Rosuto Rakuen (Lost Paradise)

Epilogue: Til We Meet In Paradise

By Datenshi No Uzumaki


"A child born of a Namikaze and Uzumaki,"
"The one that carries the demon with nine tails,"
"The one with the twin Uchiha as Guardians,"
"Holds the great powers of Rebirth and Destruction,"
"Life and Death,"
"Light and Darkness."
"This child is a Godsend,"
"The chosen one of the Gods,"

"Darkness lingers near seeking the Child's power,"
"But its Precious ones protects it,"
"Sending the Child to another world."

"Terror and sorrow strikes on that world,"
"The Child's heart filled with woe,"
"Darkness can no longer reach the Child,"
"And the Child looses Precious ones."

"The Child forgets about its past…"
"The Child forgets of his world…"

"The day the Child returns to the world,"
"Is the day that it meets the young wolf again,"
"The day when the Child will become,"
"The God's gift,"
"And it will bring with it,"
"The two other vessels of Biju,"
"With tails of one and two."
"Who has Guardians of the twin Dragons Hyuuga…"

"To the temples, the Child must travel,"
"To gather strength by the many Gods."
"Many trials and tribulations this Child will go through,"
"Guided by many Precious ones it is surrounded by,"
"Darkness has awakened,"
"And out again it seeks the Child."
"A terrible misfortune comes in the Child's way."
"One by one, the Precious ones go,"
"To protect the Child from Darkness' coming."
"In the end, the Child falls,"
"But Light holds stubbornly,"
"And they vanish from the world."

"As the seasons pass in three full turns,"
"And the heavens open and cry fallen feathers,"
"The Ten'yo returns to this world again."
"The Holy Waters unfreeze, welcoming back the Child,"
"The Gods it will meet with a new task."
"Seek the Ten stones of Tengoku, the Child must do,"
"Then Darkness will cower in its great strength."
"More trouble will brew,"
"And the Child must face the ones that seek the Biju."

"Darkness is growing, and slowly overcoming the lands."
"The Gates of Darkness will open again,"
"And the Great War will strike."
"Chaos and Destruction will take over the lands,"
"And all the Soldiers must fight in the Gods' honor."
"The Child must act quick, and unlock the Gates of Light,"
"With the Four Star Mirrors set in place,"
"The true power of Ten'yo awakens."
"What is seen further is unknown,"
"For the Ten'yo must decide the fate."
"To Darkness or to Light?"
"Only the Child's heart can answer."
"Will this War end, or will it continue?"
"Will the Light spread its wings wide?"
"Or will Darkness's Claws hold the Child tight?"

"Seek the answers Ten'yo,"
"The place where you can decide,"
"In the lands that was once long forgotten,"

"One can only find true Paradise,"
"If they believe in themselves,"
"And have faith in their Precious ones."

"The child of Darkness defeated, Ten'yo's duties are not done."

"The messengers of Darkness come, spilling blood in their paths to the Ten'yo, marking the beginning of the days in hell,"
"Ten days until It finally awakens and ends the world in eternal darkness."
"On the ninth day, the sun would no longer rise in the sky, blanketed by darkness and the moon bleeding crimson."
"On the eighth day, the sky cries endless tears, flooding all the lands."
"On the seventh day, powerful giants prowl the world rampaging over the lands."
"On the sixth day, strong whirls of wind terrorize the lands, leaving destruction in its trail."
"On the fifth day, the earth trembles unpredictably, tearing lands apart."
"On the fourth day, dead moaning souls of the past walk upon the world, haunting all those left behind."
"On the third day, the first child born falls, suffering unbearable pain."
"On the second day, all not Shugorei or Senmin fall asleep, and will wake unless the Darkness is defeated.
"On the last day, time stands still and darkness appears, taking away Ten'yo and his precious ones."

"The final battle between Ten'yo and Darkness has come."
"Into the lands that was once known as Paradise, they will fight."
"Precious ones sacrificed to aid Ten'yo against the messengers."
"As Guardians of Ten'yo and Darkness battle and become one,"
"The true face of Darkness is revealed."
"The children of the great seers give their lives for the summon,"
"Of the ultimate weapon to pierce through the Darkness."
"Spread your wings, Ten'yo, to fight against the cycle."
"Let all the souls caught in Darkness' web now rest,"
"In Paradise that you must restore."
"Shine out your Light, Ten'yo, upon the world you were born,"
"Bringing peace and joy that is everlasting."
"Cry no more, Ten'yo, your destiny will end."
"Keep smiling with your wings wide and Light radiating brightly."


