If You Give a Redhead a Camera

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Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts 2. If I did, there were would be a whole separate game where Axel was the main character and the minigames would all be filled with games of Axel living up to his title as a total sex god. : cackles at sex minigames:

Warnings: Yaoi sex and slight spoilers for the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2 with Roxas' story.

A/N: Hey all! I've been way too high on KH2 lately! This is what spawns from a certain hot red head and way too much game play. I got the idea of this while trying to track down fan art of my favorite crazy badass. If the artist of the picture is out there reading this and realizes it's a lot like their picture I'm sorry! I hope this will serve as a good tribute to your work: bows: A simple note: I think Axel looks like he's maybe 18 or 19 and Roxas is like Sora's age f.y.i. Enjoy!


"Hey Roxas!" Axel called. Roxas was staring out a high window of Castle Oblivion at the dark streets and city lights. He whipped around to see where the voice came from. There was a flash of light and then a quiet click. Axel lowered the small black box away from his face. He wore a big goofy grin on his face holding up one hand in a 'V for victory' pose.

"Gotcha!" He crooned swinging the black box around on its string.

"What is that?" Roxas asked his eyes recovering from the bright light. The room was fairly dark so the light had left little spots in front of his eyes.

"Somethin' called a camera. Picked it up from another world I was in." Axel smiled.

"Vexen is gonna be pissed at you if he finds out you're transporting things from other worlds." The light brunette chided crossing his arms.

"Aw, don't be sore Roxie. Ya wouldn't tell on me would ya?" Axel's smile disappeared to be replaced with his classic pout face. The look on his face was just too cute for the fire wielding Nobody.

Roxas smiled dropping his arms. "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that!" Axel continued to stare at Roxas with hurt green eyes. "Alright fine but don't go showing it to everyone else. I doubt Larxene or Zexion would be so kind to you if they found out."

"You're such a pal Roxas!" Axel jumped Roxas hugging him tightly, mindful to not drop the camera.

"Yeah, yeah...just don't squish me." Roxas said hugging the older teen back.

Roxas should've known letting Axel keep that camera would come back to bite him in the butt.


"What are you hovering over?" Roxas walked up behind Axel who was sitting at a table hunched over something he was studying.

"Oh, nothing." Axel said quickly stuffing the thing into the pocket in his large black robes.

"Yeah right! Let me see!" Roxas tried to pounce on Axel who quickly dodged by kicking his chair at Roxas to make him trip.

"No way, you want 'em you've gotta earn 'em!" Axel called from across the room sticking out his tongue. Roxas growled at this immature action and got up off the floor to chase after Axel who was already halfway down the hallway cackling like a sugar-high schoolgirl.

One good thing about an all-white building was it made it awfully hard for a redheaded, black caped man to hide. Axel stood out like a sore thumb; all Roxas had to do was catch him.

Easier said than done.

Roxas had finally nearly caught up when Axel skidded to a halt and opened the door into his room trying to slam it in Roxas' face. Roxas jammed his foot in-between the white door and the wall just as Axel was about to close it. There was a reverberating thump sound and then a howl of curses from Roxas. He dropped to the floor holding his foot while still not giving Axel any ground on closing the door.

He recovered quickly and threw his weight against the door. Despite being smaller than Axel the shock of his recovery caused Axel to get off balance and tumble backward into his room.

Roxas calmly walked into the room and locked the door behind him looking down at the floor at a very put-off redhead. "I win now show me what's in your pocket." Axel shrugged with a sigh and produced from his pocket a pile of card looking things.

They were photos that Axel had taken. The first one was from when he'd surprised Roxas with the camera about a week ago. The next was a picture of Roxas eating with a really annoyed look on his face caused by Axel's sudden appearance, camera in tow.

How Axel had gotten the next was beyond him. Axel had taken a picture of Roxas sleeping. Roxas made a mental note to have the locks on his door checked. Not that it would do much good against the Portals of Darkness but Roxas wasn't using his head. Roxas looked at the next that made him turn bright crimson.

"Why the hell did you take a picture of me in the shower?" Roxas bellowed throwing the pictures back at Axel. They hit him in the forehead and scattered everywhere. Apparently Axel had snuck in to the communal bathroom with the camera.

"Come on...I think you have a nice butt." Axel smirked, picked up the scattered pictures and putting them back in his pocket. If possible Roxas turned even redder losing whatever insult he'd been about to say.

"You're not angry are you?" Axel asked slightly disheartened. He stood up giving Roxas a sheepish smile.

Roxas sighed. "No, I'm not angry...just confused." He said hanging his head.

"Confused?" Axel himself sounded confused now. Over the past week he figured he'd made it more than obvious his feelings for Roxas. It would seem though the blonde was still in the dark. No Heartless pun intended.

