Summary: She laughs at his goofy ways, but in the end she accepts his hand and joins his dancing—because they fit together, they were the perfect match, made the perfect rhythm—they were meant to be.

Author's Note: Rose's thoughts during their dance in The Doctor Dances.

I sniggered softly as he glanced over at Jack as I watched my goofy Doctor bounce from side to side as if he were cool. He was so weird, so alien. I could hear Jack chuckling softly behind me. I shook my head at him, but while doing that, I reached out and took his hand.

My Doctor, I smirked as he twirled her around, dancing with me like it was the world's most natural thing. He could be a complete idiot one day, but never did a moment pass where I wasn't completely amazed by him and who he was. I grinned like a fool as we moved in perfect rhythm.

So what if he was goofy and sometimes weird, so what if he had moments where he was so rude I wanted to smack him, or where he was so blunt and almost cruel that I wanted to cry. For every one of those moments, he had a million moments where he was sweet and gentle. He wrapped his arms around my waist as he dipped me, finishing our dance.

I giggled as he brought me back up against his shoulder. Jack was cute, sweet and funny; but he lacked one thing the Doctor didn't; her heart. It was too late, for no one else in the universe would be able to capture my heart. He'd ruined it for every other man I would ever meet, no one would ever compare to my big nose, tea pot eared, ridiculously goofy Doctor. I felt him wrap his other arm around me, giving me a brief hug. He was happy; and that meant the world to me; I'd never seen him beam like this before, sure he'd been happy before. Lately, though, he'd been sadder lately, quieter. It was so nice to see him this happy.

I grinned myself as I thought about Jamie and Nancy, that little boy had been cute, I smirked, hoping that some day I'd have a son that was that cute. I glanced up from my diary later that night and eyed the Doctor; maybe someday we'd have a little son that cute. Perhaps, I didn't deny I was in love with my Doctor; after all we'd been through, I think I'm allowed to care about him. I'm allowed to love him.