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Christine nervously tied her robe around her waist. She couldn't believe that she was finally married. Time had flown by as had the ceremony. She looked in the mirror of the dressing room that she was in. She felt self-conscious in the short robe and feathery high heels she was wearing.

Under her robe she wore a corset with lace trimming as well as garters and rather revealing underwear. Her stockings were practically sheer and the only concealment she really had was her robe. Which was so short it did little to hide her flesh.

But this was after all what she had picked out to wear, and wear it she would. For now at least.


Erik paced the floor of the large bedroom. He nervously glanced at Christine's dressing room door. Half hoping she would come out, half hoping she wouldn't. Why was he so nervous? After all, isn't this what he had wanted for so long?

Yet now it seemed intimidating and he felt like jumping out the window. He glanced at the bed which was covered in a dark blue fabric with cream colored sheets.

Should he turn down the bed? Should he sit and wait for her? Should he lounge on the bed and wait for her? Should he break down the dressing room door and just get it over with?

"Erik?" Christine's nervous voice floated past the door.

"Yes darling?" He said, hoping his voice wouldn't betray his anxiety.

"I love you." She said, not wanting to leave the dressing room.

"And I love you Christine." He replied, meaning it with all his heart.

He saw the handle of the dressing room door turn and his heart stopped. This was it.

Christine emerged from the room, blushing slightly. She gazed at Erik and felt her pulse quicken. He was wearing black silk pajama pants, and no shirt. His hair was slicked back and his white mask was in place.

They both looked each other over and neither could help but to think of a time when things were so different…


"Come to me angel of music…I am your angel of music." Christine couldn't help but walk towards that ethereal voice. She felt drawn to the man in the mirror. Her angel of music.

He had taken her down to his lair, he had sung to her. She couldn't control what she was feeling, his fingers left heat in their wake and she longed for him to touch her once more. When he withdrew his hands she felt her heart sink.

Erik had wanted her, and he was so sure he would have her. That foolish boy couldn't have her heart if Erik already claimed her body and mind. He had seen the look on Christine's face.

She was enthralled by him, and he savored every moment of hit. He led her to the bedroom, foolishly stopping in front of that blasted mannequin. If it weren't for that, she would have been his.

As he set her gently in that bed, he realized that perhaps it was a blessing that she had fainted. It had stopped him from doing something that she would surely hate him for once she awoke from her trance like state.

He never thought that he would be able to touch her like that again. Yet as he continued to watch her from afar his love for he grew as well as his desire.

He tried time and again to get her to come to him. To be his, but for one reason or another his plans were thwarted.

Then he wrote Don Juan Triumphant. This was the key to getting his bride. And he would have her.

Christine had been scared to perform, she knew that it would lead to the demise of the Phantom. Yet that wasn't what she wanted, it should have been. What she was really frightened of was Erik's control over her.

She had no doubt she would succumb to him. They both knew it. When he had come onto that stage, she knew there was no point in fighting what was inevitable.

She longed for his touch, she craved it. He taunted her, running his hands over her body, leaving her wanting much more. The words she sang did little to describe the feelings she was experiencing.

She ascended the bridge, and walked towards him on the bridge. The way he removed his cape made her knees go weak. Then he had his hands on her once more. Then reality sank back in as the song ended.

This man, was a murder. But…he had taken her under his wing. He had made her dreams come true. She removed his mask…and set all the events after that in action.

He was going to force her to be his bride. But then he let her go. She knew that if she left him, she would never see him again. Could she live with that?

She had gone through hell and back to have her angel back in her life. And finally he had forgiven her. Finally they were together.

End flashback

Now it seemed that something they had both longed for such a long time was happening. Yet they were both nervous.

Erik held out his hand to Christine and she willingly took it. He brought her to him and smiled down at her. His eyes burned with a fiery passion that both intimidated and enthralled Christine.

"You look like an angel." He purred. Christine smiled, she couldn't even begin to tell him what he looked like. But the words 'Adonis' and 'sex god' came to mind.

Erik nerves seemed to relax now that Christine was before him. Now that he saw her, and how gorgeous she looked he completely forgot about everything.

He placed his hands on her elegant neck and brought them into her hair, removing the pins and sending them clattering to the floor.

When her hair was finally cascading down her back once more he was satisfied. This was how he liked her best, with her hair free and flowing.

"Christine…Christine…Christine." He sang in a whisper. Her eyes closed as he kissed her forehead, he planned to take this slowly.

He ran his hands down her shoulders and across her arms, then captured her hands in his. He placed a kiss on each of her wrists, if Christine had been nervous before that all ended once she felt Erik's lips upon her skin.

He drew her to him and gazed down into her eyes before capturing her lips in a tender kiss. Christine's hands traveled up his chest to land on his strong shoulders. His smile took her breath away and she knew that no other man would ever make her feel the way Erik did.