"You seriously don't get it, do you Roxas?" Axel said chuckling lightly he sauntered over to stand in front of Roxas.

"No, Axel, I don't." He was slightly miffed at the knowing smirk on the redhead's lips. He was about to open his mouth and say some snide remark in rebuttal but was cut off by Axel's lips lightly pressing against his.

To Roxas the kiss was nearly as shocking as Axel's flaming red hair but not totally unwelcome. He parted his lips slightly when Axel's tongue licked along the edge of his bottom lip.

The redhead kept waiting for Roxas to push him away but the moment never came so he put more force into the kiss sticking his tongue further into the younger blonde's mouth. In response, Roxas' arms wrapped around Axel's neck softly playing with the back of his hairline.

Axel groaned into the blonde's mouth pushing him back throwing Roxas slightly off balance. He took a step back and then collided with the door Axel had pinned him to. After a few more seconds of tonsil hockey Axel pulled back for some much-needed air.

Roxas looked up at Axel and slumped against the wall just slightly. That certainly explained the naked pictures at least. Axel held him up by pinning Roxas' hips with his hands to the wall. His head leaned forward so it was only a few inches from the blonde's face.

"This...this is okay with you?" Axel asked slowly trying to clear his clouded mind enough to say something intelligent.

Roxas chuckled, "I had a feeling there was something up with you," Axel hung his head, "but it's okay. I like you too." Roxas stood on his heels slightly to be able to reach Axel's lips and placed an almost innocent kiss if it hadn't been for the playful tongue that jumped out and licked Axel's lip when he pulled away.

Axel suppressed a moan pulling Roxas away from the wall to press him against his own taller form. Their lips once again reunited in a heated kiss as their bodies strived to get closer contact than they were already receiving. Axel ground his hips into Roxas dragging a moan from the blonde who kissed back with more force.

The redhead continued to thrust his hips hard against Roxas slowly taking steps back away from the wall. When the back of Axel's leg finally ran into the post of his bed he broke off the kiss giving Roxas a feral smirk. He leaned just slightly below Roxas' neck to grab the zipper of his cloak in his teeth and slowly pull it down moving down to his knees with it.

Something about this simple yet incredibly sensual action made Roxas shiver. The redhead released the zipper looking up from his position right in front of Roxas' crotch. He licked his lip but then abruptly stood back up and pushed the black leather cloak off Roxas' shoulders to pool on the floor behind him. This left him standing in his black shirt, lose black pants and tall black boots. Before he could reach out to help Axel out of his own cloak Axel turned them around and pushed Roxas down on the bed. Axel gave him another predatory smirk, pulled off his black gloves throwing them to the floor and then pulled the zipper down on his own black cloak shrugging it off to join Roxas' cloak on the floor.

Unlike Roxas Axel never wore a shirt under his cloak complaining it made him feel hot. Roxas guessed being around as much fire as Axel was that was probably why he got overheated so easily. He wore only a pair of loose black pants much like Roxas' and the same tall boots. He pulled his boots off and then leaned over Roxas to also pull off his boots.

He climbed up onto the bed and straddled Roxas' hips leaning down to kiss him. Their bodies reconnected still separated by the few articles of clothing they still wore. Axel's hands attacked the zipper of Roxas' black shirt while he sucked on the blonde's neck wringing a breathy moan from him. The zipper came undone and Axel lifted Roxas up slightly to pull his shirt off and drop it on the floor. His mouth attacked the skin where Roxas' chest and shoulder came together slowly working his way down creamy white skin to one pink nipple that Axel thought begged to be touched.

Axel's mouth wrapped around the small nub and sucked lightly. Roxas let out a gasp and his hands came to thread in flame red hair begging him to continue. Axel did as he was asked and continued to torture his chest while one hand slowly crept lower to the hem of his pants. Another zipper was undone while Axel switched his attention to the other nipple. His hand went beneath Roxas' pants to cup him through his boxers. Roxas let out another moan the hand he had threaded in Axel's hair tightened but not to the point of pain.

Axel pulled back so he could aid Roxas in the removal of his pants. Roxas shimmied out of his own pants and then out of his boxers. The cooler air hit him and Roxas realized just how exposed he really was. Axel seemed to notice his unease and in an attempt to equal the playing field, and get himself out of those all of a sudden really constricting pants, undid his own zipper and took off his pants. Roxas blushed when his eyes came into contact with Axel's fully erect cock. Apparently the redhead didn't wear boxers either.

Axel gently pushed Roxas back down on the bed lying on top of him again this time not separated by anything. Axel's slightly taller frame melded against Roxas' as their mouths reconnected. Axel had figured by now from Roxas' reactions that he was most likely a virgin. Knowing he would have to take things slower than he generally liked didn't matter though. He wanted to make sure he didn't hurt Roxas so that he would come back. Roxas running off would be bad.

