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The Prophecy of Old: The Prologue

A single figure wept in a dark room, appearingly forsaken by her friends and family. What is her story? I wonder what it is.

When winter comes in summer,
When's there's no more forever, yeah
That's when I'll stop loving you,
That's when I'll stop loving you

She remembered these words in sadness. He was gone forever; no chance of him coming back into her dismal life. "I wish you were here, holding me tight, caring for me like I do for you," she whispered into the depressing silence. "It's been so long, so long that I cannot bear the grief anymore. Why, Why ME? Why do I have to be infatuated by your charm, your smile, and your eyes that pull me in, hooking me into your perfectness? We used to be best friends. We were so close. Why did the wish to defeat Voldemort push me out of your mind, soul and life? Why you, Harry, why you?"

"Why did I have to give you up for her?" he asked the grim silence. "Why did Cho have to be a Death Eater?" "Yes," the little nasty voice in his head said, "you loved her only for her beauty, not realizing the danger at hand. You were very lucky you discovered it before the wedding. You lost your true love. What are you going to do about it now?" "I'll figure something out," he told himself, "Ever though Voldemort is not defeated, I will win her back," Harry stated while crying silent tears; the tears held back for so many years.

Little did the two depressed lovers their chance of love and a life together was just a moment away.