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Angel of music you deceived me…

"I gave you my mind blindly"

Christine said, tears pooling in her eyes.

"You try my patience, make your choice!"

Erik growled at her.

Christine looked at Raoul and mouthed the words, "I love you." Hoping that Erik wouldn't notice and then stepped into the murky waters of the underground lake. The cold water soaking her white dress, which began to fan out around her.

Pitiful creature of darkness what kind of life have you known?

She sang softly, stepping closer and closer to his hunched over form, still grasping the rope that was tied around Raoul's neck.

God give me courage to show you, you are not alone.

She slipped the engagement ring on her finger and placed her left hand on the malformed flesh of his face, and kissed him. She had meant to kiss him to show him a brief glimpse of human contact. But she hadn't meant to feel the warmth that was now spreading through her body. She broke the kiss briefly and then leaned in to kiss him again. The entire time he never placed his hands on her. He barely even relaxed, Christine didn't know why she had kissed him the second time…but now that she had she didn't want to stop. But then Raoul's image came to mind. Raoul…her fiancée was still tied to the gates of the Phantom's lair.

She pulled away from Erik and looked at him waiting for his reaction. She couldn't tell whether he was going to laugh, cry or start yelling at her. Should she smile? She didn't know what to do.

Go now, go now and leave me!

Came Erik's booming voice, laced with tears and grief. Christine rushed to Raoul, and untied him. She embraced him while Erik continued to tell them to leave and never to speak of him or his secrets.

"Raoul, I can't leave him like this." Christine said as Erik walked away from them.

"Christine please, let's just go." Raoul said, not trusting Erik to let Christine leave if she were to go back to him.

"You get the boat, I will be back." She embraced him quickly before following Erik into a room she had never seen before. He was siting in front of the monkey music box.

Masquerade, paper faces on parade

Hide your face so the world will never find you

Erik looked up to see Christine standing in his doorway.

Christine I love you

Those words broke her heart. She walked towards him and slipped the ring from her finger. She placed it in his hand, and closed his fingers over it.

"I'm sorry Erik…" She said softly.

"Christine…please don't leave me." Erik said, trying not to break down completely. He had bared his soul to her and now there was no going back.

"Erik…" Christine didn't know what to say. Raoul was waiting for her, yet she didn't want to leave her angel…her Erik.

Erik stood and turned his back to her. "Leave me." He said gruffly.

Christine didn't move, she couldn't.

"Leave me!" He said, turning to look at her his eyes clouded with some unknown emotion.

"Erik please…don't end things like this." She said, she didn't want there last memories of each other to be of tears and angry words.

"End things like this? I believe it is you who chose to end things like this." Erik said, his hands in fists at his sides.

"Erik, I never wanted any of this to happen." Christine said looking down at the ground. She thought of how things had been, how they had changed. Her father had died when she was seven, and Madame Giry had brought Christine to the Opera Populaire. She lived in the ballet dormitories with the other young ballet rats. She felt alone and empty.

But then a voice started singing to her. It continued for years. Christine always believed it to be the angel of music her father had promised. But then one day it was revealed to her that her tutor was not an angel after all, but a man. The night of her debut in Hannibal Raoul had come to her room. Her child hood sweet heart had reappeared in her life. This had angered her angel and he appeared in her mirror and took her down to his world of unending night.

That night she had made the mistake of removing his mask. She had seen what he had been hiding just before he had a tantrum. He took her back to the world of the living. She had trusted this man for so long and had grown attached to his comforting voice. When she saw that he was a man this intrigued her. She felt draw to his darkness and sensuality.

Then there was Raoul. Old and familiar he had given her promises of a carefree life. He was after all what every woman would ever want in a husband, right? That is what Christine had thought. She thought she would be happy with him. Then the night of Don Juan Triumphant Christine knew it was the chance to catch the ever-elusive phantom.

Yet when he walked onto that stage, his eyes boring into her she felt as if she could never betray him. He was beautiful and mysterious to her, and she was drawn to him. He knew this and he fed off of it. Leaving her vulnerable to his power. He sang to her words of passion, his bare fingers running over her flesh putting her senses on fire. Those fingers, she had never seen outside of gloves before, she hoped he would never let go, never stop those ghostly touches. She had sung those words of passion, never understanding the passion until that night. Looking into his deep blue eyes. They ascended the catwalk and met in the middle, their voices melting together perfectly. Then she woke up. She realized what had just happened. He had weakened her.

Then she made another mistake. She looked at him, singing those words of love she had shared with Raoul. She had to do something. Before she knew it, she had removed his mask, he looked at her with such hurt in his eyes. She had betrayed him.

Now here they were. The opera house above them was raging with fire from the chandelier that came crashing onto the stage when Erik had slashed the rope supporting it, then they had fallen through a trap door into his hell.

"This is exactly what you wanted Christine!" Erik growled, his voice bringing her back to her to the present.

"You have your viscount. You have your wonderful future planned in front of you. You can now leave your hideous angel to burn in hell. You are free." He said slamming his fist against the wall of the cave.

"If you truly believe that then you are not a genius after all. I can never be free." Christine said to his back that was now facing her again.

"What is keeping you prisoner Christine?" Erik said, turning to look at her with anger blazing in his eyes. "Does the viscount not have enough money? Is his chateau too small for you liking?"

"How dare you!" She said, slapping him across his smooth cheek. "You of all people should know me better than that!"

"Well it is obvious that you do not love him for who he is. It must be something he has because it amazes me how a fop like that was able to win your affections." Erik said, his anger toward the viscount rising once more.

"If I loved for materialistic things then I would never have come back here! It is you, Erik that keeps me prisoner. Do you think I can go off and marry Raoul when your voice haunts me? When I feel your presence everywhere I go! I can't have peace Erik! I will never have peace!" Christine yelled, her voice trembling as tears began to run down her smooth cheeks. She looked at him and then turned on her heel running from him…from those eyes.

Erik just stood there. Completely transfixed on the words she had just said. He felt as if he were translating it word for word into another language. He ran out onto the shore of the lake and saw the gondola off in the distance, he saw Christine turn to look at him. Then they were gone. What had he done?