Down the grand halls of the Hokage Tower, all heads turned and moved away when a small figure loudly ran through. The people in uniform couldn't help but smile at the familiar face of a little girl that just turned six years of age. She had shoulder length raven hair, and pale eyes. Her cheeks rounded as she smiled widely and hurriedly greeted all the Soldiers she passed by.

"Careful!" Many called out to the girl, while laughing at the routine antics of the girl.

The girl came to a stop after passing the portraits of the past Hokage hung on the walls. Before her was the grand double doors leading to the office of the current head of the great city of Konohagakure. The girl stood up straight, and swept her bangs from her pale eyes. She smiled up at the two guards standing at the sides of the door. She waved at them, and stepped up to the doors. She placed her small hands on its surface, and with all her strength pushed it open.

The girl took in a deep breath as the doors opened wider. "Kaasan!"

The occupants of the room turned their heads at the loud familiar call. A tall man in green grinned widely. "Oh! Good morning Hime-chan!" He greeted loudly.

The other man standing opposite side from the green one, sighed, and then smiled. When he saw that glint in the girl's eye, he got worried. "Wait, don't you dare-"

Without listening to the warning, the girl dashed into the room, and leaped into the air. The shortest man in the room, who stood in the middle of the two taller men, braced himself, and opened wide his arms, catching the girl. The girl giggled, while clinging to the red haired man. "Kaasan!"

"Koume," the red haired man spoke in a soft and deep tone. "You shouldn't run around in the halls and jump around so much. It's reckless and you'll get hurt." The girl's 'mother' reprimanded.

The six year old girl leaned back to look up at the man's face, grinning cheekily. "Don't worry, Kaasan. I won't break your back. I promise I was careful." Then she threw her arms back around his neck. "And you know I do it out of love!" The two men chuckled, knowing that their great leader was a softy towards his children. Milky green eyes glared at the two taller men, and they froze on the spot.

The man slightly pushed Koume back to look into her eyes. It was the same pale eyes as the man with long raven hair in the room. "Koume, what did you need?"

Koume hummed, swinging her legs. "I just wanted to know if it was true that Naru-jisan was coming back from the other world. Sakura-obasan said so. I'm really excited to see Mako-chan!"

The green wearing man grinned, and nodded. "Sakura-san is making a big feast at the Namikaze Mansion for their arrival! It's going to be a great welcoming party!"

The girl's eyes widened with excitement, and she turned to her 'mother'. "Oh! Could I help Obasan with the cooking!?" Koume clutched on to the man's robes, slightly shaking it. "Could I? I promise to be good!"

"Well... if you promised to be good..." The leader of the great city said.

"Yay!" She jumped out of the man's arms, nearly scaring both her parents. The two men sighed when she landed on the floor perfectly fine. "Big feast! Big feast! Going to make lots of yummy goodies for Mako-chan!" She ran towards the doors, but then stopped and turned around. "Oh, is everyone else coming too? Are all the Aunties and Uncles coming back from their missions? And all my friends will be there too?"

The red haired man smiled softly towards his daughter, and nodded. "Yes, they will."

Koume jumped and whooped in excitement. "It's going to be a big reunion! I love reunions!"

The long raven haired man took a step forward, reaching out a hand towards the girl. "Oh," he called out in warning. "Koume, please don't run-"

"Big Feast!" The little raven haired girl shouted before running out the way she came from. The three men sighed, but their smiles lingered.


Eternal Peace from the horrible wars of Darkness has finally reigned over the world. However, Yajuu and Youkai still linger in the lands. Many places have been left in devastation, but over the years, everything was rebuilt and strived. The five great nations rose from the ashes of war, celebrating as their greatest and long time fears and battles against the ancient Darkness was permanently put away.

The country of Otogakure has been disbanded, and its lands divided among the neighboring countries. The residents of that small country have scattered all across the world. However, most moved into Konoha, because it was once where their former leader grew up in. Though the former Otokage was misguided and influenced mostly by the Darkness, the people respected their former leader and loved him. He was the founder of the small nation and led it to make its name known, even though the name of the once small nation was smeared with slander.