She walked backwards towards the bed, taking him with her. When she felt the soft mattress press against her back she stopped looked up into Erik's eyes. She saw all the love he had for her as well as all the desire that he had controlled so well all this time.

But now they were married and finally they would be able to cross that bridge which had called to them for so long.

Erik's hands grasped the belt of Christine's robe and he easily untied the knot, which she had made. He parted the silk folds of the robe and watched as it slid down her shoulders and landed on the floor about her feet.

Christine felt the blush that had spread over her body as Erik raked his hungry eyes over her barely clothed form. He took her into his arms and laid her down on the bed, she looked up and him silently begging him to join her.

He didn't hesitate and lowered himself onto the bed next to her. He kissed her, softly at first his hands caressing her soft curls, then snaking down her next and shoulders.

But the kiss became more heated as Erik moved his tongue past the barrier of Christine's lips. As their tongues danced together he skimmed his hands over the swell of her breast and didn't miss the tremor that went through Christine's body.

She wrapped her arms around Erik's back, pulling him closer. She could barely catch her breath as Erik's lips traveled from her own making a trail down her neck and over her collarbone. Finally he kissed the flesh between her breasts before finally kissing the round flesh. Her corset eventually got in the way and he wanted it off.

But it seemed that his fingers could not work quick enough to remove the blasted thing. Growing more and more impatient he grabbed a small knife from the nightstand, used for opening letters. It easily sliced open the corset and he tugged the now ruined garment off of her torso.

Christine's first reaction would have been to cover herself with her hands, but Erik had stopped her hands with his own. His eyes worshiped her body and she felt herself flush even more. He allowed his hands to caress the flesh, which was now revealed to him, causing Christine to whimper in pleasure.

Soon his mouth replaced his hands and Christine could barely contain her moans of pleasure. She had always thought she would be quite in bed, but apparently that was not the case. She could feel Erik's growing arousal press against her thigh and it made her heart beat even faster than she had thought possible.

Erik continued his sweet torture, pressing kisses over every exposed inch of creamy skin revealed to him. When he pressed a kiss against her thigh Christine almost shattered right there.

"Erik…" She whimpered. He looked up at her, his eyes dark with his apparent lust.

He took her lips once more in a frenzy of kisses. Christine managed to remove his pajama pants and was shocked to find how well endowed Erik was. When he lowered her against the pillows once more, he removed the last piece of clothing that separated their bodies.

Christine felt relieved once it was removed and gazed into Erik's eyes as he placed himself between her thighs. "I love you Christine." He whispered before entering her with a deliberate stroke. Christine had never thought that making love would be quite like this. It took a while before she was used to the feeling of Erik inside of her.

But once she did she moved her hips against his, her ardor building. His strokes were slow at first, but soon became more hurried. She heard his panting and moaned as she felt herself close to her pinnacle.

Her head titled back and her nails dug into the flesh above his shoulder blades. They both came together in a moment that neither would forget.

They both lay together, their limbs still entwined as the came down from the high of joining together. Erik stroked her face lovingly and kissed her shoulder.

"You're beautiful." He whispered over and over again. That night they both fell asleep in each others arms. The bridge had been crossed and they were finally one.


The next morning Christine gazed at Erik, his body was something that still amazed her. She thought back to the night before and blushed once again. It seemed that it had taken so long for this moment to finally arrive. For them to finally be joined as husband and wife.

Christine thought back to the months before.

"Christine, it's Raoul." Meg said, sure that Christine would never be able to forgive her. Christine had never thought that her ex-fiance and her best friend would become an item. But they were and Christine found that it brought her great joy that two people she loved dearly had found each other.

"Meg, believe it or not. But I am extremely happy for you." Meg's eyes had filled with tears of relief and she and her best friend had embraced.

When Christine had told Erik about Meg and Raoul, Erik had been far from happy. In fact he dreaded having to see the boy now that Meg was in a relationship with him. Christine had begged Erik to allow Raoul to come to the wedding, and finally after fighting about it for months he had relented.

Raoul had been surprisingly calm at the wedding. Smiling as he watched Christine approach the aisle in the small German church. He knew that Christine had found happiness.

Christine had smiled and held back tears of joy as she and Erik exchanged their vows to one another in the church where she had been baptized. Getting married there really made her feel as if her father was there, watching over her. In fact, she felt that both of her parents were there that day, smiling down at her and her God-sent husband.

After the ceremony that he all had dinner together at the restaurant at the hotel, after which Christine and Erik headed to their room.

It felt like the months leading up to their wedding had gone by slowly, yet looking back Christine felt that the time had flown by. She was now Christine Destler. The wife of a genius. The wife of a man who would love her until the end of time.

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