This is just something I came up with at school. It's just a little something from Black Magician's/ Dark Magician's/ Mahado's p.o.v. You don't have to review. I just needed to get this off my chest. So I hope you enjoy it.



I know I'm not alive

I live through a card

Through a modern day game

From Ancient times

I am drawn from a deck

And held in a hand

I am summoned to the field

To attack or defend

I look at the field

At enemies and allies

And I know how they feel

I feel the same way

Because I have a soul

But I am not alive

My soul is in my deck

To protect my duelist

I have a powerful bond

With my strong duelist

I have know him since Ancient

I'm always by his side

A powerful Priest was I

A mighty Pharaoh was he

I pledged my alliance with him then

And still do today

And now we are reborn

Into a modern day world

My Pharaoh and his partner

Whom I must protect

So although I'm not alive

I know that this is true:

I have a soul that will always protect

My two masters, eternally