Though there were still those little arguments and disagreements between the nations, everything ran smoothly over the years after the end of Darkness. There were still some competitions among the nations, but there hasn't been any wars or any signs of it between the nations. After they've banded together, it turned out they were able to tolerate some of the differences between the nations. Soldiers were still being raised, to take on missions to raise money and rebuild the cities of their country. They fought those who have betrayed their nation, and protected their cities from Yajuu and Youkai.

The great capital city of Konohagakure of the Fire Nation has been steadily growing, stronger and stronger, back to its magnificent glory. Almost the whole city has been renovated. The buildings were taller, the streets wider, and more new residential areas have been added. Konohagakure may have been said to not be the same as it was before the great war, but the teachings, laws and morals of the city were still the same as it was when it was first built. The Hokage Tower especially remained the same, still the tallest building of the whole Fire Nation, and standing as strong as it did when it went through all the wars and Darkness has thrown at it. All these things was thanks to the great rule under the Sixth Hokage, Namikaze Gaara.



Upon the cliff, stood four people. Down below at a certain distance was a big and grand looking castle. No more were the lands desolate and dry, but full of tall thick grass and trees. The skies were no longer covered with dark clouds. They were cleared away and the sky was nice and blue. The place was almost the same as the Mortal Realm, though the differences were the shades of everything in the Demon Realm being a little darker than usual.

The shortest among the group turned to the only female, standing in front of the three males. "Kyuubi..." She was very tall, with long crimson hair, piercing and slanted golden eyes, and three whisker like marks on her cheeks. Upon her head were red fox like ears, complete with nine bushy fox tails behind the woman. She was wearing grand dark robes, and the three males knew and felt what an important and high authority figure she was to the lands.

The red haired woman raised a brow in amusement, as she crossed her arms and leaned most of her weight to one foot. "My... that name, dear Naru-chan?"

The blond shook his head, and grinned back at the woman. "Kurama." He said more confidentially. Then his expression fell slightly, and his smile became saddened. "Thank you for everything, Kurama." He said softly, looking up at the tall Queen of the Demons.

The woman reached out a hand, and raked her fingers through the boy's golden hair. She smiled in a proud and motherly way. "It's you I should be saying thanks to." Kurama replied. She pulled the boy into an embrace. "You gave me a second chance, and set me free from my hate and anger. I'm glad to have fought along side you, kit."

Naruto wrapped his arms around the great demon, returning the hug. "I'll never forget you."

Kurama pushed the boy back slightly, smiling widely, with a sharp fang sticking out. "You could always come back and see me, you know." She raked her fingers again through the boy's hair in an affectionate way. "You're always welcomed here, even if it's just for a small visit."

"You're not taking over as Daimaou again, Kyuubi-sama?" The eldest male of the group questioned.

The woman looked over at the older Uchiha. "That title rightfully belongs to my eldest son. I've been gone for too long from here. Plus, I think I should relax a bit after fighting in the wars." She grinned and looked up at the blue sky. "At least the Demon Realm has returned to its beautiful self again, and you're able to see it."

Kurama looked back down at the blond boy she thought of as another child of hers. "I assure you, my children and I will make sure to keep under control all the high level Youkai, and that they'll not set foot in the Mortal Realm." She promised.

"Thank you, Kurama." Naruto smiled up at the woman.



It was like a big celebration with the Gods in the Spirit Realm. They all gathered in the big hall, laughing, talking, drinking and eating with each other. They were celebrating for the end of the great Darkness that threatened the world for many years. All their praise and gratitude was towards their dear godsend, Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. He was there in the Spirit Realm, along with his overwhelmed Shugorei. The goddesses flocked over the Uchiha twins, fawning over them, just like the females back in the Mortal Realm.

Naruto was shyly smiling up at the giant god that sat in his seat, overlooking the party of the Gods in the grand hall. "Shushin-sama." He knelt down and bowed his head in respect.

The giant god smiled down at the boy. "Our dearest Ten'yo, you are a hero, and your name will be forever known through the ages and all of the Realms." He told the boy. Naruto flushed in embarrassment, not feeling worthy of such praise from such a big god. "Dear child, though the purpose of Senmin in searching Rakuen is over, Senmin will now take in the roles as mediators of the Realms." He announced. The blond boy looked up at the god. "They are to make sure that the balance between light and dark is stable. This way, the feared great Darkness won't come again to create destruction upon our world again."

