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Chapter 18: 5 years later-

It's been five years since the birth of the twins, Riku and Sora couldn't be happier. Not only were they happy that they had a family together and were with each other forever but they were able to sleep though the night! It was a beautiful day on the main island of the Destiny Island chain so Riku and Sora had taken their children out for the day to have fun. Since they were still too little to go on any rides at the local amusement park they headed over to the dock…the plan... to bring their kids to the same island where they used to play so that they would eventually go their with their friends just like Riku and Sora had done a few years ago. Riku tied the boat to the dock and Sora lifted each child up to his love before getting out himself. Hand in hand they walked along the waters edge as their twins ran around in front of them.

"There are so many memories here." Sora said breaking the comfortable silence between them.

"Yeah there are…so many adventures and ideas started right here on this beach. Among other things as well…" No comment was needed to clarify that because each knew that because of this very island the boys had grown together and eventually grew to love each other. Riku removed his hand from Sora's in order to place it around his waist pulling him closer. They got to the end of the beach and saw that the kids were standing in front of the sea shack door. Sora just smiled and moved away from Riku so that he could open the door for them and lead them up the stairs.

"Where are we going momma?" Sakaru asked tugging on Sora's shirt.

"This is where your dad, aunt Kairi, and I used to hang out when we were little…dreaming of what was beyond this place." Sora said as he pushed the other door open revealing the bridge that lead to the island.

"This place always had the perfect view too." Riku said walking up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist, hugging him close. They quickly followed their children over to the island.

"What is that?" Sakuru asked pointing to the yellow objects in the tree.

"The sacred fruit of this island, there's a story behind it too…"

"Ooo tell us momma tell us!" Sora laughed and nodded. They all took a seat on the sandy ground facing the ocean's horizon.

"The legend says that if two people share one their destinies become intertwined…they will remain a part of each other's lives no matter what." Sora decided not to tell them the rest until they were older seeing as they wouldn't understand at such a young age.

"So that means that you shared one with dad right?" Smiling Sora nodded and looked to Riku who also had a smile on his face too.

"I wanna share it with someone too!"

"Me too!" Sora just laughed at their enthusiasm.

"Wait until you meet that special someone and that you know that they are right for you. Then you share it." Riku said once again pulling Sora close to him. They both nodded a yes (even though Sora and Riku are going to have to remind them again later on).

"Come on there is still more for you to see." Sora said standing from the ground and walking back towards the door. Their children cheered and ran to catch up with him. Riku just shook his head at their antics and followed.

They had gone all over the island. From the place where they kept the raft to where he and Riku always ran their races to the secret place where all of the drawings were.

"You did all this momma?" Sakaru asked him pointing at the drawings that littered the walls.

"Not just me…a lot of our friends did them but it was mostly me and your aunt Kairi." When they left the secret place they noticed that the sun had begun to bathe the sky in an array of colors ranging from purple to bright yellow as it began to slowly set.

"I guess that means that it's time to go home…" Sora said with some what of a disappointed tone in his voice.

"But I don't wanna go!" Sakuru exclaimed waving his arms in a dramatic manner.

"Come on you two lets go." Riku said as he went over and picked up their son and Sora picked up their daughter. They silently walked back to the boat just watching the sun take away its last bit of light away from the island making way for the moon's pale glow to shine over. Sora got into the boat first with Sakaru followed by their son who Riku had placed down next to him before pushing the boat away from the shore and getting in himself. After a few minutes both children were fast asleep.

"This was fun…" Sora said after a few minutes.

"It was…you know I do miss coming here sometimes. We should do it more often."

"I have a feeling that after today I don't think that we're going to have a choice if we want to come out here more often or not." Sora said smiling as he ran his fingers through their daughter's hair.

After five minutes of rowing they finally made it back to shore and started on the walk back home.

"It's beautiful out here." Sora said once again breaking the silence that had fallen between them. "I don't know why we ever wanted to really leave this place." Silence fell between them again as they reached the door to their house. Riku opened the door and they both made their way upstairs to the twin's room. Once they were tucked in their beds Riku and Sora made their way to their bedroom and got ready for bed.

Lying in bed Sora just couldn't seem to fall asleep. He continued to toss and turn trying to find some kind of spot that would make him comfortable enough to drift off.

"Sora what's the matter?" Riku asked as he turned over to face him.

"Riku I have a question for you…"

"Go on…" What on earth does he have to ask me that has him this bothered?

"Riku what would you do if we were to have another baby?" Riku looked at him like he had grown an extra head…or rather grown a few extra heads.

"That's a silly question Sora. I would love that baby just as much as the other two and try to be the best father that I could be for it." Sora released the breath that he didn't know he was holding.
"Riku…I'm pregnant." Silence filled the room.

"Seriously?" Riku was in a state of shock by this information. "When did you find out?"

"I've known for a few days…I wasn't sure how to tell you without you possibly getting mad and leaving me again. I can't go through that again." Riku pulled Sora close and held him tightly.

"Sora I am never going to leave you…ever. I love you way to damn much to let you go. I have to say that this is shocking news though…looks like I'm going to be pulling out one of the twin's cribs and set up another room."

"Riku I love you…so much." Sora said snuggling into the embrace.

"I love you too…so much more." Riku watched Sora as he finally fell into a peaceful sleep. He relaxed and let his eyes slip closed. Just as sleep was about to claim Riku his eyes shot open at a single thought.

Another baby…

"Guess I better enjoy the sleep now…" Riku mumbled to himself as sleep claimed him.

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