Saukra was sitting on a bench thinking about what Sasuke said to her.

Flash back

"you don't know what it is like not to have parents."

End Flash Back

'That's what he thinks. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.' Sakura walked home to her big house coughmansioncough. Like the Uchiha's the Haruno's had there own compound.

Sakura walked in without a noise. She walked up a flight of stairs. On the wall there was a picture of her, her parents, and older brother Damion when she was 5. no other pictures of them after that age.

The whole house was empty. She walked into a room and changed out of her ninja attire. She put on a black kimono with drops of red on it like it was bleeding.

Sakura walked to the cemetery and saw Sasuke at his parents grave. Sakura had stopped by the flower shop on her way there and had a dozen flowers in her arms. When Sasuke sensed Sakura's charkra he lifted his head. A light blush on his cheeks when he saw what she was wearing. " What are you doing here?" " I'm not following you if that is what you think. I am here to visit someone." "who" "That is of none of your concern. Here." Sakura pulled one of the flowers out and put it in the grave.