Shushin looked straight into the boy's bright blue eyes, with an emotion of reassurance. "Do not worry, dear child. Darkness is sealed away, and no one, not even the Gods, myself nor the Daimaou knows where those gates are." Naruto's eyes softened, trusting the head god. "The Stones of Tengoku will surely keep it away, and this way, no one will abuse the great powers of those Stones either."

Naruto bowed his head, smiling. "I'm glad." Then he looked up at the God. "And I'll happily take on the job to keep the balance of light and dark in the world." He slightly tilted his head, his smile nearly glowing. "Even if I lost the great powers of Ten'yo."



When the doorbell rang, a young teenaged girl ran to the door. She had long raven hair that stopped to her waistline. She had milky green eyes, and a pale complexion. She straightened out her robes before she opened the door. There at the door stood a family of five. The girl gasped and smiled widely. "You're here! Welcome back!"

The youngest child, a girl of the age of six, quickly hugged the older girl, before running into the big mansion. "Koume!" The girl shouted. The two older children, a male and female, shook their heads and rolled their eyes, before hugging the older girl and walked into the mansion.

Then the teenager turned to the two adults. "Naru-jisan. Sasuke-jisan." She greeted warmly.

The shorter man walked up to the girl, and pulled her into a gentle hug. "Hello, Yuka-chan." He greeted. He had slightly messy blond hair that was pulled back to a half pony-tail. His eyes were still a bright blue, and the whisker-like marks were a bit faint, nearly completely gone over the years. The other man was a head taller than the other. His dark hair no longer stuck up in the back like how it was when he was younger. He still had the same dark eyes and pale complexion. And both men proudly wore matching silver rings on their left hand.

"You've grown beautifully, Yuka-chan." Naruto complemented.

The girl blushed, murmuring a thanks. She turned to hug Sasuke, greeting him. "Oh, Itachi-jisan is already here, uncle. He's in the back with Sai-jisan too." She told the man.

"Thanks." The taller man replied, giving a small smile to the girl. "And it's always nice to see you again, Yuka." He walked inside to follow after his children, and seek out his brother.

The blond man took the girl's hand, as they walked inside the Namikaze mansion. Naruto saw that not much has changed from the last time he came over, except for the few new family portraits hanging on the walls. "So, Yuka-chan, anything new with you? Doing well in school? Found your Shugorei yet? Have a boyfriend or girlfriend?" Naruto slyly asked the last question, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Naru-jisan!" Yuka protested out of embarrassment.


At the call of his name, the man looked up and smiled widely at the sight of two familiar people standing at the entrance of the mansion. "Niisan! Neechan!"

The older siblings of Naruto have definitely became fine adults that their aunt and parents dreamed of. Gaara was still the head of the Namikaze Clan, and the great Hokage over Konohagakure. It was a surprise to everyone that Naruto was taller than his older brother, but just by a small bit. Gaara had slightly longer hair than compared to when he was younger. And the circles around his eyes have slightly lightened. His expression wasn't as cold as before, and he definitely matured after years of being a leader and a parent.

The younger twin of the head of the Namikaze Clan was definitely as gorgeous as her mother and her aunt. Sakura was a head shorter than her older twin. She had the curvacious body that most women would envy, even after giving birth to three children. Though it wasn't apparent, with her hair up in a neat bun, her hair was longer than it was before the start of the eternal peace from the Darkness. "Naru-chan!" The woman came up to his youngest brother and hugged him tightly. "I miss you so much! I'm so happy you're here!"

Naruto pulled back, and grinned. "Yeah, it has been a while. And I miss you both always." He turned to hug his older brother.

Gaara pushed back after hugging him, frowning at his younger brother. "You don't contact us very often." He said in a reprimanding tone.

"Sorry, sorry! We get busy at the other side." The blond man laughed, rubbing the back of his head in slight guilt and nervousness. Even after all the years, and Naruto being taller than his older brother, he still got nervous and scared of the stern red head.

Sakura hooked her arm around her younger brother's, and dragged him further into the mansion. "Come, come! Everyone has been waiting for your arrival. And we can finally start eating!"

"You better appreciate it, because our little princess helped Sakura with the food and preparations." Gaara narrowed his eyes at the blond.

Naruto swallowed hard, and was grinning nervously. "Of course, if it's from cute little Koume-chan!" He laughed.