Axel once again moved away from Roxas' mouth and back down his neck. This time he skipped entirely over the boy's chest and picked up again by licking slowly around the boy's navel. Roxas' hands made balls in the sheets trying to hold back the sounds that dared to come out. Axel went lower and licked the head of Roxas' cock and then his self-control broke. Roxas moaned loudly begging Axel to do more. He wasn't quite sure what more meant but if it was anything like what he'd already felt than more was exactly what he wanted.

Axel chuckled at how vocal the boy was in bed but complied wrapping his mouth around the head of his cock. Roxas put his fist to his mouth and sucked to keep from screaming as Axel took more and more of him into his mouth. Then all of a sudden Axel pulled away remembering that he'd forgotten something.

"Roxas, would you look in that drawer there for a bottle of lotion?" He asked his mouth only a few inches from his still throbbing cock. It took Roxas a minute to register the request and then he turned slightly to look for the object Axel had requested. He found it relatively easily and gave it to the redhead still between his legs.

"Thanks, love." He said before licking his lips and then returning to sucking on his cock. While continuing this action Axel popped open the lid to the lotion and squeezed some of the white cream onto his fingers. With his other hand he rubbed the lotion around and then set the bottle down. He pulled Roxas farther into his mouth as the lotion-covered hand positioned itself in front of his opening.

One finger pressed past the tight ring of muscle and Roxas tried his best to relax. This was made a lot easier by the incredible things Axel was doing with his tongue. After a while Axel had thoroughly worked one finger into Roxas and added another moving them in and out of his body. His mouth worked in the same rhythm as his fingers causing Roxas to moan out Axel's name, which only caused Axel to suck harder and faster.

Roxas was getting close. It was then that Axel pulled away entirely. Roxas whined his complaint and then noticed Axel reaching for the lotion again and covering his own cock. Axel once again noticed the look of slight fright on the blonde's face and leaned in to give him a kiss on his forehead.

"It'll be all right, just relax." He said softly. Axel then positioned himself in front of Roxas spreading his legs wide until the tip of his cock rested against the blonde's opening.

Axel slowly pushed in whispering words of encouragement in his ear for every movement forward he made. Once he was in to the hilt he waited looking down at Roxas' face which was tinted with blush. He was panting but when his heavy breathing subsided and he gave Axel a shaky nod Axel about died. He moved in and out in shallow thrusts that slowly got faster and deeper. Roxas was tight and it was taking all of his self-control to keep from slamming into the boy. But then he didn't want to hurt Roxas and the loving look of pleasure on Roxas' face was keeping his lust in check.

Roxas let out a high moan and Axel took that as a cue to speed up. He thrust faster into Roxas. His hands threaded with Roxas' own hands and mouths did as hands and joined once again.

Connected in every way possible it didn't take long before Axel could feel the familiar liquid heat begin to boil over in his groin. Wanting to take Roxas there with him he released one of his hands and took his hand and wrapped it around Roxas' own weeping cock. Roxas screamed Axel's name loud enough that half of Organization XIII probably heard it but neither of them cared as Roxas went over the edge. His already tight passage squeezed like a vice around Axel and he came as well with a low moan still thrusting in and out of Roxas to milk himself for all he was worth.

With a satisfied sigh Axel pulled out and lay beside Roxas' equally tired form. He pulled the lethargic blonde to his chest, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy. Roxas nuzzled his head against Axel's neck and gave it a loving kiss.

"Stay with me?" Roxas said quietly.

"Of course, as long as you'll always remember me." Axel said giving Roxas a protective hug pulling him closer.

"How could I ever forget?" Roxas sighed closing his eyes feeling fully sedated and safe in Axel's arms. Axel smiled lovingly at the sleeping blonde running a hand through spiky hair before falling asleep himself.

Larxene walked down one of the many halls in Castle Oblivion trying to remember where in seven hells Axel's room was. Marluxia had sent her to tell Axel that he had some sort of mission and the redhead was always being lazy in his room when he had free time. Finally finding it she entered without knocking and the blonde woman was greeted with a very interesting sight.

'Well, well, well. This will make for some interesting gossip around the castle for a change. If only I could have some sort of proof...' Larxene looked around looking for something she could use to prove this event. Her eyes settled evilly on a camera sitting on his table.

'Ooo Axel are you in trouble when you wake up. Smuggling in things from other worlds AND sleeping with Xemnas' little chosen one. You are so dead.' She smirked planning all sorts of evil things as she took the camera and walked quietly toward the two sleeping boys focusing the camera. She took the picture that made a slight sound but not enough to wake either up. She took the photo when the camera spit it out and walked away setting the camera silently back down where she had found it. She waved the picture in the air as if that would help it develop faster and walked out of the room shutting the door.

Oh was Axel in for hell come tomorrow morning.


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