate. He sat down on one of the couches in the second floor. Closing the book, finishing it, and smiling to himself with content, he got up and placed the novel back into the shelf where he found it. The boy really did love to read. All of them do. That is why, when the servants went to search of the children; they would spot them in the library. Sakura was out with Shizune somewhere, and the boy had no clue where his older brother was. So the boy was left alone in the quietness of the big library.

"Huh? What's this?" Something caught the boy's eyes, seeing an odd book with beautiful gold linings. He pulled it out, inspecting the rather old looking book. "No title?" There was a piece of leather that closed the book, and the boy pulled it back, and opened the old book.

Naruto blinked his blue eyes, seeing the weird symbols on the first page. "Huh? What is this language?" Suddenly he words on the book seemed to change into something he could read. He jumped back in surprise, his heart racing. "What the-?" He neared the book and slightly touched the pages. He furrowed his brow and tilted his head. "When all things are lost, go seek Rakuen?"

Then the worlds changed again, but this time the boy was entranced by the book, curiosity claiming him. "Where a world is torn, and the only hope is with a Shugorei, fight to seek Rakuen and save the world from utter destruction…"

Suddenly a flash of light emitted form the book, and the boy jumped back in shock and in awe. The pages of the book turned as an anonymous wind started to swirl around the place. Naruto lifted his arms over his face, trying to see the book and passed the harsh winds. "What's going on!?"

His eyes then caught sight of words forming in the beam of light, with a faint picture of some city in the background. "Konohakagure?" Then the winds became stronger, sucking the boy towards the light and book. Naruto freaked out, grabbing hold of a desk that was behind him. The force was too strong, and his grip was slipping. The boy was screaming, as his hands slipped form his hold to the desk, and he was sucked up into he light. Then the book closed, and everything became normal in the library.


Gasping for air, the boy jerked up into a sitting position. His eyes were wide in great shock, and his heart was racing quickly. He looked around and found himself no longer in his aunt's library in the estate. He was in the middle of the woods, and unfamiliar surrounding. "W-where-?"

Standing up, he dusted himself, and looked around, now lost in the middle of nowhere. 'Sakura-neechan… Gaara-niisan…' The boy heard something rustle within the bushes beside him. He freaked out and jumped, turning to the source. Suddenly a giant wolf popped out, knocking over the poor boy.

Naruto blinked his eyes open, and froze. There on top of him was a large snout of the black wolf. He had the scariest crimson eyes, and was snarling at the boy, growling and baring his sharp canines. The wolf's head then neared his face, as he sniffed the boy. Naruto could only stare with wide eyes. It snorted at him, and nudged its nose at the boy's cheek. Naruto, no longer that much afraid, slowly lifted his hand to touch the black animal. Suddenly the head of the wolf snapped up, looking over to one side, and it growled. The blonde boy didn't know what to do, lying frozen on his back, underneath a large wolf… bigger than the ones he had seen in his camping trip long ago.

Suddenly the wolf grabbed the boy by his shirt, and tossed him into the air. Naruto then landed on top of the back of the black wolf, and instantly grabbed on to the wolf tightly as it sprinted away through the woods in a very fast speed. The blonde didn't know what was going on, and was still scared of all this. After a few minutes on the wolf, which was still running away, the boy slowly sat up, and looked back, and freak out even more. There were these weird black things chasing them with beady yellow eyes that were nearly glowing.

The boy leaned back down, and wrapped his arms around the big body of the wolf, closing his eyes. 'I don't like this anymore! I want to go home!' The boy's mind yelled. The wolf's ears slightly twitched, its eyes looking from the corner of its eyes. Something warm was spreading across its snout.

The black wolf stopped in its tracks, and Naruto sat up from his perch, blinking his eyes. The canine animal slightly moved its body, and Naruto slid off, tilting his head. When there were sounds of hissing nearing them, the wolf went in front of the boy, in a defensive position, growling at the incoming enemy. Naruto watched from behind as he saw those black shadowy things came in to view. The wolf barked at it, scaring the boy slightly at its loud booming voice. Then those shadows attacked, and the wolf jumped to fight back.

Naruto could only watch in awe but in fear. The wolf took down there of the five things, but was shocked from behind, causing the wolf to cry out. Naruto's heart clenched at the scene, feeling useless. After a big ball of fire from the wolf's mouth, the animal came running towards the boy, and once again picking him up on to its back. Naruto clutched on to the animal, as it ran faster than before. He looked down at the wolf's hair, and gasped seeing a wound on its side. "Its hurt…"

The boy looked up and saw a ruined temple like structure coming into view. Suddenly there were blasts coming near them, as the wolf dodged them. Naruto pressed himself close to the wolf's back, as they jumped into the air, but the attack struck the side of the wolf. The two came hurling out from the trees, into the open grounds of the temple. Naruto was close to the wolf, and he quickly sat up.

He gasped, seeing blood seeping through the black fur of the wolf. "Ah! Oh-no!" He looked up and panicked as he saw those black shadows coming out from the forest. Naruto threw his arms over the big animal, and narrowed his eyes at the enemies. He bit his lip. 'What can I do? I can't fight those things, but the wolf is hurt… he saved me and…' He closed his eyes; his heart was racing loudly against his ears. 'Make them go away! Please! Save this wolf!'

"NO! Stay away! Leave us ALONE!" He cried out loud, as their surrounding were suddenly filled with a bust of light, blanketing their view, until suddenly, Naruto was met with darkness.


((Great… another story. Well, this is different. I might have gotten this idea from other Anime's, and kind of molded it together to create this. Naruto isn't weak… he's different that's all. I've always thought of the idea of Sakura and Gaara being twins somehow, as they almost have the same features… red-ish hair and green eyes. And I also liked the idea of Naruto being related to Sakura or Gaara… I don't know what else to say, but you'll just have to read on to understand it. Sorry if I didn't correct my grammar mistakes and spelling… I'm feeling a bit lazy right now. I will continue with Aoginozomi Amanohara and focus on that more, and slowly update this one, if you want. Please review! And try to be easy on me…))


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