The three siblings entered into the loud and full dining room. Everyone turned their heads and called out to the blonde in happiness and excitement from most of the women in the room. Naruto laughed when the women gathered around him, hugging and kissing his cheeks while hounding him about his health and how things were for him. He clapped hands and patted the backs of all his male friends, but declined from their offer of some alcoholic beverage. Naruto was beaming brightly being around his friends and family especially during the peaceful times in the world.


Niisan and Neji-niisan have been together for sixteen years, and nothing has changed much between the two of them. They were truly in love with each other, and their work as Soldiers and as the leader of a great nation never went between them. After Yuka-chan, they had three other children together: twin boys and then their baby, Koume-chan. Neji-niisan somehow convinced Niisan to allow him to join Kyougu ((equivalent to ANBU)) ranks after their youngest was born. When Neji-niisan wasn't taking a mission as a Kyougu, he would stay by the side of Niisan, helping him out with some of his paper work, or he would stay home to help take care and/or train his children.

With Sakura-neechan, she happily got married to Lee. They have three kids together, all girls. I wonder how Lee could handle all that estrogen. But they seemed like a happy and loving family, which is great. Lee loves to spoil those girls, and seems like a push over, being bossed around by neechan. As long as he's happy, then it's all great, right? Lee stayed as a Seibyou, and took on an apprentice, like how Maito Gai was Lee's, right out of the Academy. After Tsunade-obasan retired, Sakura-neechan took over as the head Kitoushi in the hospitals. Neechan was a renowned healer through out the world, promoting the importance of fighting medics in the field. She, along with her first Shugorei, made lots of medical discoveries, and were still making more research for new cures. Neechan and Lee with their girls live in the elite residential district, which is closer to the hospitals than the Namikaze mansion.

Itachi, my dear Shugorei, and the older twin of Sasuke, continued his work as Kyougu. He became the head captain of the whole Kyougu. He didn't take the title of head of the Uchiha Clan, passing it to his younger twin. Itachi is happy with his current life, living in the Kyougu head quarters, taking up the responsibility as the leader of the most dangerous of Soldiers. I was told that he shares quarters with a certain male Shugorei of Neechan's. That's right, Sai is also part of Kyougu, and he leads his own squad as a captain of that team. Those two are very complicated and frustrating, which I agree wholeheartedly with Neechan. They just won't ever admit, mostly to their friends and family, that they love each other. So they just keep silent about their relationship and everyone has to guess if they're together or not. As long as their happy though, I'm fine. Sasuke doesn't care though, and thinks that no matter what, Itachi and Sai would rather stay beside each other. I guess you're right, Sasuke... like always...

Hinata-chan, Neechan's other Shugorei, and her first, became a Kitoushi like her Senmin. She also became the Head of the Hyuuga Clan after marrying Kiba. They have two sons, all under the age of ten. They're a content family. Hinata-chan changed a lot of things in the Hyuuga Clan, even allowed permission of Neji-niisan to come to the compound. The Hyuuga Clan became less strict, more welcoming, and a tiny bit more open-minded with Hinata as the Head. Their father couldn't be more proud of his children. Kiba was part of Kyougu for awhile, until he stepped down and stayed as Seibyou after his second son was born. Like most Seibyou, he took on three students fresh out of the Academy.

Oh, and then there are our close friends. Ino-chan got married to her Shugorei, Shikamaru. They have a daughter and son. Ino-chan remained a Hamusha, and took the job as an instructor in the Academy. Shikamaru became the trustworthy adviser and strategist to Niisan. That lazy man is really smart, even smarter than the great prodigy, Itachi, apparently. Shikamaru was also sent out as ambassador of Konohagakure between all other nations. Ino-chan likes to boast about how high a position her husband has, but always complains when he does nothing but lay around in their house. Shikamaru always complains about Ino-chan always nagging him and being bossy. Funny how Ino-chan and Neechan are alike, being bossy wives to their husbands. Ah, I remembered when they first met and hated each other, now they're like the best of friends.

The other Shugorei of Ino, Chouji, joined Konoha's defense guard. They are the ones that secure the walls of the city, and take turns doing gate duty. Though the job is said to not be much for Soldiers, Chouji finds it convenient, as he has a lot of time to help his wife in managing her nice and cozy diner. The place is pretty popular, and it has one of the greatest dishes found in the whole country. Chouji and his wife have a cute girl of their own too.

