Date Started: May 17, 2006
Date Finished: May 17, 2006

Summary: A certain blonde wishes to confess the love they feel towards the Chosen Child of Courage.


A soft sigh escaped my lips as I stood at the last departure point in Narita Airport.

Such a shame it was. I felt saddened that I would be leaving Japan, even if it was for only a few mere months. I knew of course that I'd come back. I couldn't possibly leave all my friends and fellow Chosen here, at least not permanently.

The Chosen in question had all come to give me their final farewells, and now only Yagami Taichi still remained. I was surprised Takeru hadn't stayed as well. He was unfortunately amongst the first to leave the airport terminal with Yagami Hikari, the younger sister of the boy who remained at the airport with me. I'm not complaining, it was just simply unexpected that he didn't wish to see me off completely.

Either way, it doesn't really matter since in just a few minutes more I'll be leaving to wait at the docking bay to finally board my plane. The flight would then last a gruelling eight hours, one I'm certainly not looking forward to. I smiled in spite of the thought, risking a glance over at the fellow Chosen that stood in front of me. These would be our final moments together for several months, and I really wanted to finally tell him how I truly felt…

This was my new love. I remember Takeru being there when we first met. Oh, how deeply I thank the digital world for giving us an opportunity to take our introductions even further.

Our relationship admittedly grew greatly in the past few weeks, steadily growing more intimate ever since we went out and spent time together with Sora and her new boyfriend. I couldn't quite remember his name, but it didn't really matter much, since most of my attention belonged to Taichi.

Even now my attention was solely on him. His eyes then suddenly locked with mine, with such intense and reflective brown orbs that seemed to gaze right through me. I flushed almost uncharacteristically. It was now or never. Any more indecisiveness and I would be late for my flight.

I bent over to him, my arms twirling around his waist and drawing him into a hug. He accepted, wasn't at all resistant. And then I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, immediately followed by another peck on his other one. He froze - a funny reflex I assumed was from his embarrassment. A short laugh burst out from me as I couldn't help but tease him for still not having gotten used to my customs.

I took in a breath, trying to put the words together. Unfortunately they came out with one obviously terrible pronunciation. "Watashi wa Taichi ga suki desu."

I anxiously waited for a response, my own partner digimon giggling to my side. He simply smiled, kneeling down towards me. His right hand drew in to move aside my elegant golden hair. He teasingly whispered his reply against my earlobe, his accent seemingly even worse than mine.

"Je t'aime Catherine."

End Notes:
- There was a big hint that this wasn't Yamato just from the summary, if it wasn't already obvious even before the last sentence. "Blonde" with an e is always used to describe females, while "Blond" is generally used for males, but could be used for both genders as well.
- "Watashi wa (name or noun) ga suki desu" and "Je t'aime (name or noun)" both basically mean "I love you, (name or noun)" in Japanese and French respectively.
- Narita Airport is the International Airport in Tokyo, Japan.