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The Prophecy of Old Part Two: The Letters

With red eyes and a tear-stained face, Hermione awakened to the sound of tapping. "I'm up, I'm up," she said groggily. She looked to see where the tapping was coming from. "Hedwig?" she questioned the snowy white. The owl had two letters. She opened the first. It read:

Dear Hermione,
I love you. I have ever since our sixth year. The other letter is from Albus about some urgent prophecy. I received your letter along with mine. Please respond to me the instant Hedwig reaches you. Will you go out with me?

Sincerely (with lots of love),
Harry James Potter

Hermione felt tears of happiness well up in her eyes. He asked her out! It's a miracle! She instantly wrote a quick reply.

Dearest Harry,
I gladly will accept being your girlfriend. Owl Ron to tell him the news. I love you.

Not so sincerely (but still with lots of love),
Hermione Lily Granger

She quickly gathered up her belongings, making sure that she had enough time to go to Diagon Alley to buy some new robes and things. She stopped at Gringotts for some money from her vault, and went on the world's fastest shopping spree. She bought several beautiful robes, some plain, some fancy. The best robe that she bought she changed into before going to King's Cross Station. It was pure white satin with gold and silver trim around all the hems. She hurried to Kings Cross Station after quickly rereading the letter from Albus. "I wonder what the prophecy is," she asked herself as she hurried through the border to Platform 9 and 3/4.
As she passed into the border, she bumped into two familiar looking strangers. "Do I know them?" she silently thought, but a familiar voice cut through the air, "Hermione?"
It sounded like her old professor, Kim Franco.
"Professor Franco?" she yelled cautiously, hoping it was her. It was. She quickly escorted Hermione to the trio's old compartment.
"The others will be in shortly," she said as she left, "No one ever sits in this cab any more, at least we will have it all to ourselves."
"Hermione, call me Kim."
"Err, ok. What is this prophecy about?" Her question was cut short when suddenly the two strangers that bumped into her barged into the compartment.
"Hi Herm, how are ya, oh nice dress, don't ya like it Ron? It's so pretty on her."
"Harry, shut up about your girlfriend already! That's all you have talked about for the past five hours!" Kim and Hermione could instantly identify the two voices before they took off their cloaks.
"Guys, sit down, Kim was just about to tell me about the Prophecy."
"Well, it involves the four of us. That much I can tell you. I am not allowed to tell you anymore until we speak to the headmaster." The four talked for what seemed like twenty minutes, but was actually four hours. Finally the scarlet Hogwarts Express pulled into the station.

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