Then there are the former teammates of Kiba. Tenten and Shino got married, which was no surprise to everyone, as they've been together for the longest time, according to Neechan. They have a son who is about the same age as Niisan's youngest. Tenten is also an instructor in the Academy, and is a well known weapon specialist. Shino joined the ranks of Kyougu. I think I heard that he might be in the same team as Sai. But I'm not sure, because Kyougu is very hush-hush and only the Hokage and its members know what goes on in there.

Over the years, all of us, my family and friends, have always tried to make time to gather together, to laugh and enjoy the company of each other, no matter the occasion. It is always Neechan and the other women who make the plans, and it always happens in the great big Namikaze Mansion. It is big enough for our big families. It was something our mothers – mine, Sasuke's and the Hyuuga Twins' – wanted. So we continued on with the tradition, because we know that you – our mothers – would be watching us, smiling in your gentle and beautiful way with pride and joy.


Most of the children were playing in the pool, shouting and splashing all around. The older children in their pre-teen and teenage years were hanging out at the edges, talking together. Most of the men were gathered together with some form of alcohol in their hands, talking and watching a poker game that the Namikaze siblings introduced to them years ago. All the women were sitting together in the shade, laughing and talking, while drinking lightly and eating some snacks. However, the Namikaze siblings gathered together at the patio, closer to the door. Naruto and his husband sat in front of his older siblings, keeping up with news and stories they missed.

"How are you and Sasuke back in the other world?" Sakura openly asked, sipping on her alcoholic iced tea.

Naruto laughed softly. "Great! Living as normal lives as we can over there."

"Very peaceful, even after taking care of our rambunctious children." Sasuke added.

Gaara looked at the husband of his younger brother. "And you're okay with it? No fighting or facing near-death experiences?" He carefully asked.

Sasuke shrugged. "It's a change of pace compared to our lives in the past. I don't mind it at all." He squeezed the hand of the blond man beside him. Naruto beamed, and stared at him lovingly. His sister internally gushed at the sweet scene between the married couple.

"However, Sasuke is working in the detective agency, so he's not completely out of danger." The blond man chirped.

"And what job did you take up this time in the other world? Last time you were working in a flower shop, and before that you were a preschool teacher." The red haired Namikaze leaned back in his seat, brushing a few of his bangs from his teal eyes.

Naruto beamed. "In a library! I want to read everything in there! And I do a side job of tutoring students. It's fun!" His older siblings shook their heads, laughing to themselves at how their younger brother not able to stay in one place for too long, and always happy to try new things out. The Uchiha couple didn't need to work much for financial reasons. They had a large inheritance from the Uchiha Clan, as Sasuke was the Head. Naruto also had large sums of fortune because of his parents, his aunt and the very gracious and giving people from all around the world that knew about him being Ten'yo.

"Oh, how are the ex-members of Akatsuki doing?" Sakura asked.

The blond man smiled. "They're doing fine, adjusting in the other world. They've made out their lives over there, and are living in the same city as us." He replied.

The pink haired woman sighed out with relief. "It's nice to know that they're comfortable there."

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, though some of them had to use seals to hide the odd appearances the people there are not used to seeing." He leaned back chuckling to himself. "It's just so funny watching as they try to be peaceful business men or government officials. But they're good people, you know?"

The red head looked up at his younger brother. "How about Tsunade-obasan?"

"She's doing great with her Shugorei over there. She's been traveling all over the world with her Shugorei and Shizune." He sighed, shaking his head. "It's hard to keep tabs on her. She only asks for money if she uses it all in her gambling, you know. Last I heard from Shizune, they were somewhere in America."

"So it's just you, Sasuke and your kids in the mansion of Tsunade-obasan?" The man's older sister questioned.

Naruto nodded. "Yup! It may be very big, though not as big as this mansion, but we're all doing well there." He smiled softly. There was a loud cheer and some frustrating yells from the large group of men. They saw Kiba slam his hand down on the table, pointing angrily at Lee, who stood up with his hands up, grinning triumphantly. They all laughed and turned away from the scene.

"You know, our eldest twin wants to stay here to become a Soldier." Sasuke spoke up.

"That's good." Gaara raised a brow. "How about your daughter?"

The raven haired man's expression soured, as he frowned deeply. "She's staying back in the other world... because of some boy she has a crush on." He grumbled.

Both Sakura and Naruto laughed. The blond man was patting his husband's hand to ease his mood. "Don't be like that, teme. You know she's a big girl, and you can't do anything about it. She'll always love you~" The raven haired man clicked his tongue.

"Yuka-chan wants to take a vacation and stay over at the other world for awhile." The red head Namikaze told.

Naruto beamed. "That's great! She's always welcomed over to stay with us! We'll be returning in a month, though." He glanced over at the man beside him, who nodded.

"Great, you'll be staying over like a vacation! We'll have so much fun!" Then the pink haired woman leaned in closer. "And I believe that Yuka wanted to go to the other world, because it's our parents' death anniversary coming soon." She said softly. Naruto gave a soft smile, and nodded.

Suddenly the doorbell inside the mansion rang. Gaara stood up to go answer it, but his eldest daughter they were talking about quickly ran inside. "Don't worry Kaasan, I'll get it!" She called out.

The siblings, with a good view of the inside and the foyer, curiously watched to see who it was. "Odd, I think everyone is already here." Muttered Sakura.

At the door was quiet a handsome boy, and the younger siblings of the Head Namikaze gasped and giggled when they saw the young Yuka was blushing and talking to the boy. Then they froze and shivered when they felt a dark aura behind them. They slowly turned their heads to see Gaara glaring at the boy from his seat. Sakura panicked, and Neji was quickly there to comfort and ease his 'wife'.

Naruto bit his lip, refraining from laughing at the scene. He leaned in close to his husband, whispering. "I bet you that the real reason Gaara wants Yuka-chan to have a vacation to the other world is because he wants her to get away from that guy who might turn out to be Yuka-chan's boyfriend." Sasuke snorted in reply.

Hearing the not so quiet words, Gaara was raging more. "I need to clean out the trash." He hissed. He stood up and stomped his way inside.

Everyone, all the adults, stopped what they were doing and jumped at their Hokage to prevent him from possibly murdering the poor boy. "NO!"


Spring came, and the weather was not to warm nor cold. There were a few clouds in the blue sky. A gentle breeze blew over the blades of green grass. Two men climbed up the slightly steep side of the hill. There were head stones placed in neat rows, most different from another. Then two children ran by the adults.

"Hey, don't run!" Sasuke shouted after his youngest daughter and his son. He sighed and walked quicker to catch up to them, avoiding in stepping on the head stones on the ground.

Naruto looked behind and smiled, seeing his oldest daughter with Yuka, his brother's oldest child. They both had bouquets of flowers in their arms, as they talked to one another. "Don't fall behind, now, you two." He called out to them, waving at them.

When their family reached a certain place, Naruto was the first to kneel down in front of the big standing head stone. The children all followed, kneeling beside him, staring at the words engraved on it. I was engraved on the stone "Our love is forever" over the name 'Namikaze' that were in big letters. Then the names 'Kushina' and 'Minato' were beside one another with their birth dates and the day they died, over twenty years ago.

"Hello Kaasan, Tousan." The two older girls placed down the bouquets carefully against the head stones. "It has been a while, and today is your anniversary." Naruto spoke out with a gentle smile upon his lips.

"Hi Obaasan, Ojiisan!" The Uchiha couple's youngest greeted loudly. Her older siblings rolled their eyes at their enthusiastic sister. "Guess who we brought! Yuka-neechan!" The little girl threw her arms around the eldest among them.

The young teen laughed, patting her youngest cousin's head. "Hello Obaasan, Ojiisan."

"Yuka-chan can in place of Gaara-niisan and Sakura-neechan. They're sorry they couldn't come, because they're bury at the other side. So instead, we brought you your first grandchild!" The blond man grinned.

After a short prayer, the children ran off, leaving the couple behind in front of the headstone. Sasuke reached out his hand, and placed it on top of his 'wife's' shoulder. The blond man looked over, and his blue eyes met with obsidian ones. Naruto smiled, and placed his hand over the other man's hand, and squeezed it. Then he turned his head to stare back at the headstone of his parents'.

'Thank you Kaasan, Tousan, for everything you have done for us, for watching over all our families.' Cerulean eyes closed. 'I will never regret anything, from the paths I have chosen. As long as the ones I love are always surrounding me, I know my life will be a great one.' He slowly opened his eyes, and looked up at the blue sky. He smiled as the warmth of the sun kissed his cheeks. 'And in many many many years later, I'll be able to see you all again...'

Only in Rakuen.


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